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How to write a literate and clear text? How do you arrange it? These and other questions you will find the answers in this short but capacious memo to work with text.Some texts created just for fun or learning, but most of all, of course, this requires a professional activity. Today we share with you the algorithm Sergei Kaplichny , in which he described all available stage of the text – from concept to dispatch to the customer.

Any of my text begins with an outline in iA Writer . I tried a couple of dozen editors from overloaded Word to black Sublime Text (yes, yes, yes!), But the year before bought iA Writer and do not ever look at other instrumentiki. His beauty in simplicity: there are no settings, you can not change the font and insert an image. No distractions – just you and the text. Only hardcore.


I collect information, to build the letters into words and write, write, write. To proceed to editing after writing the text. Now it is better to lie down for an hour or two in a separate file whose name ends, then I start to cut deals and brazenly Right, right, right.

I use a standard layout and Makovsky has long been accustomed to the location of Character on the keyboard. Everything happens on the machine: quotes, Christmas trees, long dashes or other characters I place when writing text. But I know, so do not all look so advise stateechka about printing gadgets Lebedev in “Mandership” and read about the use of quotation marks , dashes and other symbols .


When I was a computer on Windows, used the layout Birman : it is convenient to put quotation marks, Christmas trees and other symbols used in the Russian language. Not to bother with the typography in the time of writing, it is possible to throw the finished text in the ” Tipograf “where he is transformed and begins to please the eye correct Character.

To make the text understandable to get rid of unnecessary words. Guru, counselor and principal on the Information style Maxim Ilyahov well told about stop words . And get rid of extra catchphrases help straight from the tin ” Glavred “.


Until yesterday I was using Test-the-text , which uses the same ilyahovskie rules, but created by third party developers. More to the text of the motley variety, I use a synonym dictionary . Often helps, believe me.

Everyone makes mistakes, and this is not surprising. Especially if shoveled a couple of tens of thousands of characters in one day. When the eyes are already red brick, and the brain is gradually covered with a dark veil, come to the aid services of spelling and punctuation.


My favorite – ” Orfogrammka . ” Casting a piece of text, waiting until he Analyze and then corrects the error. The cool thing “Orfogrammka” recognizes and spelling, and punctuation, and stylistic errors, and more, and highlights the lack of the letter g.

So how lucky I am to live in the twenty-first century, I do not have to pack the text in an envelope and send to the customer by mail. I finished the article throws in Google Docs and send a reference to the right address.


Before sending the recent changes I make, to achieve formatting (headings, lists, tables) and calculates the final number of words or characters.

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