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Time that we set aside a day is never enough to have time to do everything. Jonathon Keats conceptual artist, designed the city, which will give residents as much time as they want – and not without the theory of relativity.

According to this theory, if you move very quickly or be near a massive object (like Earth), time slows down for you relative to the rest of the universe. At a speed of 100 km / h, for example, every second lasts longer than 3.8 femtoseconds (a millionth of a billionth fraction of a second) to the outside observer. Clocks on GPS-satellite are faster than those on the surface of the planet, so much so that the GPS-systems need to take this into account in order to avoid mistakes.

Keats presented two ideas of Modernism Gallery in San Francisco, who take this theory as a basis. One exhibition shows how time management through the construction of entire towns in the form of rings that move at high speed. Housing, agriculture and industrial areas will be located on separate rings. Rings will rotate at different speeds, faster than anyone – a residential area. Agriculture and industry will rotate slowly. From the point of view of people, crops will grow faster as production. In addition, the idea can be applied to a single home: to promote your home to 90% of the speed of light and your bank account will be multiplied twice as fast, at least from your point of view.

Another exhibit shows the slowing of time by gravity. In this case, the bricks of high-density metal will bend the space around, slowing down the time – though not much, for about a second every billion years.

“Guru of time management will tell you about the time savings,” – says the author of the exhibition – “But if you really want to make a noticeable difference, you have to bring this matter physics.”

None of the variants is not yet possible. Ring thirty kilometers in diameter, which will rotate at half speed will generate centripetal force 141 billion times gravity. Being inside will be quite difficult.

Because the city can not build a rotating, Keats coined the “bars” – the desktop version of technology that slow time. Any technology, says the inventor, is made available to the mass market, when he goes on the conveyor. Ingots, like everything else, will generate its own gravitational field, and thus slow down time. Keats calls it mikrozamedleniem, but it would be better to call it nanozamedleniem as slowing down time will be measured in the billions of a billionth of a second.

Keats used the science in his work before, and this next project, according to him, should contribute to the development of the popular thinking among people. Few in fact concerned about the issues of time and space .

“This is just one of the ways the game with the laws of the space-time control of the forces and events that are part of our lives.”

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