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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a beautiful, immersive game that sets a new standard on many fronts for role-playing games. The game offers an open world in which protagonist Geralt of Rivia is free to move wherever he wants. Horseback riding, boating, swimming and climbing this time also belong to the possibilities, which ensures that almost everything in the game world is actually passable area. That game world is the canvas on which the story of The Witcher 3 is finally painted. Players can choose how far they deepen the story by running more or less side quests. Audiovisual is The Witcher 3 high-level, all roads beautiful graphics heavy. On consoles there are occasional frame rate drops, and the PC version can be played by almost any standard PC to the ultra-settings without the framerate than fall below the 60fps. That may – like some minor bugs – not spoil the fun. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a must-have.

More open gameplay
Beautiful graphics
Tweak Affordability PC version
Heavy for consoles and PCs
Always someone lost
Minor bugs
Tweakers zegt: 9
Price for publication: € 55, –
Available from: € 54.70
Tested version: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, PlayStation 4

If we had a list prior to this year to make the games where we most looked forward to, then The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt certainly have been on. Ever since the first announcement promised this role-playing game is not only the ultimate masterpiece of the Polish development studio CD Projekt Red to be, but also a game that would raise the bar in multiple ways for RPGs in general. That would be The Witcher 3 games like Dragon Age: Inquisition may be able to refer to the second plan. Each title that qualifies for that certainly deserves attention.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is in many different ways to the product of the first two-parts The Witcher. The story reaches a climax, but there are clear lessons learned. Both in the building, as made in the gameplay and accessibility CD Projekt Red has other choices, which should lead to a better game. Apart from experience, benefiting The Witcher 3 course of the improved technique. The game looks beautiful on all platforms from which we even ask ourselves if we have ever seen such a beautiful game on the PlayStation 4. This splendor also has a downside, of course we will not let blameless, but the quality graphics is undeniable.

Yet let the game can not be captured in the definition of one or several components that make up the bigger picture. If there’s one thing that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt radiates, it’s ‘adventure’. The overriding feeling that came over us when we first put the disc into the PlayStation 4 was that we want to move in the wide world. After all, the game offers a huge open world where you can travel freely and where only the level of monsters that you encounter really can be seen as a limitation. The ‘adventurer’ aspect attracted us more than anything else.

And while there are plenty of other things to play where you could look forward to. The Witcher 2 left the player after all, at the moment there is just a hefty war erupted between the Nilfgaardian Empire and the Northern Kingdoms. Geralt of Rivia himself, “the” Witcher in this epic, just had himself a sorceress Triss Merigold romance with behind the back while he was still looking for his lost lover Yennefer earlier. All these plot lines together provide the prelude to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


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