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I noticed that our community is very active reader perceived theme with a “matrix”. In short: it is believed that we all live in a world designed by someone else, and most of us, but our friends, family and the president may simply not exist in reality. If you missed the discussion can familiarize with the topic here , but in the meantime I found a few interesting ideas and explanations of our phantom world.

Many people believe that the state of our meat (yes, our health) and the state of our mind (our spirits) are closely related. In medicine, there are lots of events, when the consciousness directly affects our physical condition (placebo and Psychosomatics to mass hysteria). Nevertheless, the idea that the main argument in favor intuition, is usually ignored by scholars, if not condemned directly. As we have said, science deals only with phenomena that can be measured and proved or experimentally see, and intuition was never part of the equation. Many scientists prefer to pretend that what can not be measured, does not exist. This is the scientific approach.

For most scientists today there is no connection between mind and matter. Reason became part of the metaphysical world, and matter – physical. However, as you well know, the discovery of quantum phenomena, which all scientists agree , leads us to the phenomenon that the world that we see, exists only in our imagination. The most puzzling aspect of quantum theory can be called that an observer can not be separated from the observed. If one of parts is missing, the reality disappears. Without an observer there is no reality: there are only waves, waves of probability.
Perception is the result of extended processing of our brain?

According to physicist David Bohm, our perception of the world is the result of extended processing of our brain for centuries. This treatment has created a division that physicist considered artificial, between humanity and nature and between man and man.

In other words, our perception of Bohm is responsible for the fragmentation of the universe. He believes that quantum theory suggests that the concept of fragmentation is untenable, and the whole world should be conceived as an indivisible whole, in which the observer and the observed are one. This one scholar concludes not only matter, but consciousness. For him, mind and matter – two sides of the same coin. Without going into details, let’s just try to imagine for the moment that emotion – a bridge or interface between our bodies and our minds.

Over the radio, which sends electromagnetic waves into sound, and fax, which translates electromagnetic waves in two-dimensional images, came hologram that converts electromagnetic waves in three-dimensional images. Following the invention will be machines that can convert electromagnetic waves in three-dimensional images that can be “touched”. Through close interaction with the computer for the observer can be created imaginary Wednesday within virtual reality. In the most successful cases, the creation of a virtual environment users are completely immersed in the penalty area. This world “feels” them.
Can our brains to be a machine that creates a three-dimensional virtual reality?

Can our brains, this complex network of neurons, to be such a machine? The machine, which creates a process of interaction with matter waves three-dimensional images with shape, texture, color, sound, smell and taste? Device, passing through which the wave collapse? Device, which passes through one of the many possibilities of becoming a real, at least for us? Who chooses?

Bohm asserts that we are all observers who create the reality in which we live. In fact, this statement is much older than Bohm. For solipsism has already managed to get out of fashion. One of the questions we might ask ourselves whether the world that we create real or virtual? As we all “feature” of the same brain, we all think that we are creating the same reality, we can even say that the world is real, because he is “the same” for most of us. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that a human being with a brain-damaged will experience a different experience and a different reality. Will his reality less “real” than ours?

Another important issue for us is this: this includes the world created by our consciousness of matter waves, our inner world, which we can not share, but that is clearly no less real to us than and external? Do we create it? As far as it is real? How limited? Can we change it? Affect whether our molecules on him?

I unfortunately can not give you answers to these questions, as guided by the scientific approach. But the idea is very interesting.
When the world was not flat, but round

Since the dawn of Christianity and during the following centuries in the West believed that our planet Earth – is static sphere around which rotate on a perfect circle the planet, and the stars are fixed, as the pictures on the wall. The human race was alien and ephemeral phenomenon in perfect and eternal peace. Only in the sixteenth century, several observations made by Copernicus (1472-1543) and later confirmed by Galileo (1564-1642), showed us a different reality.

Even despite the fact that the land was always in motion and not always over our heads gaped star ceiling, this discovery was experienced like a supernova explosion, as the Big Bang, as something gigantic and space. Like image of the sky can affect all their being, people thought that with the opening of a door in the sky they left prison, limited only by their imagination and common consent. They felt free, reborn.

Fruits of this new can be seen in all areas of culture: religion, philosophy, art, literature, science and technology. Modern science was born. This episode in the life of humanity can be a good example of underestimating the power of the imagination and its treatment.
Quantum theory: find holes in the wall between matter and consciousness

Quantum theory has appeared not so long ago. It has not yet come for the doors of scientific research institutes, and certainly not yet penetrated the public consciousness. This theory can begin the next great scientific revolution, perhaps even more colossal than the Copernican revolution. At this time, not heaven will fall, and the very substance of the universe, and with it we are.

After Copernicus and Galileo we have to destroy – not without pain – the wall that separates us from the heavens. Maybe wall between matter and consciousness is placed in its place only as a result of a consensus? Here’s a food for thought and discussion.
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