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This War of Mine is a charming game that succeeds perfectly in order to bring about the horrors of war. You fight while not experience from the perspective of a soldier, but from that of the main victims; residents who have to survive in a destroyed city. In the game you should see a small group of ordinary citizens to keep alive by collecting food and tools. You should eat them with a constant flow, fuel and medicines and to provide for weapons and also provide entertainment. This is difficult and you will not be able to keep everyone alive. This is simultaneously the main criticisms of the game; there is little hope, a little way out, little that you can achieve. If you play smart, you nationals survive longer, but no more. That means that you are going to feel less accurate for nationals. Hope is for life. An impressive game that is worth playing, but lacks a good finale.

Position of victims
Oppressive atmosphere impresses
Difference between day and night
For charity


Game fog development

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Price at time of publication: € 17.99

Played on: Windows
Also available for: OS X, Linux

War and games seem to go well together. Historical wars, wars contemporary, futuristic wars, it does not really matter; it all comes in a regular game over. And actually is assumed to choose the perspective of the aggressor. You step into the shoes of the man with the gun a few times that of the woman with the gun. You shoot at others with that gun, or other types of weapons. Very rarely including the victims of a war in the picture; the people, the ordinary people who unintentionally become involved in the conflict and often the most affected by the violence.

This is different in This War of Mine. In this game, the roles are reversed. The fight is only present in the background, as a constant, but invisible threat. The struggle creates especially for the restrictions imposed on you get in the game, for the challenges you are facing. That challenge is briefly summarized as ‘survival’, with a small group of peers. In This War of Mine, you control a group of no handful of citizens who together found shelter in a destroyed building. You try to offer them a way out of an almost hopeless situation, by making use of all the material that comes your way. For in This War of Mine is not about shooting or beating, it comes to collecting the material that you need to survive as a group of war victims in a cold and ravaged city. You will of course not the only one trying to survive.

The game is based on the years of struggle around Sarajevo, in the 90s of the last century. To emphasize that the game glorifies violence but rather the position of the victims want to emphasize the Polish developer 11 bit studios sought cooperation with War Child, the organization that is trying to help children in war. A portion of the proceeds from the game will be donated to War Child, and that while the game to download for only 20 euros. The game is an excellent showcase for the work of War Child, because the misery that war brings the injured citizen is very clear in This War of Mine.

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