Throw the hell boring food!




Throw the hell boring food!

Have you ever thought that the standard dish which is prepared in the Russian family was very poor? Well, for example, that mashed potatoes with herring – this herring, potatoes, salt, milk, and sometimes green onions. Damn, how is it boring!

Take a morning omelet – egg, salt, black pepper, bacon, sometimes in the most sophisticated recipe – dried herbs. And so very often in many families … When I first learned that if conventional pasta (now say “pasta”), which we ate with butter as a child, add a little tomato, a few leaves of basil, crushed garlic, black and red pepper for visual, it turns out quite tasty. Ie prepared by our parents and we are so not because they were poor (as was the case), but because they simply could not and did not develop their culinary skills. The Russian family taste “nyashki” – is sosisony fried sausage, sugar and fat lot of different origin, ketchup and mayonnaise (not having almost nothing in common with real mayonnaise ).

Real eye-opener for me in Asia was that for the preparation of simple dishes Pad Thai is used a couple of dozen different components! And it is nothing like rice noodles c tofu, seafood or chicken and egg. As part of there and fish sauces, oyster, soy, and God knows what. And all it costs pennies. Worth pennies at us too, by the way. It turns out tasty, varied and very helpful.

To try to improve your experience in cooking, and most importantly to understand how a lot of things on the shelves in the store, then you just do not notice, just try not to buy ready-made products. Taboo on sausages, sausages, cheese (if it does not like him and Parmesan used as flavoring), syrups, yogurt, mayonnaise and ketchtspy and other incomprehensible glop issued by the modern food industry for food. Then go to the Department of fruits and vegetables and see how many species there are greens, cabbage, peppers, potatoes, vegetables, avocados, nuts, etc. Go through. Then go to the store “healthy foods” that is sure to have in your city. There you will find a strange kind of oils, herbs, vegetable milk, soy cheese and lots of stuff like that, what you do not know where to apply. Then go online and find the right recipes. This can be a bit of a poster Talerko and tons of cooking applications. My favorite here:
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Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
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Green Kitchen – healthy vegetarian recipes
Developer: Amazing Applications AB
Price: 169 p.

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Healthy Desserts – by Green Kitchen
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Do not focus that they sometimes vegetarian. Spit on these religious dogmas, the main take is that it is clear what is in and cook something from which you will be both interesting and delicious.

Below I want to show you a video that made me write this post. This is advertising, but it is clear that only the last 2 seconds pekshota. The rest – it raznotsvetie products that we living in modern cities, forgotten, preferring semi-finished and zhizham different colors that make us sick, weak, kill our bodies.

And yes, you can just read this post and forget. But I really want to you today found a recipe of delicious dishes , left work and went to the store not for yogurt or nuggets with dumplings, and for these products, of which you will prepare this dish. And the secret of something that you can not succeed. Is very tasty and you can be … remember that today is actually food and not garbage, which we taught colored packaging and television advertising.

If you change just one habit and begin to learn the unknown products and recipes, doing a favor only to himself, no one else, then be ready to go – subscribe to the announcement of my book, “Doubt”, which will be very soon


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