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In summary

The great strength of Titanfall 2 is that the game now includes a real campaign. Although a bit on the short side, the campaign is exciting and robust at the same time. Indeed because it is an excellent tutorial on what to expect in multiplayer condition. At the same time the campaign is surprising, with influences from games that you would not expect. It provides a nice campaign that playing is more than worth it. Multiplayer is to be less surprising because Respawn has remained close to the previous edition blueprint. In a good way, because especially the larger variety of Titans is a welcome addition. The new opwaardeeropties Pilots are somewhat clearer than before. Multiplayer is thereby mainly become even more solid than it already was. The game is fast and always slightly chaotic in a pleasant way. Titanfall 2 will thus be solid fan base retained effortlessly.

alternate campaign
Multiplayer honed

Negative points

campaign short
Multiplayer little surprise

final Verdict
Tweakers zegt: 8,5
Price for publication: € 46.94
Available from: € 46.94
Tested version: Titanfall 2 PC (Windows)

Played by: Windows (multiplayer) and Xbox One (campaign)
Also available for: PlayStation 4

You could say maybe not immediately, but the history of Titanfall goes back to 2002, back to the year the infamous Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was launched. That game was created by 2015, Inc. and it was the first full game of the young studio that had its roots in the mod scene. Then began a turbulent period. The majority of the employees in 2015 would leave the studio, as Infinity Ward (IW) to start his own. Not without success, because the first game would cough NAV was on Call of Duty, another monster.

Single played on Xbox One.

It then remained quiet until 2010. Halfway through the development of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 came Vince Zampella and Jason West, the two directors of the studio, angrily with owner Activision. They were immediately put on the street. The two began almost immediately with a new studio and within a few months 38 of the 46 Infinity Ward employees have followed their example, they were switched from Infinity Ward to the new studio, which was appropriately called Respawn Entertainment.
hard core

The hard core of the team is working so Respawn together since the days in 2015, Inc., and hard core is responsible for both Call of Duty and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. A club with talent, so who knows how to make a shooter. A club that knows how to make a multiplayer game and an entertaining campaign.

The latter is especially important here, because it was exactly what was lacking Titanfall, the first game from Respawn. That was the studio itself’d seen otherwise, but as a start-up was especially important for the studio to score quickly, to quickly put something on the market that showed the potential of the company. Respawn convinced publisher Electronic Arts that could make it as even small studio a full multiplayer game in a short time. It happened. Respawn’s team proved that it can still deliver a tight game. As a result, got the EA exactly the space they wanted: to follow the studio was allowed to build a full-fledged campaign. A long tutorial

Let’s start with a sobering conclusion. The campaign Titanfall 2 is a long tutorial that prepares you for what the game is known for; the fight in multiplayer. You learn to maneuver the pilot and you learn how it is to control such a huge Titan. You can learn from what weapons you can choose as a pilot and the Titans are all available. It also learned how a Pilot and Titan can work together and how to fight hostile Pilots and Titans. However, we do the game far short if we would leave it at that. Yes, the educational moments are nicely spread over the campaign and the lessons are served in bite-sized chunks, but fortunately there is much more than that bite-sized food.

Now that we are in the house with the door; Respawn has done his best to campaign, and turns the trick not forgotten. The whole is varied and surprising, and at times even more exciting too. Only it does not take very long. After ten o’clock we were well prepared, and we know from colleagues that there is less time needed for. This meets the game to today’s standard, albeit with little margin. However, the surprise and change a lot.

It will not surprise you that you’re in the campaign starts as a rookie. You do that in the role of Jack Rifleman Cooper, a simple soldier who prefer by would like to grow to a pilot who can drive a Titan. Extent are you at the beginning of the campaign not long, according to a test that you undergo. You may, however adventure, and in a mission to the planet Typhon. That is a strange world that looks a bit away from the planet of Avatar, with similar rock plateaus and above similar flora and fauna – all turn out the cattle on Typhon soon less dangerous than in Avatar, and also less numerous.

Titanfall 2 – campaign
Fight against the IMC

The animals appear only a prelude to the real thing; the battle between the Militia, where Cooper belongs, and the IMC, the upper hand in the conflict. It is also the party that has the patent on developing Titans. The Militia must already has now developed a Titan himself doing with discarded or stolen stuff from the IMC, the Vanguard. Not the most advanced, but the Militia is very proud of. It is now indeed fight the IMC on a limited scale on equal terms. Obviously looming in the background a much greater danger than the battle between the militia and the IMC on Typhon, and obviously Jack Cooper shows pretty much the only one that – despite a total lack of experience – that can avert danger. In this regard, the campaign has not surprising.

The linear side

That Respawn more experience at home than just what is gained Titanfall evident from the structure of the campaign. There is a linear side, you leave with little neatly begin with lots of late finish. This is your first learned that wall is running, what is a double jump and then how you can combine those two and challenging platform work. In addition, the spring path is often the only way to get from A to B, but not always. There are also parts of the campaign where wall running and jumping means that you can choose to fight to put your hand. Where desired, you will be nicely helped by a white shadow arises how to make the journey, where you have to jump car and when to deploy the double jump. That seems childish, but that’s it. Moreover, you see only the white looming mind if you stop for a while. And then you have to send it with a button pad. If you are handy, you will see the spirit rarely and all do not have to use it at all.

Titanfall 2 – campaign

The campaign is also the vehicle that you will learn that there are many weapons to choose from, but you can only contribute little to you: two weapons of choice, plus one kind of garnet. They are obviously the weapons which you can choose which one by one introduced here in multiplayer, so you can learn to handle them all.
Your own Titan

Obviously you learn over time yet to drive a Titan, creating a similar development process. There are this time six different Titans and during the campaign, you will learn all know they expanded so that you are well prepared to embark on multiplayer. You also learn that Titans for calling a shield now depend on a battery and that they are not equipped as standard with it. The batteries are separate components that can be placed in the Titan. A Pilot can pick up a battery of the battlefield and put in a Titan. Titan can pick one by walking over it. The principle is also reflected in multiplayer. What is not reflected in the campaign, but will not surprise experienced Titanfall players, is that in multiplayer as pilot can yank the battery out of a hostile and Titan can take to stop it in your own or a friendly Titan. change

Fortunately, there is also a less predictable, less linear side to the campaign, which Respawn can live off. It is the way in which the studio pays tribute to games of the past, which clearly echoed influences of some classics, but without being annoying. The campaign starts off, as mentioned in a world reminiscent of Avatar. A world where the game almost feels like a WW2 shooter. However, you move quickly inside, where you mostly wanders through the usual futuristic industrial complexes, there to ward off the disaster that awaits the State Militia.

This concerns from big to bigger and biggest, and from intense to intense, as befits a little campaign. Whenever you just think that you think you understand the pattern a bit, Respawn brings say something crazy. There is a part of the campaign which is strongly reminiscent of Portal. Not that you’re literally Portals where you can through it, but the influence is clearly apparent. There are also sections in which to tread alternative paths have been doing a bit of freedom you have in Deus Ex.

Titanfall 2 – campaign

Another part of the campaign is influenced by Quantum Break. It is even the most impressive part of the story. Respawn serves up a nice way always two versions of the same reality – an ancient and present – and there you can freely switch between. Again, not literally in Quantum Break, but the impact is clear. The example here being used in puzzles, from A to B, and less during the fight. It provides confusing, but fun puzzles, in which you have to change something in the past in order to continue in the present, or vice versa. Sure where the time jump is combined with wall running and double jumps will be interesting, if not funky.
colorful characters

Also nice is that Respawn during the campaign introduces a number of colorful characters who will play an increasingly important role in the story. Admittedly, the company is what a caricature, but it creates a personal note in a campaign that goes especially unnamed grunts and steel mechs hangs together.

Respawn know in this way of delivering a campaign that is well in two ways. Where should the building is neat predictable. You learn how to tidy first move, then how to make various weapons and then there are all the Titans as a pilot operation. In addition, everything is neatly combined at the end and stepped up the difficulty. So linear, however, it does not feel as Respawn has folded to develop lots of variety, which you know to surprise at the right times. It introduces some gameplay that is not found in multiplayer, but the campaign provides the necessary speed and above all creates surprise. The campaign is perhaps a little on the short side, but rather short, varied and entertaining, than a campaign by simmering with more of the same.

Titanfall 2 – campaign multiplayer

Titanfall is well known for multiplayer. Respawn proved with the first game all that it can deliver a first-rate multiplayer game. Titanfall was perhaps not quite typical, with its combination of Pilots and Titans, but it worked. Everything ran smoothly and offered plenty of challenge. Just a nice game with a small but loyal following. Those fans Respawn effortless bind with this sequel. Whether it is winning souls is the question because there has been little change to the multiplayer portion of the game. That is not necessary, because the first part was fine.

Respawn has actually largely left intact the structure. It is still a strange mix that guarantees a lot of spectacle. Again sometimes even too much, because the heavy explosions sometimes block your view of the action. Different Titans still have funds to raise clouds of smoke or other visual obstacles, but even without those tools is the battlefield sometimes been confusing. Whoever can see through it, has to Titanfall 2 again a great multiplayer game that is nice and fast and varied.

Multiplayer play on Windows.

Attrition is still the core of multiplayer. It is the most popular game format from the original, where nothing has changed. They are still two teams of pilots that can score points during the match which they can call a Titan. There are still computerized Grunts that support both parties. These Grunts are still useful because they offer the lesser players the chance to collect points and so to get a Titan. There is also still the Epilogue, which offers the chance the losing team to be somewhat honorable to flee the battlefield, and the winning team is still trying to deprive the losing team honorable retreat.

Furthermore CTF back and Amped Hard Point, where teams try to occupy three fixed points on the battlefield. New Coliseum is a very limited type of game which nevertheless may be a nice break number, between waiting for matches by. Coliseum in your country as a pilot in a small dome, a flat battlefield under an invisible dome. A few meters before you land another pilot, then follow three shootouts. It is the ultimate clash, with few resources and especially little distraction. No Titans and no ability to hide. Jumping and shooting is all that you can. Who plays will often find that you can use the invisible walls wall running, though it is likely that there is already a victim cases, you can reach the walls.

Titanfall 2 – Multiplayer
Bounty Hunt

More interestingly Bounty Hunt, a new and more complex types of games. Bounty Hunt takes the money, which you earn by killing enemies. In the level two money banks are present which emerge at fixed points and set times. There you than your hand-earned money, and the team with the most money in the bank. The catch is that you half the money you earn you lose if you get shot. So it is a bit of gambling; I try some more to win, or I’m going to surrender all my money trying? That hand is a risky venture, because the two banks can be used by both teams and you can during the return – which takes a few seconds – take an opponent that you shoot at loggerheads. It is a tactical game system that requires more cooperation and less explosive than Attrition. The Attrition will not stumble on his throne, but is a welcome addition.

You can also display the battlefield alone Pilots or only Titans on. The latter is quickly boring, the first well, said that fast. Pilots against pilots seem fun, and at the request of fans Respawn afterwards added to the first version. Yet soon it lacks the spectacle and excitement of Attrition or other mixed games. It is at most nice change.

Titanfall 2 – Multiplayer

Small changes

The innovation that has thus made Respawn lies not so much in the games. Which have largely remained the same. The changes are part of the options that have pilots and Titans. We called all the batteries that have now Titans need to summon a shield, allowing Titans are slightly more vulnerable and has more sense as a pilot to jump on an enemy Titan. It is also nice that it requires cooperation within a team, because pilots can pick up a battery and can give to a fellow Titan.

Titanfall 2 – Multiplayer

That climbing Titans will only get easier because Pilots can choose to include a Grappling Hook in their equipment. A very useful thing, which you can reach not only high, because you’re also last much faster. The hook is especially useful in types of games like CTF, where you want to be fast at the flag and want to run much faster away with it, though you can of course still with flying already jumping on a fellow Titan. The choice of the Grappling Hook is part of the upgrade path Pilots and Titans. That path this time something different. There is still a lot to play freely and you’ll have hours of play before you have reached the highest level and get all the options available to you.

The main thing is that as a pilot slow play freely all weapons and, moreover, gradually becoming more selection in the Tactical you want to take with you on the battlefield. The Grappling Hook we have already mentioned, but Pilots can choose from many special technology. The Cloak is the most popular alternative and extremely useful, though there appear translucent players something more visible than in the previous section. However, there are many more options. A Tripwire or Ticks, a kind of bomb on legs that call themselves behind enemy players. Nice, but far less useful than the Cloak and Grappling Hook. Useful is the A-Wall, a shield that can establish a pilot and is very useful in jars Hardpoint or CTF.

All new options Pilots and Titans can unlock now in just upgrade path. Burn Cards from the previous section are gone, but not the ones offered the cards. Likewise back somewhat infamous Map Hack. Not as Burn Card, but if Tactical you can take instead of the Cloak of Grappling Hook. The Map Hack makes you through walls can see the position of opponents. A very powerful tool, especially in the hands of top scorers.


Yet perhaps the biggest change is that there are now more Titans to choose from. Which are less tweaking than before, but that the number has doubled, yet there is more variety. It also can not hurt that you learn the six Titans in the campaign, because the differences are considerable. The Northstar is a somewhat fragile mech that can hover briefly above the ground and above a barrage can shoot to missiles. It plays very different from the Scorch, a walking flamethrower, who plays completely different than the cumbersome and something powerful Legion.

There is everything: the tone with its Tracking Rockets likes to keep some distance, while Ronin with its huge Katana is just like up close and personal. Scorch also does well in small spaces. As said the Titans are less adaptable than previously. For example you can choose what happens when you give the Titan spirit, but not much more. Rightly so, because the character of the six Titans stays where you can now choose from preserved.

Titanfall 2 – Multiplayer

The variation in the Pilots, for that matter a lot bigger. The amount of weapons you can unlock while leveling your Pilot has risen, from shotguns to sniper rifles, with the returning Smart Pistol as a bouncer. Along with a wide range of tactical options makes for variety. It is in that respect good that you can put together ten presets. This is useful for different games. If you play CTF, you want a Grappling Hook or an A-Wall, while at Pilot vs. Pilot are less useful. It makes this a game that regularly is still very spectacular. If Pilot roam over the roof and strike with sniper, or just wander through the halls with your Smart Pistol creates beautiful moments. Also Titans are still good for the necessary excitement. It’s still nice to get off crazy stunts. At the same time the air being thrown at an enemy from a Titan and already falling hold a shootout, all wall runnend make a kill; they are moments that are not easy to do after another online shooter. Titanfall 2 for that matter his place under the sun completely worth it.

The appearance of the game has changed little, though Respawn for Titanfall 2 has made a handful of nice compact maps. One folder has more rocks and is therefore less suitable for wall running than the other. Actually, especially the compact, industrial Maps cutest, where pilots have more chance against Titans. As there is in the larger maps, which are made up of high rocks, some more space for snipers.

What is also striking is that Source engine abides still fine. Especially in the campaign, the world looks attractive. The views are not too extensive, but for example the rock look in both campaign and multiplayer fine, and the Pilots, Titans and the animals are nicely designed circular on Typhon. Conclusion

The great strength of Titanfall 2 is that the game now includes a real campaign, and Respawn shows it can still deliver a prime solo adventure. Although a bit on the short side, the campaign is exciting and robust at the same time. Indeed because it is an excellent tutorial is for you to wait in multiplayer condition and it has a neat linear structure in which you more weapons and Titans learns a great and exciting way. At the same time the campaign is surprising, with influences from games that you would not expect. Respawn has thereby been so neat to process the influences in a way that is emphatically not a copy. It provides a nice campaign that playing is more than worth it.

Multiplayer is to be less surprising because Respawn has remained close to the previous edition blueprint. It has at most reground the formula. In a good way, because especially the larger variety of Titans is a welcome addition. The new opwaardeeropties Pilots are somewhat clearer than before. At the same time makes an addition like the Grappling Hook the game even faster than he already was, and it gives pilots more options to escape each other and Titans. Multiplayer is thereby mainly become even more solid than it already was. The game is fast and always slightly chaotic in a pleasant way. Titanfall 2 will thus be solid fan base retained effortlessly. We ask, however, wonder whether the crowd will grow fast, in a world where Call of Duty, Battlefield and Overwatch dominate the market. The quality of the game will not be the problem.

alternate campaign
Multiplayer honed

Negative points

campaign short
Multiplayer little surprise

final Verdict
Tweakers zegt: 8,5
Price for publication: € 46.94
Available from: € 46.94
Tested version: Titanfall 2 PC (Windows)


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