To be a giver is to understand others’ needs




Soul Sustenance 24-06-2016

Experiencing Spiritual Growth Through Group Interactions (Part 1)

Anyone who is inclined towards growing spiritually will sooner or later feel the need to taking up a particular spiritual path, which provides him/her with an assigned code of leading a spiritual life and helps him/her to incorporate it in his/her life. This also means becoming a part of a spiritual group or gathering or community and participating in spiritual study, practice like meditation or prayer and perform service along with the group. But, on the other hand, there are also many spiritually motivated people who are not very interested in groups and communities and keep a distance from them. They are of the opinion that it is easier to work it out alone by collecting information from other alternate sources by books, the internet, the television, videos, etc. and progress spiritually. But the relationship between spiritual growth and being a part of or participating in a group is clear.

For the isolated and solitary person, growth is limited, since the personality is not activated to the same extent as when it interacts with others. In relationships and in living together, the various forms of hidden ego and the different shades of the personality, positive as well as negative, are stimulated, creating the possibility of being more aware and conscious about them, bringing about greater growth and spiritual development. After all, one of the main objectives of spiritual development is achieving victory over the ego and becoming soul conscious, getting rid of the negative shades of the personality and further enhancing the positive traits and skills, so that they can be used for benefiting the self and others.

Tomorrow we shall explain the various powers that are required to experience success in groups, which as a result, get enhanced in group activities and interactions.

Message for the day 24-06-2016

To be a giver is to understand others’ needs and give accordingly.

Thought to Ponder:When there is a conflict, it is easy to expect from others. But, the other person too is expecting from us. Instead, it is important to make an attempt to understand what the other person needs and provide accordingly. For this, I need to be full too. So, I need to ensure that I constantly recharge myself and replenish my inner treasures.

Point to Practice: Today I will contribute. Whatever is missing, that’s what I choose to contribute. If someone is lacking peace, because of which he is shouting, I need to contribute peace. I don’t depend on the external situation to get what I have to but I delve within and find what I have to. This helps me contribute what is required.

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