To be elevated is to perform every task with understanding.




When We Change, The World Changes

Visualize waking up tomorrow morning, absolutely contented. Satisfied with everything – God, our life, family, food, home, job, friends, money, comforts, city. Accepting myself, people, situations, traffic, pollution, weather, as they are. Admiring the beauty and uniqueness in every speck of creation. Savoring morning cup of tea, discharging duties with a smile, enjoying every interaction, sending a blessing to everyone, relishing food, focusing only on the good, welcoming surprises, remaining hopeful even in a hopeless situation – simply living it up with faith and love. How different will my tomorrow be from my today? My quality of life will rise a few notches because I choose to change my tomorrow, and it starts with one thought – of contentment for everything I have. My thought triggers a pleasant feeling, an attitude of gratitude, right actions and soothing behavior. So I send positive energy to my body, to people and the universe, influencing all three – so my health improves, relationships become harmonious, and I contribute to world peace. If I repeat this the next day and the next, what started as Changes In Me, Will Change My World. Also, I am always one thought away from changing my world.

My world is not somewhere out there. It starts from within me, from my thoughts. I the being, constantly radiate my energy into the world. So if I emerge the divinity within, the world changes. If I heal someone with my love, the world changes. If I stand up for morals, the world changes. If I reconcile with my past, the world changes. When I go step out into the outer world in this state, my every action will reflect the flavor of my inner world. As angels, we are agents of change. Let us influence our family, country, and the entire humanity, one day at a time by transforming ourselves. Let our collective energy of goodness envelop the planet to bring a change and bring the Golden Age – Satyug in this world.

Message for the day 06-11-2017

To be elevated is to perform every task with understanding.

Expression:To understand means to know what to do. So the one who understands and performs the task with this understanding surely performs only elevated tasks. No task is negative, or waste. Nor are actions ordinary, but each and every action is special because there is clear understanding. Others too get inspiration from such actions.

Experience: When there is clear understanding of what I have to do, I am able to do what is right. So in this process, I find that there is a lot of time and energy saved and I am able to move forward very easily. I find that I am able to use my speciality in the right way bringing benefit to myself and others.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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