To be successful I need to have the balance




Soul Sustenance 18-07-2014

Understanding The Birth-Life-Death-Rebirth Cycle (Part 1)

The realization of the self as a soul, an eternal (always existing) energy, naturally leads to the following questions:

• Where is the soul before it comes into a physical body?
• Where does the soul go after it leaves it?
• What is the purpose of the world drama?

These are questions that deeply concern human beings, yet until now there isn’t 100% conclusive proof of life after death.

The images of “fires of hell” and a heavenly world beyond the clouds are talked about in the world’s religions. Yet to the rational and logical minded, the states of living forever tortured in holes of fire (hell) or on the other hand relaxing in complete happiness in a fairy-tale kingdom (heaven), seem far away from the reality of the present.

Most accept that there is some order to the world creation, but viewing our drama through spectacles of body-consciousness it is impossible to see it, as the soul is imprisoned by bodily needs and sensual desires. In body-consciousness the soul is unable to see anything clearly. Only when we are at the point of death does one think about life after death. At funerals, everyone faces the new absence of a loved person, the departure of the personality and the temporary nature of the physical body. Everyone wishes that the person who has died will go to heaven and not to hell.

(To be continued tomorrow ….)

Message for the day 18-07-2014

To be successful I need to have the balance between the head and the heart.

Projection: In my interactions with others, I sometimes only use my head, i.e., my logic. I am very logical and understand the facts very clearly. But if I keep myself limited only to the facts, I tend to forget to use my heart. I then am not available to the other person and fail to understand him.

Solution: In order to be successful in my interactions with others I need to have the right balance between my head and my heart. I need to see beyond what the facts say and try to listen and understand the other person too. When I do this I will not hurt people with my attitude but will be able to maintain harmonious relationships.

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