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Mental Churning And Its Benefits (Part 1)

Starting the day on a positive note sets the foundation for a day filled with positivity and purpose. There was once a gardener who used to take utmost care of his plants. He started the day in their presence, watering them and ensuring that they were nourished with the right amount of sunlight and the right type of soil. The gardener’s love for the plants used to reflect in the way his plants started being loved by everyone around him. When people sometimes used to ask him the secret of his beautiful plants, he would give credit to the early morning sustenance that he would give his plants. This would ensure that they grew positively throughout the day.

We all also have to create thoughts, speak words and perform actions throughout the day. All of these need to be perfection filled so that even other people around us are full of praises for them. It’s easier said than done especially with so many people around us with different personalities and different ways of thinking and also sometimes with their own priorities. These sometimes take us away from our path of perfection and our thoughts, words and actions are not of as high a quality as we wish. In such cases, we forget that the foundation of a day full of perfect thoughts, words and actions is laid in the morning by beginning the day on a positive note. Here by positive we mean reading a paragraph or two of positive information. This is a like an exercise to shape our thoughts which keeps them fit for the whole day, which as a result keeps our words and actions full of purity and positivity. At the Brahma Kumaris, we make it a point to absorb spiritual knowledge before starting the day. This is because we have realized the significance of that, in keeping our thoughts, words and actions beautiful the whole day. Just like the garden requires early morning attention, the garden of our mind which consists of the flowers of thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes requires attention in the morning. This keeps our complete personal landscape consisting of thoughts, words and actions, beautiful the whole day.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 14-02-2017

Expression:Usually when there is any negativity seen, there is a lot of attention paid to it. All the positivity remains hidden and only the negativity is highlighted. So the one who is caught up with a negative attitude colours all his words and actions too with this negativity and will naturally create a world of negativity for himself.

Experience: When I am able to see the positivity even in both positive situations and negative situations, I am able to influence others with my positivity. Others’ negativity will not influence me in a negative way, but I will be able to remain powerful in all situations. I will experience inner growth constantly.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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