To express qualities is to enrich relationships.




Soul Sustenance 06-05-2016

Self Conversations And Their Significance

A very important subtle activity that we all indulge in for a lot of time in the day is having conversations with the self, sometimes consciously and a large number of times without even being conscious of it. We need to be extremely careful about what the quality of our conversations are because self conversations very strongly influence our perception i.e. the way we see ourselves, others, situations as well as our personalities and also mould them. If channeled properly, they can be constructive i.e. ones that empower the self; if not, they can be destructive i.e. ones that bring the self down or weaken it in some way or the other. They possess immense potential, both positive and negative, if we want we can use them to liberate us or they can even limit us. We can judge, criticize and threaten ourselves or praise and encourage the self in a positive way. It’s important to create thoughts of acceptance, respect and approval for ourselves, even if situations don’t go the way we desire or expect. Such positive conversations help rise above the dependence on what how people see us and what they think and talk about us, making the self extremely powerful.

Positive self conversations are not fantasies or disconnecting from reality and a few minutes given to the activity do a lot of benefit and no harm at all. They can be done by detaching oneself from actions when we have an emerged conversation and our complete focus is on the conversation and we do nothing else at that time or whilst being involved in actions. Some actions like going on a drive, cooking, having a meal or simply taking a walk or going on a jog allow self-conversations to take place alongside. At these times we give less mental energy or attention to the conversations i.e. we can have a merged conversation so that the respective action is not affected adversely in any way. We can choose how much mental energy to give to the activity, depending on the karma alongside.

Message for the day 06-05-2016

To express qualities is to enrich relationships.

Though to Ponder:Everything that we do throughout the day is for the people around us. Whatever we do, we do it because it is important for someone close to us. Yet, we find that we are not able to express the same through the actions we perform throughout the day. Most times, we don’t even have time to give a small little smile or express some words of affection or love. So, we need to make time for expressing our qualities in relationships to enrich and strengthen them.

Point to Practice: Today I will say something nice to someone close to me, or I will do something nice for them – something that can make them feel special. I will acknowledge the fact that I value this person in my life and all that I am doing is for making them feel special and valued. So, I will try and express this from time to time through my actions.

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