To fail means there is the need to work a little harder.




Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 01-12-2013

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 12:30 PM PST
Soul Sustenance 01-12-2013

Meditation To Experience My Inner Beauty

Experience the following thoughts one after the other:

I sit in a relaxed position, I am comfortable… I let my body relax, keeping my back straight, my legs supported comfortably on the floor, I breathe deeply… Now I begin to carefully observe my mind… What kinds of thoughts arise in my mind? Are they positive, negative? How are they moving? Slow, fast…

I carefully observe my mind and remember that I can choose my thoughts… Consciously, I begin to redirect my thoughts… I create positive thoughts about myself… I think about my good qualities, I identify a specific quality that is special to me and which I feel makes me a unique being… Perhaps the quality is being tolerant, sweet, patient or affectionate…

I create a space in my inner self to discover my best quality, and for a few moments I think about it… In my mind I see the beauty of this quality and observe how I feel… I am sweet, I am kind, and as I experience these special qualities, I begin to feel better about myself…

Now I imagine using this quality in my interactions with others. How do I feel when I express and put this quality into practice? Using a quality makes me grow, at the same time the good feelings I have about myself as a unique human being also makes me grow…

I enjoy these feelings for a few moments and little by little, breathing deeply, I am aware that I am here; I express my inner beauty…

Message for the day 01-12-2013

To fail means there is the need to work a little harder.

Expression: To fail doesn’t means to be a failure but it only means that it will take a little longer before success can be reached. It gives an indication that more effort has to be put in. So when things are done in a different way, it becomes possible to move towards success. Failure in a particular task is a process of strengthening that leads to success.

Experience: During the time of failure, when I understand the significance behind the incident, I am able to be free from negative feelings of fear or disheartenment. Then I am able to learn the right lesson from it and move ahead. So in the worst failures I am able to experience constant progress and thus I find that I am moving on towards success.

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