To give regard to one another is to bring unity.




Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Energy Exchanges (Part 2)

The foremost method to break the cycle of negative energy exchanges with another person is one of self-transformation.

The most basic level of self transformation is that I don’t react verbally to the other person with words. But, I mention the negative energy received from the other, in the physical forms of negative expressions, vision, words and actions, to others and create an atmosphere of negativity and also give birth to negative perceptions of the person in others’ minds. In such cases, damage occurs on a physical level and damage control has to be done later, which sometimes is too late to do, since relationships have already been harmed. This is because those who we pass on negative information to pass on the information received from us, to others and sometimes even to the person who seemingly harmed us in the first place.

The second and little deeper level of self transformation is where I not only don’t react but I don’t talk against the person to anyone, even to people who are close to me, but I continue to think negatively about the other person. In such cases, damage is reduced but still happens, unknowingly and invisibly, behind the curtains of physical eyes and ears, as my thoughts and emotions are not completely under my control and they are led to a direction, which is incorrect as per the basics of spiritual wisdom – sometimes willingly and sometimes I do not want them to be led there but they go in that direction unwillingly due to a lack of inner strength. These negative thoughts and emotions do reach the other person on a subtle level, harming relations with that person.

The third and deepest level of self transformation is where I develop the power to change the quality of my thoughts and feelings as well. I am emotionally empowered enough to remove the flaw (weakness) in my own character that was at the root of my reactions, so that what used to pinch me so much will not do so anymore. Also, relationships get protected by doing that, which is something each one of us desires. This is the power of accommodation and self-transformation in action, at its best and possesses the potential to stop negative energy exchanges with the other.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 12-04-2016

To give regard to one another is to bring unity.

Thought to Ponder:The strength of the gathering will increase when I am able to give regard to one and all. Each one has their unique part to play and I only have to see that uniqueness. When I appreciate the contribution that each one makes, I will be able to use the smallest specialty for the success of the task. This brings about unity and the strength of the gathering increases.

Point to Practice: Today I will note the specialty of at least 3 people close to me. I will also go up to them and appreciate this quality of theirs. This will help me to use this specialty for the success of tasks. When I develop the habit of seeing the positive aspect of people instead of negative, I am able to bring about unity and strength in the gathering.

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