To have courage to take risks is to overcome fear.




Soul Sustenance 04-05-2016

Taking Time Off From Busy Lifestyles (Part 2)

Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest cause of obstacles of our lives. It interrupts our own life story, interrupts our ability to have a dream and create something beautiful, because we’re too busy on our cell phones, one of the favourite pastimes of our current lifestyle.

We’ve talked of being busy for so long that we’ve forgotten that being busy was never our aim. We are not on this earth to be busy. We are here to build relationships, experience life to the fullest, create things, think positive, help others or experience joy. Our reasons for being will all be different but if you reflect deeply, you will realize and also feel that none of us feel we are here simply to be busy. But our lifestyles have lead us to think being busy is good, no matter what we’re busy with. Sadly the business world continues to train us this way as employees are expected to put in 8-10 hours of work a day even though on some days they might have only 2 or 4 hours of productive things to do.

God’s plan for enlarging and creating His beautiful heaven on earth, creating a new world order of peace, love and happiness of the future is so simple – one person telling another about God, the Savior and the Liberator i.e. giving the Supreme’s message of joyful, loveful and spiritual soul-conscious existence to each one. Yet we’re busy and full of excuses. Just remember, someone’s eternal destiny is at stake, that someone who is to receive the message from you. The joy you’ll have when you see that person in a liberated and joyful state not only here but in that world of happiness being created will far exceed any discomfort you felt in sharing the message with him by taking out time from your busy existence.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 04-05-2016

To have the courage to take risks is to overcome fear.

Though to Ponder:When I am faced with a situation where I have to do something that I have never tried or in something that I have failed, I tend to be afraid or apprehensive. Most often, I decide not to take the risk and either postpone or avoid facing that situation. But, if I am able to take a small little risk and try and do it in a different way, I would be able to overcome my fear. It is not important whether I succeed in the task or not, but having taken the risk itself helps me overcome a little of my fear.

Point to Practice: Today I will do something that I know I have to do, but have been hesitating to do because of my own fear. I will take one little risk and be prepared even for failure. I know that if I avoid things too long the fear of it only increases. So today, I will take a step towards overcoming my fear.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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