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Soul Sustenance 12-05-2016

Limiting Ourselves In Comfort Zones

We are basically unlimited beings. But we limit ourselves in many comfort zones. We have a lot of conditionings which, in reality, are mental.

Some mosquitoes were put in a box and they kept jumping a lot. The box was covered from the top and each time they jumped they hit the top of the box, and when they jumped too close to the right or the left they hit the sides of the box. Slowly, to avoid harming themselves, they learned to jump just under the cover and without reaching the sides of the box. One day all the four sides of the box were opened. The mosquitoes were free, but they kept on jumping as far as the limit they had learned. The physical limits were no longer there. But they had become conditioned mentally. The same thing happens to us. We have to open the sides of the box and take off the top, or we can continue to live inside the box created by our own mind.

Given below are some conditionings under which we work, because of which we do not experience complete freedom.

– Beliefs, acquired since our childhood, which limit us. – The negative images of low self esteem that we have created of ourselves. – The damaging thoughts of doubt, which does not let the highway of trust to build up inside ourselves and does not allow the creative energy of positivity to flow from inside us to the outside. – The fear of failure or not being to able to succeed completely. A lot of times the fear exists due to past experiences of failure or not having succeeded as much as you would have liked.

We need to become aware of what our pattern of thoughts is, which brings us under the negative influence of mental conditionings. When that happens, we will be able to become free of these conditionings. While we do not become aware, we will continue to remain under its influence.

Message for the day 12-05-2016

To keep the mind free and light is to get a detached perspective.

Though to Ponder:When I keep my mind free from the burden of negativity and waste, I am free and light. This lightness gives me the ability to rise above clouds of despair and mountains of confusion. So, I don’t have to work hard to understand and cross over them. I automatically get a detached perspective and am able to understand and cross over all obstacles easily.

Point to Practice: Today I will be an audience to my situation. I will see all aspects of the situation with detachment. I will then become a director and change the script in order to take it to a better conclusion. I need to make even the smallest contribution I can.

In Spiritual Service,
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