To play a special role in the drama of life




Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Energy Exchanges (Part 1)

A common term that we use in relationships is: the following person manages to always ruffle my feathers. There are always those one or two people in our lives, just being in the company of whom, makes us uncomfortable and they will almost all the time do something or we will perceive their doing something, in such a way, so as to irritate us. Instead of simply accommodating the other person’s nature, we find our self pinched by their nature and actions based on that nature repeatedly, although that may not be the intention of the other person at all at times. The effects of these negative feelings, in the form of reactions, created by us in return, would be limited if they were restricted to us and were to cause discomfort only to us, but what these feelings do is that they start a cycle of negative actions and reactions inside us, whereby such harmful feelings keep reaching the other person. On receiving this energy, the other person in turn starts perceiving us negatively and reacts or thinks about us in a similar way and an emotional cold war begins between us and the other person; negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes, words and actions are exchanged with each other from time to time and negative karmic accounts or bondages are created with the other person, which keep getting stronger and stronger. In such a scenario, even if we or the other person, from time to time, act or react in a positive way on a physical or non-physical level, that does little to break the negative bond and make the relationship positive, because a little bit of positive is accompanied by a lot of negative, and what it can do is only dilute the negative a little bit but not remove its effects completely.

So, how do we break this vicious cycle of negative energy exchange? We shall discuss some methods for that in the next few days’ messages.

Message for the day 11-04-2016

To play a special role in the drama of life is to give happiness to all.

Thought to Ponder:In the drama of life, if I want to play the role of a hero, I need to be so full that I can give happiness to all I meet. My specialty lies in giving – giving happiness. Everyone is in search of happiness and are unable to find a source to it. But I need to connect within and find the strength and quality within. When I do this, I will be able to give some positive experience to each and everyone I meet. I will also be able to help them connect to their own inner qualities.

Point to Practice: Today I will make sure that no one goes away from me empty handed. I need to give some positive experience or feeling to them. It could be a point of appreciation towards them or a feeling of courage or support or any other thing that would give them a positive experience. In thought, word or action I need to express something positive.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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