To work – a robot




To work – a robot

Foreign researchers have created a hybrid human-robot – when a copy of a man is controlled through a computer brain. Help them in this, and our scientists

Do robots can replace humans? This we ask Dmitry Itskova, founder of Strategic social movement “Russia 2045”, which aims – to extend the life of a person with kibernetiche ¬ skih technologies.

Machine instead of us

“AIF”: – Dmitry, is it really feasible to establish in the near future, hybrid robot and human?

DI: – Not just a really, these technologies already exist. Recently, the Internet has been posted a video in which a worker Nigel Eklend with bionic prosthesis Bebionic3, replacing him lose his right hand, is preparing a fried, writes with a ballpoint pen and print on your computer.

And many such examples. Breakthrough in the rehabilitation of disabled persons can be considered a bionic prosthesis, developed Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. With it, for example, an American, who lost his leg a few years ago in an accident, was able to walk up to the 103rd floor of the skyscraper. Microcomputer his prosthesis collects data from electron ¬ birth attached to his hip, and the nerve fibers that are saved during the amputation, making dentures more mobile and functional.

Even developed several versions of artificial retina (eg, Argus II), through which a person can see. And if still not talking about the return of the man in full, but the technology is developing incredibly fast. I’m sure it will happen in the coming years.

“AIF”: – But we do not stop in this case to be human?

DI: – Let us think. If a person is replaced CERD ¬ Tse on donor, he is still a man? People. If the mechanical? Of course! Before us is the same person as before the operation. Heart – just a motor, to drive the blood through the vessels, arteries, etc. And of course – it only means of transportation, the manipulators. Man makes a man not only his biological body and emotions, sensitivity ¬ va, habits, appearance, lifestyle and many other social issues – everything that shapes our personality, our “I”.

If we create an artificial body with our biological parameters, it does not have a major impact on the individual. In future, this body can again ¬ ¬ oped and improvement Vova. But to do it better gradually, giving people the opportunity to develop at every stage, balancing the physical development of the spiritual. We will become overdeveloped, supramental. Bio ¬ Skye life would be just another step in the development of mankind. How to grow, develop and mature children, and we will develop and change the biological nature of the body.

Perfect soldier?

“AIF”: – In the movie “Avatar” people manage their “twins”. This is possible in real life?

DI: – Abroad developing these technologies play more than one laboratory. The most striking example – a project of the same name “Avatar,” the U.S. agency DARPA. They are already fully developed humanoid robot body, which looks far more like an iron skeleton, familiar to us than the body, but manages much of the fact that the robots previously could not – take the stairs, overcome obstacles, push-ups, etc. It only remains for him to create management system “Dress” in faux leather – and ¬ the Ministry of Defence will present the U.S. military’s “Avatar”, controlled by man in the distance. But, of course, would like to see the first “Avatar” saves lives, but does not take it, being the perfect soldier.

“AIF”: – Where can I find the use of humanoid robots?

DI: – Android, which has rudimentary intelligence can and should replace the man where you want uncreative work. Hard work in the factories, in the service sector in the household should take the machine you want to recharge a timely and quality maintenance. In this robot, no matter how they were like man, will remain machines. Essentially, it is our current aypady and iPhones, only with hands and feet, with advanced communication with the owner.


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