“Tomb Raider” subvert the classic knock down re the girl Lola hurts big adventure




“Tomb Raider” subvert the classic knock down re the girl Lola hurts big adventure
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This is a related girls Lola hurts big adventure play report.

“Smashed practice” can be regarded as “Tomb Raider” space-time background back when the 21-year-old Lola, the production team finds that this is a new beginning, to this as a starting point to re-build the Lola brand new epic. Development team recruited include handling work, Crystal Dynamics (Crystal Dynamics), including this.

Core Design studio in 2003 Eidos development rights from first-hand original “Tomb Raider” series transferred to Crystal Dynamics, and the 2006 launch of the first works after the move “Tomb Raider: The immortal legend” (Tomb Raider: Legend) . Since entering the the PS3 era of transition, Laura looks to start a major change, such as the forehead bangs less obedient, more delicate 3D module light computing, and more distinctive face and torso body. In addition to the symbol of the progress of science and technology, of course, a symbol of this archaeological-obsessed women are being followed by the era with the transformation.


Floating new “Tomb Raider” screen gimmick than the PC version of the cauda equina, unlike the PS3 and Xbox 360, “a bunch of” cauda equina, PC version of the show of horsetail hair looks like drift along with the breeze. Focus on game content but because of the content of this topic Mawei for the time being stopped, and and sincerely recommend Lola floating cauda equina or fragrant perspiration dripping players want to completely experience, be sure to take the PC version. (The cauda equina control recommended!)


“It hurts!” This is probably the biggest impressions for a lot of people playing “Tomb Raider”, to do Tiluo La almost from beginning to end have been covered with the blood of appearance alone, the game is an opening on the abdomen edge iron bar pierced , was shot wearing shoulder, walked half also can somehow stepped on the trap … and so the focus is often able to see the outcome of pain every time hang, which have had a chance to exclaim Lola bad luck Could overriding Cuishen “Uncharted adventure” actor Derek, her first wound broke Xinfu feel RouTong.

Of course, bring a strong sensory wound inside, we could see a girl from research to become addicted the divine woman exciting growth process. Is Eidos in silence for a long time after the re-launch of the “Tomb Raider”.


The The plot mainline described the process of looking for a lost contact Laura met shipwrecked partners, thus persecuted by mysterious forces Find Yamatai Empire Mibao, another flashback through Lola friend Samantha camera to reproduce size trivia shipwrecked, supplemented by Letters Alexandra Mansa falls on the island, while leading the player ruins looking for Yamatai, also allows players to step-by-step to understand the relationship between Laura and partners as well as the mysterious forces lurking in the shadows. Incidentally, as is the “Tomb Raider” series which works only one place (Japan) is the stage of the game. (Previously, most of them will proceed from the UK, or directly in the four traveled)


Occupies an important position in this for Dragon Triangle “(Dragon’s Triangle) is not entirely fictional piece of a triangular area of ​​the same” skill “Down with the Bermuda Triangle, from Taiwan the west end of the northeast extension of the Ryukyu Islands, Japan to Tokyo at the further east Izu Peninsula south through the Ogasawara Islands, Mariana Islands, Guam, to Dayak Pu Islands and then northwest connected to Taiwan. Exclude anecdotal word of mouth, from a climate point of view, here in the northeast monsoon prevails appear more than six strong winds and frequent storms and long thick fog, often western North Pacific typhoon passed through to the various intelligence point of view are inelegant.

Lola in search of the remains of the Yamatai Empire, even if one knows here easy to inclement weather will not hesitate to Rebel waters Unfortunately, after all, the climate to be a military situation to come to a the ship destroyed partners scattered.


After reading the brief preamble animation, soon to enter the main visual screen, immediately imprinted in their eyes Lola riding giant passenger ship, but on a fairly quiet for a second scene, the next second instantly caught Guiku spirits huge disaster, I saw the vessel rupture, rapid influx of huge amount of sea water, was involved Lola appeared to be drowned in the sea.

In this case, the sudden appearance of a force in the Lola since water pull, but Laura was still wrestling back to the dark night of the cold deep-sea. The next story? You thought simply into the sea, and then simply blown shore sober? Not so simple! Self-shore sober Lola found the majority of partners have switched rescued and not far away, but just as she would like to say anything to shout, sudden external force attack to make her into a coma again, and then awake, should be hung upside down in I do not know name of the hole in the ground inside, which in the end is how the matter?

120307-2017-01-11 The ▲ originally calm night, which know shipwrecked on the next second clock generating.

120307-2013-02-4 ▲ ah ~ this is not what “Dark Water adventures” Lola fast drowned.

▲ Lola drowning screen publicly since this quickly became as popular screen!

120307-2013-48-6 ▲ drowning screen Shuibo feeling great feeling.

120307-2018-36-13 ▲ see this bunch of Mawei, presumably should be understood that this picture taken from the home console platform.

The second page there are more content

The early plot began looking for partners from the island. Also looking ahead are the wild jungle, players beginning through a series of survival course to understand the operating system for the entire game.

120307-2022-19-15 ▲ start the game from the side, to find ways to free myself.

120307-2023-09-16 ▲ Lola Miss first “hurts”, steel bars pierce the abdomen.

The source of fire is one of the most important elements of this for covered removal of obstacles, obtain materials, start organs have to rely on fire to solve. Based on Laura carry the torch went to the fire source point by pressing the corresponding button will be able to make fire, which fire source distribution in each map inside. In addition, although the torch will not be rained on, but still waterfall or water column dampen, be careful when using.

120307-2024-24-17 ▲ the ignition organs for the most commonly seen, close to the object will be prompted.

120307-2025-06-18 ▲ Lola carry the torch, and lack of fire near the fire source, OK!

Reason that Lola looks “hurts”, of course, refers to the size of the pain along the way, she was, but many of these injuries are only a flesh wound, as long as rain or streams rushed immediately to clean yo, but The plot inside by the injury, for example: gunshot wounds, puncture wounds are not so simple, Lola does not affect the ability to act, but the wound looks like it will be based on the body. Side can only say that Lola is really malicious role, whether large wound, usually a plot animation after the end can move freely (laughs).

120307-2035-10-24 ▲ unless it rains, or almost covered with bloody Lola.

The background of the whole space-time back because “Tomb Raider” was still a girl Laura, not the woman we had known. Beginning girl Lola, the time of the killing will not hesitate to kill the sheep for meat dinners crying in the evening, but had nothing on the little girl shivering long ceased to exist with the deduction of the plot, enemies dying down to the ground pain shouting “Come on, let me die happy little” burdened with survival and assist partners turnaround mission Laura did not have any hesitation, turned around and it the direct added something gun (Well, fill the gun player, but open the gun Hou Luola not cry in it).

120307-2041-43-26 ▲ Bu Zhiyu As like Cuishen like walking road off, but the crumbling aircraft have to be careful.

At this time have been able to see that Lola still doubts about cruel frantic violence, but because of the pressure of reality the idea is to begin to face; those not on behalf of Laura mentality tendency ruthless, but he know more about cruelty The force behind the struggle for the partners necessary attitude and: exciting adventure plot, a glimpse of the Lola from the weak to the strong growth process can be considered impressive story arrangement.


120307-2046-13-31 ▲ Laura’s friends Samantha, looks harmless but it seems to have mastered the necessary intelligence?

120307-2048-23-33 ▲ regarded as life and death intersect with Lola Rose, although They once heated argument.

Present for the attack system to shoot, body surgery and fighting more often with QTE system in close quarters with the enemy, Dead or Alive, In general, however, such attacks, but also on behalf of Laura Endangered far away from death, the player can get prudently deal.

Lola’s first weapon from a corpse who “borrowed” Longbow; despite the Longbow attack delay time, but because of the large number of bows and arrows roadside supplement, can also add skills learned in the “recovered from the enemy at the bow and arrow “(This trick is also the” Lord of the Rings “the Elf Legolas essential tricks!), compared with the subsequent get the guns to be quite affordable, Permanent weapons. Subsequent deduction with the plot, the players will continue to get all kinds of pistols, rifles, short end to see the personal touch and habits, and do not forget the help and equipment upgrades like.

120307-2051-54-37 ▲ Longbow will generate the delay time, but very suitable for silent assassination mission.

As rest stops, refueling stations, equipped station, the “base camp” will be a very important factor in this for covered Lola to sleep, eat and drink Lazard wrong! Role capability, equipment upgrades, and even rapid movement between the camp was depending on him. In addition to the first camp fire by the players own hands ignite the fire will be scattered in various regions inside the saw will be able to directly use. For this emphasis on adventure, the capacity and the upgrading of equipment is also a key factor.

The third page there are more great shots.

Based on the players to accompany Lola “from scratch” skill system designed to “grow” the feeling, the player can increase the combat skills of force all the way from the most basic and even the number of resource acquisition began, until the number of guns and bullets filled enhance and sophisticated attack techniques, from the arrangement of the skill tree alone can feel Laura is growing together with the players.

120307-2045-32-30 ▲ cold to shiver? Come campfire beside heating.

Want to upgrade equipment? Gathering wood along with resources is a prerequisite for such resources typically occur in indoor corner, roadside corner, it is strongly recommended that the players can actively collect material, after all, out of the mix is ​​always a lift points ability, we will not somehow become a beast excretion thereof.

Of course, the necessary elements of the archaeological could not miss, may wish to pay attention to the light-emitting at along the road; crossing mission objectives demand in addition to the basic plot, but also with a number of additional conditions, to improve the mood of the degree of completion of efforts to reach it!

▲ along the road saw the fire You’re welcome, ass sat down on the right!

120307-2056-52-39 The ▲ designed orderly and gradual manner skill tree.

120307-2149-35-53 ▲ can confirm the completion of the ongoing task, including clearance conditions and collection elements.

▲ not less archaeological treasures collection elements.

120307-2059-00-40 ▲ meat!!! Started に 焼 け まし た on! ”

Even Lola back to girlhood, the same way like a monkey-like (?) Climbing wading. The system did not give obvious prompt inside the map, players usually have to study the terrain, the road to find that place of arrival. Contrary authorities everywhere to give prompt and Task Location: example: received partner liaison radio, but do not know the collection point in which? Unsure of where to go, do not know so what agencies are able to touch, press the designated button will be displayed in the game screen inside the beam, point players Ming Road Map.

120307-2025-52-19 ▲ In order to facilitate players can instantly find the authorities or designated point, press the specified button to to see shining place will be able to glance.

120307-2107-07-47 The ▲ wolf infested Note! ?

As the development team has repeatedly stressed that this dynamic camera work for the game screen bring movie-like visual experience, game pace is also quite mature figure out the plot and battle content ratio to deploy properly, even a long period of fierce fighting also take account of the story deduction supplemented QTE (Quick Time Events) system so that a change in taste.

QTE point is to quickly get this for master narrow outer ring to the center circle and instruct the button to light up the opportunity, more than one second too slow, second faster does not work, if it fails? Sorry, you have a good chance to see Lola fell to the ground lifeless miserable. Not just QTE, from time to time there will be enough to exercise the player reaction plot works, especially the elusive wolf for most.

Since it is to survive in the wild will inevitably encounter a few downright attack super wolf again beginning to clamor only facing you, do not underestimate the wolf, if not the first time quick fix, it is easy been bitten covered injury, if not have the means to further break free, directly given away his life easier. While the bow and arrow is easy to use, but it is recommended to shoot faster; short, even Wolf has been pushed to the front to take the side to distance side continued to attack, and how much to reduce the risk of being hit.

Finally, do not forget to compact adventure inside stopped to enjoy the surrounding beautiful waters, feel the charming Halo Chaoyang Waterfront air.

120307-2135-02-49 ▲ very speaking opportunity with the feel of the QTE system.

A gap of several years, the new Lola again stand before the world, and she has a 21-year-old age, new good face elegant punctuality of the cauda equina, brought a new “Tomb Raider” invite you to re-enter the risky world again feelings of the shuttle life and death battle archaeological adventure. “Tomb Raider” has been listed in the table at the beginning of March, and simultaneously launched the PC, PS3, Xbox360 version.

120307-2155-33-54 ▲ can also bypass behind the enemy, and then attack!

120307-2229-47-58 ▲ Although rock climbing, but also limited to a specified point, the players to be judged about how to move forward.

120307-2300-32-60 The ▲ beginning zaiyang take meat crying Lola, when even hear the enemy to die, just calm fishing knife Bale.

120307-2304-54-62 ▲ action game is always the case went to the A to B to discover the truth is the end point B to find the bad guys in the ground C (continued)

120307-2306-29-63 ▲ many caves and narrow tunnels, Lola sideways lens a whole becomes the focus of everyone’s welfare!


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