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Cheap or expensive, water-resistant, or “smart” pen, for business or pleasure?

Three years ago, the plates were exotic, but a few years earlier they did not exist as a class of consumer electronics. Now, buyers have to choose from: to save money and to strive for perfection, waiting for the next, fifth iPad, to join the “team Android» or try an alternative operating system. On the eve of the start of the school year, many just look in the direction of the plates, they can help to teach foreign languages ​​to use dictionaries, record notes, and much more. But to decide which device to choose, to help our review of the most popular models on the market.

10. Asus FonePad

Asus FonePad externally very similar to the Nexus 7, but it has a number of distinct advantages: lower price, microSD card slot and support for 3G, which allows you to not only connect to the Internet, but also to make calls and send and receive SMS. However, there are drawbacks that prevent this tablet ahead of the competition: the interface Jelly Bean «does not fly” with a dual-core processor, a version without 3G Nexus 7 is cheaper, and the ability to call – it is certainly cool, but with the size of the gadget is not very convenient. However, if you connect a Bluetooth-set, a smartphone can be left at home.

Asus FonePad – advanced tablet running Android, which is available at a price capable of much. If you need a “tablet” with a large selection of features and applications, and you do not aspire to overpay for the image, it will suit you perfectly.

9. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

What could be better tablet with a big screen? Tablet with a large screen, quad-core processor, and possibly with a stylus, now known under the pseudonym S Pen. Of course, this is not the normal stylus: it has many levels of pressure sensitivity and it allows you to draw, make notes and much more. There is also a happy owner of a Galaxy Note 10.1 – microSD card slot and a user interface TouchWiz OS.

This device is a little expensive, the screen is worse than we are used to seeing from Samsung, and the overall quality slightly lower than the competition. But it is still a good tablet, especially for those who have to work to take notes or who simply can not wean from the pen and paper.

8. Microsoft Surface Pro

We were waiting for Microsoft Surface Pro for a while, and now it’s here – with a higher screen resolution than Surface RT, Windows 8, it is much more pleasant to the eye and is faster.

In fact, Microsoft Surface Pro – it’s not a tablet, a hybrid tablet to a PC. This is neither good nor bad, but it is in any case a compromise, and related to this tablet will certainly depend on your attitude to the PC and Windows.

It is somewhat bulky device with significant weight, but you get a portable personal computer with a lot of features not available on the more compact plates.

7. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity

If it were not for the high price, Infinity would be a contender for top spot on this list. It has everything you could need from the tablet, and still there is a docking station with a keyboard. Also available in a simple interface, a sufficient number of ports, Super IPS display with a stunning resolution, and will soon be the newest version of Android. All of this allows us to give the tablet is very much appreciated, especially if you like to print or are forced to do it.

All we expect from high-end tablet, at the Transformer Pad Infinity is, and improved screen and excellent resolution is simply impossible to ignore given the fact that the plates are often used for video viewing. If you are looking for a classy tablet on Android, you should pay attention to this gadget – not just because of the keyboard.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 came into the arena, where iPad mini has already made a name for himself, and, despite its stylus S Pen, is not able to reach such heights. In this case, Galaxy Note 8.0 – a very good light and compact device, and its screen is without a doubt much better than the iPad mini, in addition, its memory can be expanded.

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Galaxy Note 8.0 – a good device, but for the same price you can buy something more interesting, with a nice design. But, again, it has S Pen, which will be a lot of very useful work, let alone pay or not for a “smart pen” – you decide.

5. Google Nexus 10

The display diagonal of 10.1 inches speaks for itself, and its resolution is 300 pixels per inch. This is the highest resolution screen in a tablet at the moment. Performance is also more than high: for example, it can make panoramic photos, and thus have an incentive to give it a resource-intensive task. What would you have him do, all can be quickly and easily.

Of course, it does not make the design stand still in awe, it may not be as stout as the iPad, and that you can not expand the amount of memory a few upsets, but overall the Google Nexus 10 – a high-quality Android-powered device with a large, more precisely, it is big screen.

One of the best Android-plates on the market. At a price not so advantageous as the Nexus 7, but affordable iPad 4. After paying for it, you will not be disappointed.

4. iPad 4

We do not worship the brands but have to admit that this is the best full-sized tablet at the moment. Better screen than the retina from Pad 4 in the tablet market is not yet represented.

The device is slightly larger and heavier than the iPad 2, but it can be forgiven for increased battery, an improved processor and a screen. Plus the iPad design has become a classic of its kind, for which it is accepted to overpay.

Yes, looking at the price tag, I want to let a tear, and even some scare lack of widgets and tinctures tablet to fit your preferences. When such requests on Android device more suitable. However, applications designed specifically for iPad, and sold in AppStore, the competition is not likely to leave the program for Android.

Even if you close your eyes to the brand, iPad 4 – is the “cream” of high society tablets. Pros – screen applications in the AppStore, and the operating system that just works. One serious drawback – the price, but not without reason iPad 4 – is a tablet, which is compared with all the ten-competitors.

3. iPad mini

Several years ago, Steve Jobs criticized the plates with a small screen, so many then decided that the Cupertino-based company never interested in this segment of the market, but it happened. In this iPad mini quickly took the place of the main diamond in the “corona” – despite the fact that its screen is much lower than the current version polnoramzernogo iPad, and the price bites, although formally device and refers to the budget category. But for the excellent work and of good performance of these shortcomings can be forgiven.

True, Apple is clearly time to update their offspring, improving the screen and the “stuffing” in response to the success of the Nexus 7. Given the policy of Apple, there is little doubt that this will happen. And despite the fact that the “hardware” is somewhat outdated, the current iPad mini is still attractive and still is one of the best tablet at the moment.

2. Google Nexus 7

This tablet from Google with a seven-inch IPS screen is equipped with a quad-core processor with a frequency of 1.5 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and 16 or 32 GB of disk space. It weighs only 260 grams, so it’s a great device to carry in your purse or pocket. He can go to the nearest supermarket or on a long trip (battery life is quite decent), after placing numerous applications. Screen Resolution – 1920 x 1200 pixels.

NEW somewhat more expensive predecessor, and should be aware that Android 4.3 requires a significant amount of space is available for fast work.

As for the design, this “tablet” looks at the same time so that immediately apparent that it belongs to the premium segment, while it seems sturdy enough to use it for his own pleasure, and not to blow dust off it.

If you are caring myself a new tablet and have become a fan of Android, we see no reason not to buy a Nexus 7. If you have not had to deal with this operating system, but want to try – it’s a good starting point. Those who had already buy a lot of apps in the AppStore and has become attached to the soul of Apple, iPad mini worth the wait 2. However, we are all looking forward to it, if only to see the battle of the two tablets.

1. Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Fast, powerful, iconic – these words are suitable to describe the tablet from Sony. In recent years, the Japanese brand lost ground in the mobile market, but now Sony, Xperia Z aligning and Tablet Z, released a device that can arouse public enthusiasm. This tablet is really easy and looks like a representative of the premium. Sony has surpassed expectations by releasing a device that is equally appropriate as a business class airplane and at home – as the heart of your home entertainment system. And moreover, it water resistant.

Super-slim Xperia Tablet Z with an impressive screen and a full set of development Sony – one of the best devices of 2013. Taking it in hand, you will feel like it is made of high quality, in addition to that speed “filling” and the minimum weight can recommend it to everyone who looks after himself a new tablet.

Before the end of this year is expected to have some interesting devices. For example, this Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 with 3 seven-inch screen, dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz, 8 or 16GB of storage, a slot for microSD, trehmegapikselnoy rear camera and 1.3 megapixel front. This tablet does not change the world, but it can take a good position in the budget segment. Also in the “waiting list» – Asus Padfone Infinity and BlackBerry PlayBook 2.


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