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Single journey – it is informative and user-friendly. You can get acquainted with the country, focusing only on their own interests. No need for anyone to adapt, you go or you go where and when you want. Perhaps that is why single trip so popular lately. Especially among introverts. Layfhaker regularly talks about the theory and practice of solitary travel. Here are the best materials on the subject lately.Many dream of traveling, but do not do so because the company did not find (some friends are busy, others lack of money). The solution is simple – go alone. But in my head hit the drums cockroaches: you will get bored with you will be a trouble, and so on and so forth. Do not believe it! There are many advantages of single journeys. About this article will tell them. Read it and fall in love with single trip!
Independent travel: 16 useful resources for beginners
Travel for Introverts

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Another factor that prevents start traveling alone – organization. Came to the travel agency, paid the money, and there is no problem: the hotel can book tickets buy, prepare trips. Turisty- “independent farmers”, as a rule, do not use the services of the travel agencies (lost salt solo travel) and arrange everything yourself. Good in the Internet age is not a problem. See how many service assistants.
Options for traveling alone

Dare? It’s time to decide what to do in a solo journey. The mass of options. For example, to go into the country without the knowledge of its culture and language. It’s like space flight: you will discover a completely different world, unlike your daily life. As an option – to go to a country whose language study, and communicate, communicate, communicate! Tightens linguistic knowledge better than any courses.
Best places to travel alone

With a choice of place for a single journey and lessons in it, this will help infographics. Helsinki, Rome, Montreal, Bangkok, New York, Stockholm, Miami – a city with a unique history, landscape architecture and atmosphere.
Life hacking Singles: Single journey – a great opportunity to meet a life partner.
Tips experienced traveler on the use of the service Airbnb

When the city and activities are selected, you need to find accommodation. Airbnb service allows you to rent an apartment or room for a normal person, and therefore even more imbued with the country. What, if not life, allows us to understand how people live? Airbnb also help protect themselves in solitary journeys.

Sign Verified Photo on photos – a guarantee of authenticity.
Profile owner and his manner of communication – a sign of adequacy.
User Review – a pledge of comfort.

Plus, if you are planning to travel for a long time, Airbnb attach your accommodation during the absence.
Tips for hitchhikers

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Knowing where to go and where to live, you need to decide on what to get. Hitchhiking – great for single travelers. This material will teach you the right to vote on the road. So, you need to be neat and not to hide her face behind sunglasses, not only you afraid to sit down to a stranger in the car, but the driver stopped in front of a strange type.
Life hacking for hitchhikers: write on the tablets destination. The driver immediately understand, on the way to your.
Single campaign

What You Need to Know What you need to know What you need to take

Single campaign – a special kind of solo travel. This is an incomparable sense of freedom and responsibility, and the opportunity to test themselves and their strength. All these psychological aspects need to know. In this case, you should be able to plot a route, navigate in space, build a fire and collect the right things. You need to bring your tent, sleeping bag, utensils, first aid kit and other items that come in handy in a single campaign.
Mikroputeshestviya: how to spend a night with the stars and have time to work for nine

If a solid single campaign until you or you do not know whether to spend a week alone with nature, then try mikroputeshestvie. Night in the open air can be a real eye-opener for you.

Do not feel depressed because of the fact that you have neither the time nor the money to go to the Himalayas. Much better instead to catch a keen sense of adventure that await you just an hour away from home.

10 lessons I drew a year traveling alone

Remembered people, not places; thanks to services like Airbnb , travel cheaper than it seems; single trip is ideal for introverts; you need to learn English – these are some truths that comprehend traveling the world by himself. They inspire you to solo tourism.
Solo travel

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How to get the most out of traveling alone
Life hacking for single travelers: around too much fun to wait for a suitable companion.

Now you are ready to travel alone. When will go to him, try to get maximum pleasure. How? Spend time actively, do not let yourself get bored. Walk, talk with the locals, take pictures, read, go to the local theater – every single minute travel should bring you a favor and pleasure. Other recommendations on this subject in this article.

Travel as the greatest science and serious science helps us to rediscover ourselves. Albert Camus

An exciting journey in the new year!

Remember, to learn about the world, the company is not required. 😉 Well, that went?

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