Top destinations for international students that provide great accommodation too





Searching for the perfect country to study, get an education, and live a fun, rich social life? The world is packed with amazing destinations that have the potential to offer incredible cultural experience to eager students across the globe without breaking the bank. General living expenses and tuition fees are different from country to country. Here are the best and most affordable ones that also provide the perfect mix of convenient accommodation and top universities.

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, was recently ranked 53 on the Best Student Cities index, managing to get an excellent score for convenience. The Malaysian capital, combines some of the lowest living costs and rather affordable tuition fees. The average sum was $3,900/year for both studying and living in Kuala Lumpur. The city’s colleges and universities span on a wealth domains, ranging from technology to business, social studies, history, and more.

Poland – Warsaw

Warsaw is one of Europe’s most affordable cities to live and study. Tuition fees are extremely well-priced for international students eager to get an education, and at the same time explore a city and country packed with incredible attractions. Two of Poland’s best place of interest are Masurian Lake District and Tatra Mountains.

Out of 400 colleges and universities spread across the country, several of the best are in Warsaw. The average price for tuition fees per year are somewhere between $3,200 and $4,000. If you know Polish and you agree to attend Polish classes, tuition is free. Accommodation in Warsaw is between $400 and $500/month, however in smaller cities such as Radom, the average is between $200 and $350.

Germany – Berlin

Ranked the 9th best city to live and study in Europe, Berlin also has some of the best universities in the world. Germany itself has managed to become one of the world’s finest countries to get an education. One of the core benefits of Berlin is that college tuition is free for everyone. This should stimulate foreign students to get out of their comfort zones, and dare to dream bigger. Also, Berlin offers high-quality living conditions at extremely convenient costs compared to other big cities around Europe.

Taiwan – Taipei

Even though Taiwan doesn’t have low costs for accommodation, it does offer convenient tuition for foreign students. The average is $3,700/year. The city of Taipei blends beautiful attractions and modern, fast-paced city life with the traditional appeal of its cultural elements and top-tier universities. Most institutions provide courses in international languages because they’re more than open to supporting foreign studying.

Austria – Vienna

Vienna is Austria’s culturally-rich capital that offers extremely reasonable tuition fees. Foreign students from the European Union will only have to pay about $500/year for tuition (this applies to two of the city’s best international universities). However, living in Vienna is a bit pricey. Nonetheless, there are good bargains for students, especially in college campuses and areas that not in the city center.

Spain – Valencia

Spain’s Valencia is a new entry among cities where foreign students can live comfortably under budget. More conveniently priced than Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia has tuition fees of $1,800/year at two of its top universities. As far as living costs is concerned, the average cost is a lot lower than in Barcelona or Madrid. Furthermore, there are lots of things you can do in Valencia for fun, including attend the famous tomato fight in the summer.

France – Toulouse

France’s 4th largest metropolis, is Toulouse; a city where living and studying has lots of perks. Better known as Pink City, Toulouse gets bonus points for being affordable from many different perspectives. Tuition fees for foreign students are incredibly convenient. Only $200/year it costs to study at the city’s top universities. Furthermore, it’s amazing that living costs are low and perfect for the average undergrad who can’t afford to pay colossal tuition fees.

Increasingly more cities around the world are acknowledging the importance and the meaning of exchange students. Some of them even provide aspiring candidates with very attractive packages. Apart from accommodation, a lot of metropolises have convenient costs for tuition and scholarship to give all students all rights to study and live in a foreign city.



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