Toshiba demonstrates Google Glass competitor




Toshiba has during Ceatec show in Japan a prototype of its Google Glass competitor. It is a normal-looking spectacles which is provided with a projector. Details such as a release date and price were not disclosed.

That report various media present at the fair, including Engadget . The presented by Toshiba glasses looks like normal glasses, with a projector there fastened. In contrast to competitor Google Glass is a constant wired connection in order to make it work. The spectacles According to Toshiba which, inter alia, creates a better battery life, because of the necessary calculations are not carried out. On the glasses themselves

On the exhibition floor gave Toshiba demonstrations of functionality. Thus, it is possible to use the smart glasses, which will be simply referred to as Glass, notifications to be used for fitness. Also, it is possible to get. Reminders and other notifications Toshiba has built-in security features that primarily have to be. Useful for companies

On the expected release date and price is still not disclosed. The most detailed information about the technical specifications are still missing. Well let Toshiba loose that it will focus primarily, although a consumer release was not excluded. At business users

Toshiba Glass Toshiba Glass Toshiba Glass

During Ceatec Toshiba has a robot shown . This is, among other things is able to communicate with hand gestures. Elderly and demented people would be benefited by the robot when to use it. Buddy Toshiba has the robot a human appearance wherever possible and will be shown in a demonstration video.

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October 9, 2014 18:00
Remarkable that they simply call their glasses Glass.
lesderid • October 9, 2014 18:04
Perhaps because glasses glasses already called in English?
lesderid • October 9, 2014 19:00
If Google has not patented or get 🙂
bonus • October 9, 2014 20:52
Do you think Google the term “goggles” could copyrighting? : 9
Enai • October 10, 2014 08:10
Glass = Glass, glasses = glasses.
But TM “glass” may not be, I’m not 100% sure if MS has received a TM for their “windows”.
(To do with “apple”, comparing Apple’s brand so they can enjoy the trademark but the fruit farmer around the corner may of course still selling apples.)
October 9, 2014 18:04
Eh, wrong link to the film? The movie is all about a Toshiba android human-like robot ????

EDIT:) do not read well sorry. Not wegmodden because there is no way to remove this message. Would also be a useful feature are.

[Comment edited by Erwines on October 9, 2014 18:06]
October 9, 2014 18:22
Are there any people who are interested in this kind of gadgets like the google glass. I see really no use in daily life, not now and not in 10 years.
Falastine • October 9, 2014 19:00
Be useful for clinicians, for a city tour instead of the bus, navigation on bicycle and on foot so you do not all the time on your phone is looking for additional info in museums with objects, etc.
svenvNL • October 9, 2014 19:07
suchFalastine indicates “everyday use” and not the commercial market but the normal home user.

The examples that you indicate are of course nice but that should all still be conceived and developed. Is it for example. Before a doctor is not easier to be a robot? But then completely replaced 😉
downcom • October 9, 2014 19:36
I see navigation as something for the user. Further it can be purchased as a file such as a city tour or museum tour on your smart-glass, something for the consumer.

A doctor replaced by a robot you should not even want, but the glasses can for example give extra info.
downcom • October 9, 2014 19:42
Read recipe / instruction during cooking (hands free). And probably something to do with porn.
svenvNL • October 9, 2014 20:36
just an earpiece in doing very much …..
Falastine • October 9, 2014 19:25
For example, really obvious examples is the application for Parkinson’s patients. These patients walk through their illness very difficult, or at all anymore. By using “visual cues”, such as a pedestrian crossing with a clear subsequent white-black pattern using these patients may suddenly walk much better. This can also be done using rhythmic sound pulses. Therefore it is a good thing that these gadgets find their way to the “normal people”.

An example article from the University of Twente:…rkinsonpatient-improving
Falastine • October 10, 2014 00:35
That one said to the PC as well. It was said of the Internet. And in 1995, everyone said ‘no I will never call in public do not be silly man. ”
Glass will be a success (from any manufacturer) is my feeling.
October 9, 2014 18:37
I hope this well developed that you can just shoot your daily life, and later on your oculus rift can relive again … Oh well that will be long Duuren

The robot looks like a human really find clever how they have done … A while ago I had seen this even news
@ TerrorDanny94 • October 9, 2014 20:56
I rather think that robot looks like she crashed into the uncanny valley has fallen. : /
October 9, 2014 20:03
And yet .. I feel discriminated against. I’m almost blind eye to my right. All those things are right Glass. Who is making a left-eyed version?
scsirob • October 9, 2014 20:53
Well. Minimum diopter both Glass and Oculus Rift -6. My eyes: -6.5, -7.

Technology is now once improves the life of the 90%.
October 9, 2014 20:22

In contrast to competitor Google Glass is a constant wired connection in order to make it work. The spectacles According to Toshiba which, inter alia, creates a better battery life, because of the necessary calculations are not carried out. On the glasses themselves

A better battery life using a wired connection? Can someone explain to me how this works?
I also think the name Glass was a logical choice, but a marketing perspective it is far from convenient.
@ Tweaker2010 • October 9, 2014 23:43
The other end of the cable into the outlet : P

Or a backback battery (c)

[Comment edited by mr.paaJ on October 9, 2014 23:45]
October 9, 2014 20:29

Toshiba demonstrates Google Glass variant

Strange title. I was reminded of a glass variant Google (Google) showing toshiba.

“Toshiba demonstrates Google Glass-competitor” would be more appropriate as a title.
Bangla Road
October 9, 2014 23:49
I do not believe in it. Not in this thing, nor in that of Google. I see people not gonna walk around or sit in the train with a high added value compared to the phone calls. Like the smart watch from Apple, is I do not bang. The only thing I do see is the break Oculus like home entertainment.
October 10, 2014 07:20
What is not yet in SF films was shown long ago will soon become reality.
You walk through the city with your “Glass”. Through face you request information from every person you meet.
Facebook did this not to do, but the government of the United States has a boundless data hungry. Our government also has zero barrier to use, “for our safety”. Every new privacy-threatening development

On the one hand I find technological developments logical and fascinating. On the other hand I think in combination with the behavior of the current generation of politicians threat of going out.
October 10, 2014 07:42
why the hell is this specifically a glass Google competitor?
not every car is a BMW competitor
not every smartphone is a nokia competitor
not every smart-glass is a glass google competitor
not every tablet is an iPad competitor
not every website is a tweakers competitor
not every VR glasses is a OculusRift competitor

anyway, you understand what I mean.
it starts me a little bit to feel like propaganda

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Google brings Hangouts app for Chrome OS and Windows from
Imgur introduces gifv extension as an alternative to animated gifs


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