Total Commander 8:50 RC 1




Total Commander 8:50 RC 1

Total Commander logo (60 pix) After fifteen beta releases is the first release candidate version of Total Commander 8:50 appeared. This program can be used. Replace Windows Explorer Because the image is split in two, it is easy to copy files, but the program can be much more. So there are several ways to customize files are a built-in FTP client and a multirename tool available, and there is support for a large number of compression formats. Furthermore, the functionality can plugins be extended. Since version 8.00, there are separate downloads for 32bit and 64bit environments.

New in version 8.50 is among other things that when you copy, move or delete folders or files first all the items that give no problems are dealt with and that the user only at the end receives a request for the items that cause problems. Furthermore, there is support for touchsceens and screens with high resolution, and it will look in a separate process takes place, causing the main screen remains available. In this version, the following additional changes and improvements:


F5, F6, SHIFT + F6: Remove characters # 00 – # 31, like line breaks (LF) in particular, and replace tabs by spaces when new name pasted from clipboard (32/64)


Shift + F6 editfield too short when renaming archive in search results – feed to listbox after finding files in multiple archives (32/64)
Field [=] was limited to 127 characters, usefull affectedness [= tc.ext] (32/64)
Increased FTP reply timeout from 20 to 30 seconds while connecting (32/64)
Could not open archives in virtual folders like the desktop with Ctrl + Page Down (ENTER worked) (32/64)
Find files, feed to listbox, delete files -> the (not selected) file under the cursor could be removed from the list Although it was not deleted (32/64)
Support F5/F6 to select just the name or name + extension of a file usefull in various other dialogs (eg overwrite confirmation -> rename) (32/64)
Caused by remote desktop resizing could cause crash (division by zero) (64)
Multi-rename tool could show wrong file mask (eg [N] [C] previously saved instead of [N]) when opened (32)
Surrounding double quotes (eg “**”) not saved in the following places: Custom colors, wildcards in sync when saving settings menu “Show” – “Custom”, Find files (save parameters) Print Margins dialog (header text) (32/64)
Find duplicate files in archives usefull, feed to listbox -> we can not show the resulting ash duplicate files if the files are a mix from multiple archives, or normal files + archive files (32/64)

The most important additions or beta 1 can be found here . A list of additions and corrections, usefull for previous versions, can be found in the history file . As usual, the update is free for all registered users.

Total Commander 8.01 screenshot (620 pix)

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