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With the arrival of winter, a large portion of runners passes from neighboring home stadiums and nearby parks on treadmills in sports clubs as well as to run in the cold – a treat for the strong spirit.

But not in training treadmill also has its disadvantages are not, and most important – boredom. When you run on the street, around all the time something happens, even if you are wound up 20th circle on the school stadium, and when you’re running on the treadmill, I may be the only people traveling to neighboring simulators.

Today we offer you some options that will help bring a little variety in your workouts on a treadmill.

Option №1

Warms up to level 3 for 5 minutes (usually range of difficulty from 1 to 10).
Increase the speed until the 4th or 5th level and run at a pace of 10 to 50 minutes. The time depends on your level of fitness and it should be your middle distance.
Then move on to Level 3 and running so for 5 minutes. Running at this pace will help you cool down and put in order your pulse.

Option №2

Another option to vary the routine: to arrange a “musical” intervals. This is when you pick up your running playlist so that the songs with different tempos alternate – one fast, one in the recovery pace, one fast again, and so on. The intensity can be adjusted to suit your possibilities and moderate during the restoration sites. The same applies to the fast pace in the interval lengths – because you yourself select music and can calculate their potential. For the first time is better to choose music from your standard a running playlist, and then you can add new, not run-jogging tracks.
Variant №3

This jogging make you a good sweat.

Warming up for 5 minutes on the 3rd level.
Increase your speed of 0.32 km / h, begin repeating something aloud (favorite phrase from the movie or slogans – whatever!) And run it for 1 minute. On the sidelong glances do not pay attention;)
Then increase your speed by the same amount, and so continue to run and repeat their chants. If this is too difficult for you, then increase to 0.16 km / h.
Continue to increase your pace every minute until then, until it becomes difficult to recite slogans. As soon as you feel that you find it difficult to pronounce words and shortness of breath, check this pace and measure your heart rate. Try to stick with it further jogging pace.
Complete training 5-minute jog on the 3rd level of complexity.

Option №4

This option will help you remember what a run for the hills.

Set the tracks on the rise 0-2%, and run a couple of minutes minutes in the usual for you the scoring pace.
Then increase to 5% rise and run like this for 3 minutes, then reduce the level rise of up to 3% and so run for 5 minutes, then return to 5% and run 3 minutes. Alternate these “differences in elevation” for 10 minutes.
Then reduce the rise, but at the same time increase your pace on the same 0.32 km / h and run for another 35 minutes.

Option №5

During the first 5 minutes of warming up on the 3rd level of complexity.
Increase the level of difficulty to the 7th level of complexity and run as 4 minutes, then arrange a reducing run on the 3rd level of complexity within 2 minutes.
Then go to the 8th level of complexity and run at this pace for 3 minutes, then – 2-minute replacement jogging at №3.
Increase the load until the 9th level of complexity and run at this pace for 2 minutes, then – 2-minute replacement jogging at №3.
Increase the load until the 10th level of complexity and run at this pace for 1 minute, then – 2-minute replacement jogging at №3.
Go back to the 3rd level and run well for 5 minutes to recover and bring your heart rate in order.

This “ladder” can be turned into a “pyramid”, thereby increasing the load almost doubled. That is, after level 10 again run through the same level for 1 minute, then drop down to level 9, and so on up to level 7, completing all replacement jog.
Option №6

Another option with the speaker called “Kenyan runner” which will remind you of running on hills.

Warm up on the 3rd level of complexity at zero rise for 5 minutes.
Increase the incline to 6% and lower the tempo to a more comfortable. Run at a pace of about 10 km.
Again move the track to rise to 0% and mileage, maintaining the same pace for another 5 minutes.

At present, while all but we will continue to look for interesting options that will help you not to get bored in the winter and do not defer to the first run of the spring sun;)

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