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increase Use Intelligence Artificial And learning Automated With Analytics data, And intelligence Business .
Business applications continue to produce large amounts of data, and users try to process this data to determine patterns and predict user behavior . At the level of e- commerce , users want to know the patterns of consumer buying , which will improve the productivity of markets . Website designers also try to understand how visitors move across their sites to improve conversion rates . Companies want to analyze their sales data to link the dollar value spent on marketing with their counterpart of sales . Business intelligence and data analysis activities have become easier to perform, forcing companies to adopt them in key businesses that require better and faster decisions .

Growing Techniques Talks And chatting the list Ali Intelligence Artificial at sector service Customers And support .
Over the past few years, applications have been supporting and responding via automated chat conversations to humans chatbots , Tend to be more experience than application with limited adoption ratio . Now, automated conversation applications have become more widespread as people have seen the benefits of these experiences, especially in customer service and support . Unlike human customer service and support representatives , simulated chat applications for humans do not have physical and mental contradictions that can reduce service levels . More clearly, automated conversations supported by artificial intelligence techniques learn how to respond to customers and predict what they want . Based on customer history or questions posed by customers during chat sessions . They also ask users about their requirements and even ask the most common questions , all in order to improve the support experience .

Use Treatments The language Natural ” colloquial ” as a form new From Interface Computers Simulator For humans .
Not only are fans of the science fiction series Star Trek alone waiting for the presence of these techniques . Business users are also keen to have computers for natural language . For example , a sales manager who wants to prepare a quarterly report . If the manager has to ask a specialist for analysis, the manager must explain what is in detail, and hopes that the specialist will accurately translate his request into something that the computer can process in order to generate the information he wants . While natural language processing goes beyond the analysis specialist and allows the manager to work with the computer directly by speaking . In response , the computer may generate a visual or audio response , depending on the manager’s preference .

Tightening Laws protection Data .
Everything is about digitization . Every business process , all techniques, everything related to information – from storing, transferring, processing, everything in digital format . Now, many countries recognize that the personal data of their citizens need protection . More than that, they have become aware that users have to subscribe to these digital relationships . They need to know why they provide their personal data for processing and consumption processes and know what the consumer will do with their data . The most stringent data protection laws were designed to ensure the privacy of its citizens as well as to prevent the misuse of criminal data and activities such as fraud or theft . The most recent example is the General Data Protection System in Europe ( GDPR ). While some countries, such as India, are also advancing data protection frameworks , others are seeking to strengthen the existing data protection framework .

continuation Approval The cloud at Companies Medium And bigger Size .
The adoption of cloud computing systems is a general trend . Governments and large institutions have been slow to adopt that trend, favoring the private cloud / data center strategy as a starting point . Now, the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption are security risks and data privacy , and processes and mechanisms have been developed to mitigate them . Companies now realize that most cloud companies are investing heavily in cloud infrastructure security , platforms and cloud applications . They realize that the security teams of cloud companies , in most cases, are much larger and more experienced than their own . Overall, large companies eventually became more compatible and confident with cloud and cloud security themselves . Governments are also taking steps to extract data and applications that are not sensitive to citizens on the cloud .

Use Technology ” block Qin ” in security Enterprise To manage Identity .
Qin Block technology provides a distributed, secure and unique system of records, which enables access to a code- coded authentication mechanism that prevents malicious users from breaking their code . This makes them a great choice in terms of enterprise security , especially for an identity management system , where user logins and authentication are managed . In 2018 , we would like to see the beginning of Blocchin’s adoption in areas such as banking, financial services and healthcare .


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