Tried: The iPhone 7 Plus




Lately the new is iPhone 7 Plus been my daily companion. This post is my impressions that I gained 7 Plus since release of the iPhone. Apple sells the iPhone 7 Plus in diamond black, silver, gold and rose gold from 899 euros, for this you get a machine with 32GB of memory, which is 128 GB edition at 1009 euros, the new and largest storage option is 1,119 euros, ensure the customer gets 256 GB of memory. As you can see in the pictures: my tester has the color pink gold, which I personally is quite not care, but I was actually mentioned a few times on it – and yes, even female smartphone users wanted to watch the device in more detail.


but I personally präferiere the black unit, but not well but because I prefer a dark front because of his back, I probably eh not look great by using a shell.

In terms of appearance is entered at Apple a big no risks and makes it as before: one uses a functioning housing form that differs only in nuances from its predecessor. I wrote it before in another review: Many people also like appearance as a purchase criterion, but it is so that the structure “smartphone” not allowed an infinite design palette. I myself could live with the now existing on the market smartphone designs in most cases a few years, if the technology under the hood to the effect is sufficient that I can do my work and play on the device.


What the Apple iPhone 7 Plus of course noticed that the slightly modified antennas Dual Camera and the lack jack. A design decision that I do not like quite understand – IP67, it is likely not due (rather the stored there Taptic Engine). Apple is not the first and certainly not the last cuts also manufacturers, the old habits, but I did not expect the end of 2016 in order. Here the Gemaule the Techpresse but certainly a lot louder than the normal clientele. This behavior occurs because many media companies work with the iPhone as a main unit, are then often expensive additional hardware to Lightning and jack has been connected in the past. That now falls away or requires new solutions.

Tried: The iPhone 7 Plus

Furthermore, were the disappointed who listen to music via stereo jack and want the same load. If still, but with adapter. Yes, adapters are annoying. Not to forget those who have a good headset that is connected via jack. At its end now dangles probably an adapter. This is included in delivery. In the end a contentious decision, depending on the user attitude.

In terms of sound the missing jack is however not the only feature, because Apple has 7 Plus also installed a stereo speaker in the iPhone. This innovation does the iPhone 7 Plus good for a smartphone, the sound is very good and also possesses the conditions of small speakers an acceptable warm bass. But As with most smartphones: depending on musical style should the 85 percent volume limit not exceed, otherwise it will quakig circumstances.

Soundcheck with different headphones via Bluetooth and phone compared to the iPhone 6s Plus? It is intended to give measurements in favor of a “bad” sound via adapter – I myself hear that not, neither Spotify in normal operation and in HQ mode. To my ears comes as quality technically the same sound out.

To briefly above scribed Taptic Engine: for this there is the Feedback API can also access the developer. The good working Taptic Engine can be as – sometimes more, sometimes less – give feedback, easier, medium and stronger shocks are feasible. In games, the engine could therefore provide feedback when certain actions are performed, which makes an app or gaming experience equal to much more tangible. The feedback is already palpable, it shows to de setting of the iPhone on the home button – or simply when in or out zoom in photos, you come to the end of the push rod, so you end up in a feedback Taptic Engine , Also “feel” to the new iMessage facility. Here I am excited to see what developers build, the possibilities are enormous, if you want to interact with players or users. The Taptic Engine is probably with a star in the new iPhone, though an unrecognized.
Abstract Specifications iPhone 7 Plus
display 5.5 inches, LED, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 401 ppi, 1300: 1 contrast, P3 color gamut, 625 cd / m² brightness
measures and weight 158.2 high, 77.9 mm wide, 7.3 mm thick, 188 grams
Memory: 32, 128 and 256 GB, not expandable
Processor: A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture @ 2.34 GHz, Integrated M10 Motion Coprocessor
random access memory 3 GB
Camera: 12 megapixel camera with wide-angle and telephoto lens, wide angle: ƒ / 1.8 aperture, telephoto lens: ƒ / 2.8 aperture, 2x optical zoom, up to 10x digital zoom, OIS, lens cover made of sapphire crystal
Video recording: 4K video recording at 30 fps, 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps, 720p HD video recording at 30 fps, Optical Image Stabilization for Video, 2x optical zoom, 6x digital zoom, support for slow motion video in 1080p with 120 fps or 720p at 240 fps
FaceTime HD camera 7 megapixel photos, 1080p HD video recording, ƒ / 2.2 aperture
battery pack 2,160 mAh, Wireless Video playback time: up to 14 hours, Internet use:. Up to 13 hours on 3G, up to 13 hours on LTE, up to 15 hours with Wi-Fi…
Operating system: iOS 10
SIM card Nano SIM
Delivery: iPhone, EarPods with Lightning Connector, Lightning on 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, Lightning to USB cable, power supply

The display as such is different for my eyes not great from the previous version, although Apple have a closer color space (P3) reproduces. PPI and resolution remain the same. My eyes have become accustomed to the good values ​​for brightness, contrast and color reproduction. For me it has with this screen may not be the highest resolution on the market, but certainly one of the best. Who wants to read it especially empirically, which takes place at DisplayMate a long analysis of the display.

The biggest difference will certainly see the people who do not come from the s-class, but among the “every two years” -Upgradern – and that is certainly the majority of the switcher. Interesting feature: Apple offers a high brightness, although not can you achieve through manual adjustment. The maximum value can be achieved only by the system, when the sun plästert example fully on the display, then the iPhone 7 will automatically retrieve the maximum value. Just measure with manual brightness to stop without irradiation vs. direct sunlight. But this only in passing.

color settings

In short form: colors are reproduced very faithfully according to my eyes, the display also has a good viewing angle. For me one of the best LCDs, but also must not be different in price ranges as the latter. Incidentally, in the settings under Display adjustments can activate color filter, may be interesting for people who suffer from Protanopie, tritanopia or Deuteranopie. The intensity is controllable. Also you can reduce the white point. Find it interesting anyway, what you have now all gathered under the “Accessibility”.

The battery experience to assess in my normal working life would be fatal – because I can go into my office at any time to the wall socket. The key is in the square, which means when I leave my room, I want as long as possible can economize the battery without having to connect any additional batteries. Apple promised under certain conditions an hour longer life (with Internet access) compared to its predecessor, which I could in daily life simply do not understand exactly.

But just me, not Apple. An exact specification is almost impossible, because so incredibly fall many scenarios such as Wi-Fi or mobile network access, signal strength, automatic display brightness, external conditions, route of administration and the like with the battery time. I can you just do not say, “I’ve turned the smartphone and x watched hours of video.” That really helps nobody. also not to be found mixed mode tests as PCMark sin of my knowledge on the iOS platform.

My hardcore test was a weekend in Dortmund, here I went temporarily out of the house and arrived late in the evening. Phone conversations, much Mobile Network (Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp , Music & Co). These often used the camera – what you just so makes when Matchday Borussia is. arrived late at night home and still remaining battery on the watch, who had brought me in an emergency through the night. With the iPhone 7 Plus not to get through the day with normal use, would be difficult, if not now plays permanently elaborate games. That was also – in addition to the larger display for me a reason for the larger unit. More get through the day. Make more. No additional battery lug. Abolished I with the small iPhone ever.

The power of the iPhone 7 Plus. I’m not the biggest gambler, but have to pass the time a lot of games on the iPhone. Because I can tell (as today): Everything is now running, will run well on the predecessor. But you can definitely that more power is under the hood. Even the multitasking view seems felt round, which I can imagine me with the new home button also. Again, the biggest jump Remember the typical changer that engage every two years for new acquisition. For friends of synthetic benchmarks I have here again appended a few things like Geekbench and Antutu the contribution, here shows how much power the new A10 plugged who also loose again should long the next 2-3 years for the casual user ,


Coming to the camera of the iPhone 7 Plus, there are light and shadow. Let’s start with the negative points. I simply can not understand that the depth effect is not present in the final version of the device. This is currently located in beta testing and should not therefore be overstated. Here I must again reloading after final appearance of the function, because the present results are dependent beta and for most users neither meaningful nor helpful.

Nevertheless I have a few beta examples appended so that the meaning of the function clear. Obviously this may be that the function is meant for portraits. Should it work as promised clean, so it’s definitely a value-added function that is logically never come close through the lens to the possibilities of an SLR.

Tried: The iPhone 7 Plus

But these are not the only new features of the camera, just the iPhone 7 Plus draws since from the solid. So it also has a two-fold optical zoom compared to its predecessor. This is better than the digital, which is available to 10-fold. Looking at comparative photos, so you will soon see that up to 2x optical zoomed images are better than the digitally zoomed. Nevertheless advised: Zoom rather use to photograph distant things, the benefit vanishes at the nearby shots, as seen in my examples.

Here compared some photos from the hip, not optimizing, no filter, no subsequent focusing and adjusting – without a tripod, just normal and what dual Zoom compared. For Google Photos album .

The camera may also be interesting for people who shoot with the iPhone, compared to the iPhone 6s Plus the iPhone manages 7 Plus also visible in the video the two times optical zoom, this is not limited to just photos. Furthermore, the FaceTime cam now has an automatic image stabilization, who as readily absorbs videos, will be able to achieve even better results under certain circumstances.

Nevertheless, one has to decide for themselves how important is a camera as a device updater. One thing must not be forgotten: even with the predecessors of iPhone 7 Plus you can take good pictures, no matter whether it is the 12 megapixel or 8 megapixel variants. Personally, I think that the iPhone 7 Plus – regardless of the new functions – again plays along high up in the mobile cameras. Here you have to see, of course: Just because the camera is no change to the iPhone (I think). Other mothers have beautiful daughters, the mobile camera tips box is now very closely with the flagships.

Other changes in comparison, the iPhone the 7-Class is now protected to IP67. Meaning in effect “only” that it is protected against splash water and dust. Protection against water and dust is not permanent and can be smaller with time as a result of normal wear and tear. A wet iPhone may not be loaded. The User’s Guide is a guide for cleaning and drying. The warranty does not cover damage by liquids. Apple indicates that you remove all cables, the device wet five hours should not load. Water and dust should therefore not be a permanent condition, as with any device that has the IP67 rating.

Also there is a new, no longer mechanical home button. iOS also brings 10 for predecessor devices with a new form of unlocking . The new button is used to at first, but you quickly in and get used to this. But for me, in terms of feel to the touch a significant improvement, in winter it is difficult, because it just gives with normal gloves no more clicking. It simply has not happened.

A kind conclusion after the first weeks of use? The camera with its zoom feature I find very practical innovation, earlier I avoided most zooming using the digital zoom, but in the past I was able to twice the Zoom safely once bringing subjects closer without I have to worry about extra image information loss had to.

However, what – was discussed at an angle regardless of the actually good Home-button solution that is “not close to” the home screen with a possible code entry. Remedied by calling Siri with an invitation to open the desired app – then you can unlock Classic by code. Alternatively, you afloat by power button or wake up “raising” the display to catch a brisk look – or you can use the widgets. But these are basically no new discussions when unlocked his smartphone via fingerprint. Even if the pressure is virtual – the button has the same function, if you bring a finger or an appropriate glove for use.

The iPhone 7 Plus is a complete package is a very good smartphone, which you – unless impaled on an operating system – should look at that size with the acquisition of a top smartphones. It’s not perfect and just users of iPhone 6s Plus should expect the acquisition by good because today devices but have just more power than for only one year. The differences are present, but probably not earth-shattering for regular users of the previous version.

Furthermore, there is of course the purchase price, which is from 899 euros. That’s a lot of money – and the purchase price is certainly not much less in the course of months – other than it is the case with many Android devices. to keep positive side, of course, is the high resale value. But the bottom line remains: it is of course an expensive, but successful.


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