Truth is effective when it is combined with tact.




Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 04-08-2014

Posted: 03 Aug 2014 01:30 PM PDT
Soul Sustenance 04-08-2014

How Often And Why Do I Need To Meditate (Part 1)?

As with anything else, the more we practice meditation, the more we feel the benefit of what we are doing. We do need to practice meditation regularly because the habits of:

i. identifying with our physical form,

ii. succumbing to mental and emotional negativity (in the form of waste and negative thoughts) along with negativity in words and actions,

iii. becoming attached to the physical as well as the non-physical, and

iv. being dependent upon the experience of physical stimulation of any sort (from e.g. food, movies, people, sports etc.) for happiness are extremely deep.

These habits have deepened over a period of many many births, because of repeating them regularly, due to a lack of spiritual awareness. As a result, in the present moment also we regularly and quite easily slip into these four habits.

(To be continued tomorrow…)

Message for the day 04-08-2014

Truth is effective when it is combined with tact.

Projection: I usually react when something goes wrong. In the heat of the moment I give corrections and others don’t seem to understand. Then I tend to become confused, as it is difficult to make a choice whether to leave the situation as it is or to prove my point to the others.

Solution: Unless truth is combined with tact I cannot make people realise their mistakes. When I find something going wrong, I need to wait for the right time for saying what I have to. I also need to tell it in a way that the other person can understand. Only then will my words have their impact on others.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 03-08-2014

Posted: 02 Aug 2014 01:30 PM PDT
Soul Sustenance 03-08-2014

Practical Exercise On Intellect Reawakening And Empowerment

It has been estimated that for around 80% of our daily routine we are ruled by habits. This means that most of the time we go straight from thought (created by the mind) to action, without checking the quality of our thoughts. In this way, we bypass the intellect, and do not use our capacity to judge right from wrong and to make conscious decisions. What we need to do now is reawaken, use and empower the intellect, which is true spiritual empowerment.

Practical Exercise
Withdraw your attention from everything around you. Create a simple thought in your mind. Concentrate on the thought. Then use your intellect to judge to what extent the thought is right or wrong and what the quality of that thought is (is it a negative thought, a waste or unnecessary thought, a necessary thought, a positive one etc.?). If you decide it is not a good thought, leave it and create a better thought. In this way, you consciously exercise control of your mind and intellect thereby strengthening your mental and intellectual capacities. This will also help you regain your feelings of rule over the self.

If thoughts or images come from your memories or from sources outside your own mind while you are busy in this inner exercise, don’t give them any mental energy. Let them go and bring your attention back to your own ‘conscious’ creation (mentioned above).

Once, you have mastered this in this exercise; try the same process while you busy in your daily routine.

Message for the day 03-08-2014

The one with contentment is neither upset nor upsets others.

Projection: Many times I find that my words, actions or behaviour tends to upset others inspite of my not wanting to hurt them. I seem to be very happy with the situation, but others don’t seem to be. At that time I am not really able to understand the reason for this and I consider the others to be unreasonable.

Solution: I need to check myself when others are getting upset with me. I need to make effort to check and change myself constantly so that I am able to move along with the demands of time. This is what will bring about true contentment – such contentment that neither will I be upset nor will I upset others.

In Spiritual Service,

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