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Tweakers conducted tests in the past year with automated banner sales. After two extensions of the test period Tweakers has decided to deploy. Broader automated selling banners The consequences we explain in this .plan.

During the test period , which in August last year started, we had only a small portion of the available ad positions released for testing with automated banner sales. In this so-called automated trading is banner space that is made available by Tweakers ‘sold’ to the highest bidder. Using a real-time auction Especially for small advertisers, this offers the opportunity to still advertise on a site like Tweakers, whereas if the property is a relatively simple way gives us additional income.

In recent months, we have several ways to experience with automated trading, both with our customers and with you, our visitors. This has given us so many new insights, we decided the time being, to pursue the various ad positions Tweakers already has. Automated trading

Cookie dropping, safety and retargeting

Well we have, partly based on your feedback, decided to pack it to avoid. Unnecessary inconvenience some things differently So we switched to a new advertisement. One of the obvious consequences of this is that we will have banners that do to cookie dropping. No longer bothered by Tweakers What you need therefore to fifty trackers could see in your Ghostery which should no longer be the case.

Another measure that we have taken is to increase the average withdrawal by a factor of 15 (!) Set by us to reduce risk. On retargeting and malware spread via banners We understand that malware authors are creative and that we can not provide a 100 percent security, but we can conclude that this most recent malware attacks via banners are kept outside.

Another consequence of a partially automated banner system is that the possibility that advertisers serve banners based on previous surfing behavior. Tweakers itself has a strict policy, which we pass on any information about browsing habits to advertisers, but automated trading can a visitor do get to see because you already had that these so-called retargeting it facilitates on a website. Advertise

Technically, it’s possible for an advertiser to get through before surfing habits and retargetting show a visitor Tweakers a banner; however, we have made it so expensive that it is not attractive especially for malware distributors and advertisers who have no affinity with Tweakers. Moreover, we of course still use our block list to keep active. Example, porn and gambling campaigns So if you see suspicious ads, then hear we like. still

Mobile ads and advertising segments

In the past two years we have through our systems anonymised information collected about reading and browsing behavior of our visitors. By gathering information about what pages you view within the site, information we may display advertisements and vacancies show that better reflect the interests of certain groups of visitors. This system is so effective that go other titles from our parent company De Persgroep in such ways’ visit segments define what is simpler by switching to another ad system.

We use your website activity just to get you to share in a global group of users and then target ads to that group. To compose these profiles no use is made of data from your user profile; there is only looked at your surfing activities on the site. The information from the advertising profile can be used to show other sites of De Persgroep. Segment targeted ads on term For clarity, this method is not used to target specific ads to individual users and you will not suddenly going to see just because you have viewed a particular product in PriceWatch product banners.

A final noticeable change to the transition to the new advertising system and broader activation of automated trading that can be used on mobile devices. Also shown ads Because of the way our responsive design works, it is combined with the new advertising system possible that users with Device Grade C or D will also receive a banner served. Mobile we only support banners 320×50 and 320×100 pixels, while also supporting the formats of 300×250 and 300×600 pixels via automated trading for devices with higher screen resolution.

No banners

We understand better than anyone that a web-based ‘everything is free’ culture prevails and are glad to take our content and functionality to make available free. However, this is only possible if there is income, for left or right of the hosting costs, the property and the people who come before and Tweakers work to be paid. Tweakers is dependent on revenue from ads to continue.

You can participate in this endeavor by putting in your Flash or any AdBlocker. Tweakers whitelisted The concept that visitors to click as a website to earn money on a banner is outdated long and wide; Tweakers earns money from the display of banners and is not dependent on how often it is clicked. Banner Our whitelist so would really help. Are you wondering how Tweakers earns his money, then we would like to refer you to this page where we explain everything about our business model .

Moreover, we do offer an option for people who want to see Tweakers. No banners Through our Aboshop you for 1.27 euros per month a subscription where you get the option to off. all banners


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