U.S. hacker reveals project ‘MOBILY’ to control applications’ Twitter ‘and’ Viper ‘and’ Line ‘and Watts of August’ in Saudi Arabia




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Hacker reveals American project “Mobily” for surveillance applications, “Twitter” and “Viper” and “Line” and Watts of August “in Saudi Arabia
U.S. hacker reveals project ‘MOBILY’ to control applications’ Twitter ‘and’ Viper ‘and’ Line ‘and Watts of August’ in Saudi Arabia

Ethical hacker “Moxey Marlenspaak”

May 15, 2013
– Mobily confirmed that monitors users in Saudi Arabia
– Dissemination of part of the original Posts and mention the name of the person responsible
– The application of safe Twitter
– Mobily pointed out that monitors the application of the “Watts August”
– Provided a safe and effective tools of communication and messaging via mobile
– Refused Mobily

Detect Hacker immoral U.S. the company “Mobily” in Saudi Arabia recently in communion with him to implement a project to monitor the data that is exchanged across applications portable devices in Saudi Arabia, including “Twitter” and “Viper” The Line “and” What’s Up. ”

And dissemination of ethical hacker ” Moxey Marlenspaak “on its own blog post on the Internet showing part of the Posts that were between him and the company.

He said he had received since about a week a letter from Yasser Rehaily, executive director of information security and networking at “Mobily”, carried the headline remarkable is: “a solution to monitor the encrypted data in the telecommunications company”, sparking his interest and led him to request more information about the project he said. He pointed out that after a week of correspondence aware that Mobily is working on a program to intercept data applications for mobile devices, with particular attention to the following applications:

Mobile Twitter

And disseminate Marlenspaak skills and capabilities required, which should be available in the person who will take part in finding a solution to the implementation of the project is the ability to monitor and block data applications to communicate via mobile devices.

The letter, which published part of it:

We need your support and help in the following:

Is there any way technology make it possible to intercept this data?
Is there any company or manufacturer that can help in this regard?
Are there any telecommunications company has to adopt any solution of any kind for that?

He said that one of the design documentation provided to them for the implementation of this project calls specifically to force the agency responsible for the security certificates in the judicial authorities in the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia for the issuance of certificates of security type of SSL that can be used in the process of monitoring data and intercepted. Not bad part of that document was also dedicated to the discussion of buying Vulnerabilities in SSL certificates or other gaps.

He said: “The Mobily is a company with revenues of more than $ 5 billion, so I’m sure they would reach in the end to a solution.”

He added: “I could help them in the process easily intercept all data traffic they want (except for Twitter – were you with the help of Twitter in the writing TLS blade, and I think we’ve written well).”

He also stated that “Mobily” had told him recently that they have already obtained a successful model to intercept data application “and Watts of August”, and were surprised how easy it is.
As terrorism

Marlenspaak added: “When they asked me to eventually provide a quote, I pointed out that I am not interested in this kind of work for reasons of maintaining the privacy, so he Rehaily reply to the following message:

I realize that I have ideas similar to those that have such freedom and respect for privacy, but in the fact that Saudi Arabia has a big problem with the terrorists who misuse such services to spread terror and to communicate about issues and published, and therefore we are seeking in this direction now and seek help. If you do not have interest in doing so may be indirectly helping those who undermine freedom their brutal activities.

He commented on this, saying: “So privacy is a good thing, but only Saudi Arabia wishes to monitor the Tweets of people motivated by the fight against terrorism (terrorism Retweet), but the amazing thing is that it is not to help them, I would probably also be a terrorist. Terrorist or indirectly, or something like that. ”

He added: “I know, although I did not sign never Agreement” keep the secret “, and although I only asked questions without reference or hint that I would like participation, it remains shameful for me that I publish details of correspondence with someone else. And I أتقصد to be for Ima through the publication of this correspondence with Mobily because I think it is part of the story we have taken into account. What is planning Mobily is what is happening everywhere now, and we can not ignore it. ”
Secure communication tools and Instant

He drew a specialist security message to users saying: “If you are in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else, it may be practical to think about avoiding communication tools unsafe, such as Watts August and Viper (and can use the following applications safe to maintain the privacy and secure connections TEXTSECURE and Redphone ) , because we now know for sure they are doing surveillance. ”

Side of the correspondence with Mobily

Side of the correspondence with Mobily

Moxie Marlinspike Arabia Twitter Viper Line Mobily Watts August

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