U.S. scientists create a quantum Internet




U.S. scientists create a quantum Internet


In truth, it is not quite the quantum internet. But it so far. The fact that researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, created a new, ultrazaschischennuyu Internet network in which you can transfer data (including video) that are encrypted thanks to some of the principles of quantum physics. The network currently consists of only three main server and client machines, working at Los Alamos for already two and a half years.

During this period, scientists have successfully tested pass very important information that contains information about the state of the electrical network in the state. However, the study does not stop there, and scientists are going to test quantum communications capabilities in offline mode, using smart phones and tablets.

“Development of technology to help protect access to important information about the state of the electrical network is not superfluous, “- said Richard Hughes, one of the researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory, is taking part in this experiment.

“With the transfer of information requires very low latency. Otherwise, if it is high, the network security suffers. And to achieve low latency using standard cryptographic you will never succeed. ”

But scientists at Los Alamos found a way to minimize these delays: it will just need super-fast (near real time) connection, and improved security. On the way out we obtain a new type of quantum networks. Previous studies on this topic have shown that the transmission of data over secure or “trusted” quantum networks require the transfer of this information across every machine connected to the quantum network, thereby slowing down the rate of transmission.

But the essence of quantum communication networks, developed at Los Alamos is that all trust activities and the distribution of authorized encrypted keys, digital signatures and certificates rests directly on a central server rather than on each individual machine. That is, only the server allows you to access and carry out the transfer of information between two machines on the network.

The very same principle of quantum cryptography and its possibility was first proposed in the 70’s of last century. It is based on transmission of light beams with information contained therein, due to quantum physics encrypted. This allows you to create a communication channel, the attacker which all participants will know about it immediately.

“We have successfully forwarded the video with security keys that were changed every second. Even if it is possible to break down a key, it will be valid for only a few seconds and then become useless, since access will be required to have a new “- shared Hughes.

Currently such a system is tested on the specialized equipment at Los Alamos, including special smart cards, which were developed in the same place for the past 18 years. However, as reported by portal The Verge, Hughes hopes that in the near future, he and his team will be able to integrate this technology into consumer electronics.

Quantum computers are coming soon , so these networks really will fall in handy.
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