Ultrabook less than 900 grams, Core i7-4500U the Sony VAIO Pro 11 Full Found




Ultrabook less than 900 grams, Core i7-4500U the Sony VAIO Pro 11 Full Found
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Recently very popular one Ultrabook, Sony VAIO Pro 11 test finally came up!

Into the Haswell processor generations, Ultrabook also followed into a new era, since this generation started, Intel U series and Y-series processors will PCH incorporated into the CPU, the formation of the so-called SoC architecture.

But also because of the emergence of SoC, various changes in the cooling module section followed, will gradually affect each design on the Ultrabook.

Perhaps this is a very interesting product, but in addition to this generation Haswell CPU vary, the overall endurance are more Ivy Bridge to have better performance.

Sony at Computex 2013 in Taiwan held a global presentation will be published in three new products, including the Sony VAIO Duo 13, VAIO Pro 13 as well as today’s leading Pro 11.

VAIO notebooks in the past giving a superior feeling, perhaps because of the brand, but also probably because of the price, but in the past few years, it has slowly into the earth.

This is a Sony VAIO Pro Series in 2013 one of the areas to streamline product. In the past, with Z, S, E and other series, but after the summer series will be reduced to four, namely, Duo, Tab, Pro and Fit.

Specifications, we received Pro 11 for the Core i7-4500U types of aircraft. The processor clock is 1.8GHz, Turbo Boost can reach the highest after 3 GHz, while the built-in GPU to Intel HD Graphics 4400.



The machine’s memory is only 4GB, people feel a bit small, in addition to the official did not provide memory upgrade options, the user can not be upgraded, as it has been soldered on the motherboard. Also in the storage capacity of the Core i7 256GB SSD, mSATA common past Ultrabook different, Pro series uses a new specification M.2 slot.

Screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, but due to a capacitive touch screen, so the mirror treatment, it was easier to leave fingerprints, especially the Windows 8 operating system!




Next there is the introduction of more VAIO Pro 11 Fuselage side as A, D piece of carbon fiber material, C member section of metal, VAIO Pro texture surpassed the use of Ivy Bridge processors VAIO T series. Because of the relationship between carbon fiber material, the 11-inch Pro in weight only 870g, breaking the previous NEC Lavie Z record set.

But also because the body thickness (17.2mm) limit the I / O section only provides HDMI output, but with Sony in addition aspect VGA adapter allows users to use only the VGA connector majority of projectors. Another group of the body there are two USB 3.0, SD memory card slot and 3.5mm headphone jack.

These I / O are on the right and on the left is the cooling vents, and power connector.



The back of the screws are hidden, and therefore feels no screws exist.


Middle of the battery Docking, but this test is not brought together, so we can not provide any items for the photos, and endurance tests.


Next look at the internal architecture of VAIO Pro 11
Talk so much, directly open to look inside what Sony VAIO Pro 11 looks like.


Memory welded; wireless card supports 802.11a/b/g/n, if ways can be upgraded to 802.11ac; M.2 slot Samsung SSD, 256GB size single-sided but the capacity is there, and this is M.2 One of the advantages specifications.





Another part of the CPU Core i7-4500U, as SoC architecture, so much for the CPU + GPU, and small is PCH.


11-inch VAIO Pro 11 battery capacity of 4,125 mAh / 31Wh, by the Wuxi plant produced by Sony Electronics.


The next test, we will provide a complete endurance tests give you a reference.

Next will be the beginning of the performance test VAIO Pro 11
22nm process the Core i7-4500U, TDP is 15W, the clock is 1.8Ghz, blessing in Turbo Boost can reach 3.0GHz clock operation. GPU part, as previously described for the Intel HD Graphics 4400, in the same family of processors, as well as Intel HD Graphics 5000 the Core i7-4550U and Intel Iris Graphics 5100 the Core i7-4558U.

▼ CPU-Z;

▼ wPrime;




▼ 7Zip;



Next there is more VAIO Pro 11 test
Then let us look more integrated test, PCMark 8.

PCMark 8 focused on next-generation Windows 8 operating system, providing a considerable number mode lets you know your PC’s performance and what kind of grade.

▼ PCMark 8;





Next is M.2 SSD and endurance test data
M.2 slot Samsung SSD adoption model MZNTD256HAGL, to 256GB capacity, transmission interface is SATA 6.0Gb / s, but this SSD on Samsung official website of the state as “Sample” I do not know what exactly is the problem point where .


▼ AS SSD Benchmark;


▼ ATTO DiskBenchmark;

▼ CrystalDiskMark;


Endurance testing, using the same test Futuremark provides Powermark. This test software has three modes, namely Productivity, Balanced and Entertainment. In general, the test environment is 50% of the screen’s brightness, plus the wireless network, and a backlit keyboard open manner.


▼ Entertainment;

▼ Balanced;

▼ Productivity;


Next is the weight, and temperature test performance
Finally take a look at Pro 11 weight, and temperature performance.

▼ Excluding transformer situation;

▼ adding the situation after the transformer;


Temperature, we use AIDA64 Extreme stability tests, in fact, not difficult to find the radiator Pro 11 can not suppress the high processor clock, so after running for some time, Core i7-4500U is clocked at 1.8GHz can only be maintained .

▼ full temperature performance;


Finally take a look at our conclusions on VAIO Pro 11
In the process of design, we saw the Sony VAIO Z abandon the burden of the past, prepares to enter a whole new generation, unfortunately, not the case specifications.



Touch screen allows the mirror becomes understandable. Assuming discarded touch, replace the screen is matte, it will for a long time at the computer screen the user wants to well a lot.

For some business people, and even the average user, or rely on the laptop’s physical keyboard and TouchPad or mouse, touch may be a plus, not absolute option, even forcing people to go to Windows 8 Touch it to accept things back, but the market share perspective, the consumer for Microsoft this “grace” does not really care.

Thickness of the body down, understandable allow the temperature to be more difficult to control, because if there is a CPU performance requirements of users who, Pro 11 in the case of full load, except that the fan speed will be very noisy, the keyboard in the middle of the temperature will be high (nonsense, CPU is there ah!).

Another memory is only 4GB, the daemon more users, but also appeared to be quite inadequate. If Sony 8GB options for the future can be opened, this VAIO Pro 11 will be more perfect.

Carbon fiber as a material body, effective to reduce the weight, but special unidirectional carbon fiber (Uni-Direction) but help to improve the strength of the body.

1920 x 1080 resolution, although for the mirror, but the panel viewing angle allows users at different angles can get the same color, plus has TRILUMINOS Display for Mobile technology, in the color and saturation are associated with past performance VAIO Z similar.


Power saving mode endurance performance, but also makes us feel that in the absence of the transformer case, this Ultrabook there are ways to make your nest at Starbucks a whole afternoon.

Keyboard keys, the 13-inch smaller than the average of some, some may think that because the body thinner, feel may vary, but the actual use you might have no feeling.

Weight less than 1kg performance, the thickness of 17.2mm, whether it is on the bag, holding apple rampant in Starbucks, or business people often appear airports, this VAIO Pro 11 should not let you get too disappointed .


Out of 10 points in the premise, we think VAIO Pro 11 can get 8.5 points in the performance, if future versions of 8GB, the score will probably be adjusted to 9 points, after all 4GB of memory in Windows 8, the will feel quite sufficient to cope with demand.


There may VAIO Pro 13 is more than the VAIO Pro 11 attracts our eyes, and we will also soon for VAIO Duo 13 and VAIO Pro 13 tests, Stay Tuned!


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