Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Preview – Drake gets his license




Who has seen the press conference that Sony gave at E3, know that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End there were not only announced but also immediately the most important innovation of the game was shown. The presentation at the press conference because ended with a long chase by jeep, where the player controls the jeep. Who the Uncharted games knows a little, knows that it has not seen before; you have not been able to drive a car in Uncharted. For a series that is so full of action and adventure, that’s hindsight actually quite strange.

Published: Exclusive to PlayStation 4, first quarter 2016

Our conclusion is obviously a bit premature. We decided behind doors a much larger piece of the game saw then was shown at the press conference, but obviously not nearly the entire game. We also do not know whether cars driving is the biggest innovation. For we know not what surprises developer Naughty Dog has more in store.

What we do know is that you’re back in Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake. What we also know is that after the events of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception was sacred plan to stop the adventurous life. You had even promised Elena Fisher. In the run-up to Uncharted 4 is, however, something in between. Something quite unexpected; your brother comes along. For most people this is an innocent event, but not if Sam Drake in front of you, because it’s already being presumed dead. Sam turns an equally adventurer like his brother and he has a challenge that can not resist Nathan. Despite the promise to Elena Nathan goes with his brother in search of a treasure. Not just a treasure, a real pirate treasure.

Brotherly love

That treasure is scraped by Captain Henry Avery and according to Sam must be hidden somewhere on the island of Madagascar. It was once a real pirate nest, which the pirates had a sort of partnership. It comes as Sam means that the pirates gathered their stolen loot at a central location on the island, and that enormous treasure should still lie hidden somewhere. Such is the structure of the game. While Nathan Elena promises that he will bring an innocent visit to Malaysia, he is in reality with Sam to Madagascar. Nathan’s regular partner Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan can come too.

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