Upsurge in cyber attacks on small and medium-sized companies in the region




Gartner in conjunction with the annual summit of information security, e-risk management currently being built in Dubai, Dell published a report refers to the growing cyber attacks that target small and medium-sized companies in the region, and the increasing intensity and ferocity.

The report pointed out that the media focus is on security breaches that affect institutions and large corporations, but most of today’s security breaches affecting small and medium enterprises by as much as 70% of the total security breaches.

The report showed that 91% of cyber attacks falls within the attempts to mail phishing directed targeting a small group of people working in one institution such as employees, as well as some phishing attempts mail is addressed to which they are sending the same message to hundreds or thousands of people in order to rhythm in any of them.

And adopt some attempts mail phishing directed to create an email address for employees and placebo in the organization and use it to request information about the company from other employees in the organization, and then the staff would not hesitate to send this information, believing that the source of the message is a Fellow of them in the organization.

There are cushions kind of cyber attacks known as (watering hole), and the hackers in this case the development of malicious software within the script code used in a widespread Internet sites on a large scale, and in the case of the one of the staff to open this site of the company’s computer will be the entire corporate network vulnerable risk carried by malicious code.

The report pointed out that cyber attacks on small and medium-sized companies belonging to three main factors, the first being the lack of small and medium-sized companies to be protected, as most of these companies do not apply appropriate standards to protect against cyber attacks, then the majority of these companies does not intend to increase their investment in security protection solutions Despite the increase in cyber attacks that target.

It cyber attacks on small and medium-sized companies factors increase in the number of malicious software, the Dell spotted during last year’s 37 million malicious software, which is almost twice the amount of malware that was detected in 2013, and if this software amounted to a web Fbamkanha appended hurt all companies, whether large, medium or small, if you take into account the weakness of the available levels of protection in small and medium-sized companies, they will certainly be most affected by these attacks.

The third major factor for electronic attacks is that small and medium-sized companies are the gateway largest companies, has got in the previous large-scale attacks on large institutions from small and medium-sized companies that have been breached, notably the famous attack that took place in the United States to sell the Target Company outlets, which have been through which a wider offensive on the service provider for this company and the diversion of credit card data for more than 40 million customers.

Speaking on the occasion, said Marc Moreland, regional director of SecureWorks (a subsidiary of Dell) for the Middle East: “cause security breaches small and medium enterprises of great losses, and in the absence of a backup copy of the data will be for these attacks and serious consequences for the reputation of the company and the conduct of operations in which, Add to that the damage associated with the possibility of loss or the loss of one of the devices that these companies used by staff. ”

The report pointed to a set of actions that can be taken to enhance the protection of small and medium-sized companies from intrusion and damage caused by the loss or the loss of one of the devices that these companies used by staff.

Among the most prominent of these procedures to encrypt data, it has become possible today use this method to protect data regardless of where they are, whether on the desktop or mobile or portable storage media or in the cloud, and without the user the existence of disturbing security measures impede the workflow feel.

It is also the ratification procedures or advanced identification techniques which combine several models to identify the user and the ratification of their powers together, so as to ascertain the identity of users who try to access the company’s data.

It should also contain the attacks, and stop malware that infect corporate systems and networks and prevent it from spreading. Containment programs and directs users to run applications in the target to ensure the protection of virtual environments. In this case, if the user visited a page that contains malicious software, this software will not be able to work and harm to the user device.


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