Valve has announced its own game operating system SteamOS





The company Valve has introduced its own operating system SteamOS, based on Linux and designed for gaming computers. SteamOS is completely free and is a first step towards a Valve Steam Box, open game center of the future, which would combine outstanding compared to other gaming platform for digital distribution and friendly user interface on the screen of your TV.

“Very soon SteamOS will be available as a free independent operating system for home computers.”

What is interesting, Valve says that the major game developers have decided to support Linux and present their AAA-titles designed specifically for SteamOS, in 2014. But that’s not all. “Iron”, working on the basis of SteamOS, will easily support and a huge library of existing games for Windows in the streaming. The essence of such a system in this case is very similar to the portable console Nvidia Shield. Only where the game will be broadcast from your computer is not on a portable console, and on your home TV. Without wires.

In addition, Valve said that Steam (like myself SteamOS) will receive support services strimingovyh videos and music.

“We are already working to fix this issue with a number of media service with which you have themselves should definitely be familiar with,” – says Valve and then tries to explain why she decided to work with its own operating system, “Since we want to our digital distribution service was able to get to your room, we came to the conclusion that the best way to deliver the goods to our customers will be the operating system that is built around himself Steam ».

Valve says it is already working at the level of an entire operating system they were able to improve overall graphics performance and reduce delays when using the game controller (it is the Big Picture mode for Steam).

Another reason for the work on the entire operating system (although the Valve about it does not say) is that Valve sees a direct threat to Windows 8. The company’s founder Gabe Newell has once called Windows 8 a catastrophe and publicly accused Microsoft is that it literally drowns PC sales. But the hidden meaning of their own operating system release for Valve is likely is that Windows 8 has its own built-in store for applications and games, which in theory has the potential to reduce the income from the sale of Steam games, and, in turn, allow Microsoft to move in this field forward.

However, she puts Valve for SteamOS more noble tasks:

living room

“Openness means that the end products of iron industry will be able to more quickly adapt to the living room of their customers. Content creators will be able to directly interact with their users. By the same users will be allowed to change any what they want a piece of software and hardware. Gamers will be able to do to take part in the creation of games that they love. ”

In other words, it looks like the strategy used for the development and promotion of Android: Google provides manufacturers of gadgets collected on the basis of Linus open operating system, so that they can compete with iOS from Apple. Valve wants to do the same, so you can compete with such giants as Microsoft.

But that’s not all, as told Valve. The company has given a lot of promises, but so far did not go into the details of their implementation. SteamOS announcement was only the first major announcement at this week, and the company Gabe Newell has in store for us two very high-profile announcement. The second big announcement Valve is going to do on September 25, when the most likely (by assumption of the portal The Verge), will present his own version of Steam Box, running SteamOS.

3 tier

In January of this year, Newell announced that Valve plans to create three types of Steam Box, with terms such vague terms as “good”, “better” and “the coolest.” By “good” because it’s possible there was a “box” for $ 99, which would allow Stream game with more powerful sources on which they would have worked (talking about the computer). By “better” probably meant that the company itself will sell a powerful console for 300 dollars and will allow the partners to issue their own console under SteamOS, but rely on a no standard for “iron”. In general, learn about the option of “more is better”, we might possibly as early as Wednesday, and at the same time learn about the requirements SteamOS to the hardware. If you recall earlier statements, it is still at the exhibition CES Valve said that it plans to support about 20 companies engaged in the production of “iron”.
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