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We already showed you the reaction of children to old PCs for example, Apple II, and today you can see the reaction of American teenagers in the first 8-bit video game console Nintendo Entertainment System. By the way, along with normal children in the trial was also attended by actress and TV series “Game of Thrones” Maisie Williams, who plays Aria Stark.

Consoles, Nintendo Entertainment System, or just NES, introduced in the USA in 1985 and in fact was the American version of the Japanese console Famicom (1983), known in Russia under the brand pirated Dendy (to our country, however, this console has reached only to the top 90 x).

Russians from the familiar 8-bit NES consoles with elephant distinguished by the fact that the system load cartridges was arranged quite differently. Since Nintendo has decided to fight the piracy clones of their consoles and counterfeit cartridges. American cartridges themselves with the games have become much broader and larger in size than their Japanese counterparts. In our country, it is used Japanese form factor, remember those little yellow cartridges, which varies with each other children 90.

The Nes

In the NES console has also been added a special chip that checked – whether the cartridge is genuine or it is a common Chinese fake. Because of this, each cartridge was supplied with additional contact paths on the circuit board, and the cartridges were loaded into the console frontally: first cartridge horizontally inserted into a special slot under the front flap, and then pressed into the fingers down, like a videocassette recorder in the domestic “Electronics VM-12.” It was far more complicated than just sticking with the game cartridge into the console on, as it was implemented in the Dendy.


Today’s children to see NES, did not immediately realize what it is. Joke – a hefty box of unknown destination straight from 1985. Some have suggested that this is a VCR or projector, but only a small part of the test, seeing the logo Nintendo, guessed that it will be about video games. One girl, picking up a game controller, I remembered that it has exactly the same stylized Case for the iPhone, but it is up to this point did not know that it was a copy gamepad 8-bit consoles.

When we are talking about games, all at once learned the name of the plumber Mario in the names of popular hits for the NES, but with other cult series like The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Warrior or Metroid familiar were not all. Play old games, however, turned out to be not so easy, too. Gamepad appeared uncomfortable character Mario could not go back if I missing something, and fall into the abyss is much easier than to jump it. Yes, and it is necessary to blow into the cartridge to make the game to work, properly!

According to the research, the organizers asked: what do people think about this console? Many acknowledge that the current console is much more convenient, and beautiful game for them. But some noted that they like the simplicity of the old games, which need only two buttons: A and B. Some have expressed their respect to the NES, since from it, in fact, the process of popularization of video games in the world, and one even called old prefix hipster “vinyl console”, comparing it with the retro player records .

And what can you tell us about their memories, about 8-bit video game? If you have children – whether they play the games or prefer modern entertainment and what they think about the old toys?



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