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Noatek NUITEQ to develop interactive applications for the means of multi-touch display company, it launched the idea when he was Harry van der Wien Harry van der Veen watching a Offers TED, to turn from just an idea to a leader in interactive technology applications, so she Gateway Technical News to talk with Harry to tell us more the story of his company and its applications and experience with entrepreneurship.
Harry van der Wien founder Noatek NUITEQ company
Harry van der Wien founder Noatek NUITEQ company

Inspired display for “Jeff Han” in a TED TED Harry conference that the research and the work of a prototype multi-touch screen himself, as part of a class project when he was in the Netherlands, and then he developed this project is and a number of his colleagues, during his university studies when he was studying in Lulea University of Technology in Sweden, Vhsaloa a lot of attention, even by large companies, and this is what encouraged them to move the launch of their company NUITEQ.

The company started by Harry and a number of his colleagues and one assistant professors at the university, and had financed the company themselves and also through the applications they have received since the first day, and followed the austerity policy in expenses Bootstarping, to ensure the continuity of the company as long as possible, after two years, they were able to obtain financing from One investment companies, which enabled them to develop their product more, then this year they were able to get new funding arrived for a million dollars from another investor.

Noatek began to develop hardware to screens large touch, along with software package multi-use called Snowflake, but multi-touch screens sector faced strong competition from large companies as well as Chinese companies that have entered the market later, in addition to the difficulty of technical support to customers across the country, stopped the company for the development of large touch screens, and devote themselves to the development of its applications software package, was this decision a significant impact on the evolution of the company, Their focus on the development of applications has led to a distinct product, the company deceived contracts with manufacturers of touch screens that were competing by such as Lenovo, after which the issuing two packages Bermcetin one directed to the business sector and one geared to the educational sector, now they have customers in more than seventy countries around the world.
Some footage of the educational package
Some footage of the educational package
Some snapshots of the business package
Some snapshots of the business package
Market and competition

We asked Harry about competition, Vojabna that they have a number of competitors, but they too have benefited from being the pioneers of this area, was to them precedence, and this is what enabled them to always stay in the foreground compared to their competitors, in addition to that Harry sees that interest pioneering the quality of his work will have a significant impact , and this Masaadhm much in their access to an important client, such as Lenovo, adds that some of the competitors were on the tradition of their product, but even the way their marketing and access to customers, but with that Harry sees that the leading business accept it, and to know that the presence of competitors means there is a big market for your product.

As for the market, Harry says that they have customers in more than seventy countries, and the market in which they are focusing on is North America and some European countries, the Middle East and some Asian countries, and indicates that their presence in the Arab region includes countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates United, Qatar, Palestine, Bahrain, Lebanon and Oman.
Concerns and stimuli

We asked Harry about obsession replied, “I do not have any concerns, I sleep well every night, because I know I was doing a good job, and the oldest a good product, good service to my clients,” The Maihvzh replied, “two things, the staff and customers,” Harry adds, “I wake up every day and I happy that I’m going to work, to meet with my colleagues and my team, who are hard-working and intelligent and fun, but nothing more I am pleased to see our product the customer happy, that’s a wonderful feeling. ”
Entrepreneurs Tips

As for how Harry’s choice of its staff, to tell us he was looking for people who can easily integrate into the team, and become part of the DNA company, and they have the same values ​​and passion for work, do not care much if the person who wants to work with him, he has a biography impressive, as far as Maehmh values ​​and passion for work.

As for the role of the family, he said that his fiancee was worried when she watched a laboratory, he makes his screen, and she had doubts that he will succeed, but his family They were worried, too, but it is believed that he is able to achieve Mairead, and he understands the concerns and says “every family to worry about the future of her children, this is normal. “He also believes that the leadership must understand that not everyone around him will believe it, this is part of the entrepreneurial journey.

And Bsana Harry about the role of mentors, he says, he had a number of mentors during his career pilot, which is estimated very advice that benefited them on a personal level and also in his works, has very benefited from the experiences of success and failure, and after his years believes that it now help entrepreneurs others, and give them advice, as he gets tips from entrepreneurs and former mentors. He says that having a mentor is essential thing in leading the march of the business, and the most important thing when choosing the leader Ba have had experience in the same field of work in which they operate.

As for the workshops entrepreneurs Veraha very good, especially that attended the program in Silicon Valley, in San Francisco, within a business incubator program called TINC, and was a great experience for him.

And the advice of Harry recent entrepreneurs were “Be careful of your shares (your share in the company),” he repeated three times, “another said Matrade play is the participation of one of them and give a large proportion of the company, then comes after several months, he says that he is not interested in this work, or Egged rewarding it is to return to continue. ”

Definition of success for Harry “Success can be measured in several ways, If you are happy, this is a success, but in the field of business success an important thing, because it means that your work has been appreciated. Success is not that you get the customer is important, but when you receive a message of thanks from the parents, who tell you that your product has helped their child with a disability, this is in itself reward and success, and you can say to your team Look this is what may have achieved. ”
Funny story

He finally asked Harry to tell us the story of a funny got him through his career pilot, tell us some great thing in entrepreneurship not only the target but the trip in itself. During his visit to San Francisco, he was in a cafe sitting with one of his friends, and suddenly stood a black car and got out Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Harry found so wonderful, try to talk to Tim, and told him to his face (ie Tim) wonderful because the image of Sylvie him to take, but Tim refused and told him that he is busy … after Harry on it cheerfully “I think the company managing a multi-billion dollar She must take a lot of time! “Then Harry came across in the same week that saw Mark Zuckerberg head of Facebook is consistent his dog, he said,” Maybe there are many people living there for years and did not stumble across Facebook founder and head of Apple Altnivh in one week, as happened with me. ”

Company site:, Facebook page here, Twitter here
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