VVD: adult chat conversations with children should be banned




It should be criminal to send minors, sexual messages are government party VVD. Such conversations are the prelude to sexual abuse, as fears of VVD MP Foort East.

Right VVD MP Van Oosten said opposite De Volkskrant that not only ‘degrading’ for a minor to sexual to receive messages, but that such discussions the prelude to actual sexual abuse may also be. “And it’s just nasty. I think we should not tolerate this. Basically it is a form of abuse,” said the MP for the newspaper.

Van Oosten therefore wants the legislation against sexual abuse is adapted to modern times: he says that legislation dates back to the days before the Internet, while it would be much easier to approach children on the Internet. It is already prohibited on the Internet to a minor to imagine where the abuse is uitgangpsunt a meeting. An MP of D66 leaves in front of the Volkskrant know they have a ban is going too far. The same says the Labour Party, who wants Minister of Security and Justice checks whether the law ‘account of the virtual reality’.

Good plan, but how does such a thing be checked.
Sat chatrooms where if you go in there as a girl platgebombadeerd with asking how you look like, if you’re horny, how big your boobs are so. etc.. Never a webmaster there to see something do. Chatroulette idem (I will not explain, in part southpark says enough)

I think it is important to also as a parent to adapt the education and your children to warn these type of people. Even though it is exciting with such a webcam keep your clothes on! Initially changes the whole society and as a parent you will also have to adjust. Same story as with alcohol. I was used to sometimes drink a beer on special occasions. Even when I was not 16 yet. 1 drink for fun. When I went on stage for the first time I even drank my terminal. Nowadays, children are fed and the responsibility and protection in schools, government, etc.. etc..This is going to be. Inactive checked It means no legislation to actively monitor every chat is legislation to make it easier to convict pedophiles. At this time, there are actually encouraged to be a sexual act or sexual contact for meeting made for a good conviction can take place. Pedophiles can now not tackled until they have actually exceeded this limit. This while they may have. Already dozens of children harassed It is through this kind of chat criminalize it is easier to provide. Pedophiles to condemn and thus to monitor and help
Think of teachers with underage students chatting over the phone. That is to do from a legal aspect. Currently so little

It is important that there is going to be actually looked at ages and the purpose behind the contact. It should not be that each sexual contact between an adult and a minor is punishable directly. Indeed, there are situations where minors was (think age 16-17) have a relationship with a young adult (age 18-20 think) where such contact is normal and discovery belongs. Their sexual

Of course, parents should also adjust education but here is also part of the problem. Parents of today are not grown up with the Internet and generally know the dangers not good enough. They do not know what is possible, what happens everyday and how to something as simple as a nude can unpack. In addition, parents their children constantly check and tell children not everything to their parents. In some of the families are raising is not always good and that is not always the unwillingness of parents. Not everyone is a good educator unfortunately.

Remember that it was normally used to be that the mother stayed at home to look after the children. Education was also a lot easier as there was a lot of contact between mother and child. Today it is increasingly common for both parents work and children spend more time alone. It is difficult to identify such behavior on time and to warn.

Children remain vulnerable, can impact not easily overlooked and are therefore especially in an age in which they develop their independence and are going to resist. Their parents Then know a parent is not always going through what a child. Children then search faster support from others they trust such as a teacher or someone online. Once that wins the trust of the child may be a child with such a person would share than with his own parents much more.
Then you talking about public chats, there is indeed difficult control. But as soon as someone can soon be clear what the age of that person is. Chat directly with a person Remember that pedophiles are out on minors and all will ask what the age of that person quickly. Or search for another form of contact such as a Facebook profile where age often on it.
Or in situations where people know each other and know what each other’s age, for example, when the teachers and students concerned.

Of course it will never keep this law in any situation position but there are plenty of situations where it is clearly known to the pedophile that he prosecution should be allowed for the existence of actual abuse. Chat with minors and in such a case You do not get into a situation where a child has been abused physically or virtually purely because earlier intervention was legally possible. Addressing the situation actually big problems.That is irrelevant. Once a person has shown to be a minor must be erotic chat with this person stopped. If that does not happen and age turns out to be wrong, the person offense. If the age does not show the correct there is no prosecution, because there is nothing criminal perch occurred. If someone is lying about his age there is nothing to do. But then you’re also generally do not have a close form of contact, there have problems less rapid. The very lengthy chats, where the contact is really personal, can be addressed in this way.

That is precisely the dangerous fallacy: It comes to children, so the end justifies the means. Anyone who dares to draw into question probably has something to answer for, “If you’re not with us, you must be against us.”

That is a completely exaggerated reaction. Nowhere is indicated at this time that there is going to be, that will be monitored chat rooms and that people will authenticate. Required active-controlled The only thing that is proposed is a law erotic chat with minors criminalize make it easier to convict. Pedophiles as
When this law is being abused for an internet filter you can react in such a way, however, until that happens it is a very exaggerated reaction that has no reasonable basis. And in an ideal world, children would all be wise enough to ‘no’ to say and not to get involved here. But just children can not always fully appreciate the consequences of their actions, suffer from hormones and sometimes feel very misunderstood. Precisely situations where pedophiles abuse it and do it. Of course you should teach children not to go into here, but you should also accept that this is never going to work 100%. For the full The only way to get it done all children posing under constant supervision and that we do not want children also need the world to discover and errors can make yourself.

We just need to make sure that pedophiles who wish to abuse the vulnerability of children active there just to be punished. Let children explore the world in their own way, try to protect all hazards and punishment the one to make. They who abuse them as much as possible


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