Walking in the era of cutting-edge, YouTube 4K display low-bandwidth streaming at CES 2014




Walking in the era of cutting-edge, YouTube 4K display low-bandwidth streaming at CES 2014: Google , YouTube , news , software and applications

YouTube CES 2014 will showcase the use of VP9 coding techniques 4K streams.

4K streaming technology showcase will be one focus of CES 2014, and even YouTube will run in next week’s CES 2014, and demonstrate the use of low bandwidth 4K streaming technology. But YouTube will use its own unlicensed VP9 movie encoding, and 4K film common H.265 encoding.

This is not the first time Google launched free licensing fees for open coding format, as early as 2010, it launched Google VP8 encoder, but because the private holding company encoded movie vigorously opposed, and the lack of hardware support but not popular.

Once you have a lesson, Google and many of the hardware partners will jointly launch VP9 coding, YouTube will showcase 4K video streaming at LG, Panasonic and Sony booth. The hardware list released by Google 19 partners, including ARM, Intel, Broadcom and Marvell chip plant, etc., without also includes consumer electronics manufacturers, such as Samsung, Sharp and Toshiba.

Francisco Varela YouTube platform partner, Global Head of respondents had said previously, YouTube encoded using VP9 not the only choice, “this is not a movie encoded war” and that the use of VP9 encoding only supports 4K YouTube first news After it, suggesting YouTube could also support H.265 format.

Varela also revealed VP9 only allows transmission 4K YouTube videos with a reasonable bit rate, while nearly half of the amount of data can be reduced, so that YouTube can improve video streaming cases, does not require buffering time.


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