War Thunder: the boss in the air




Game developers are not averse to a nice sting underwater. Sony sneered as a storm during his press conference at E3 and Gamescom, and we have the EA and Activision often enough about ‘other shooters have heard, if fairly obvious direct competitor meant. It heard a bit off. In this regard, the men of Gaijin fine on their place in the game industry. During a presentation of War Thunder were not afraid to mention the limitations of the Russian competitor Wargaming.net developers: “Did you know that games run on an engine that is actually ten years old?”

Now we are at Tweakers certainly not going to use that kind of propaganda, ourselves as a stage but it is a nice to sound. Not long ago we had concluded a comprehensive report on Wargaming. The Belarusian company has garnered nothing but praise. Their games do it, since the company focused on online free-to-play was set up, excellent. World of Tanks is gigantic, World of Warplanes begins hopeful and World of Warships is coming. But how well Wargaming.net also seems to have its act together, for each other, there are indications that it might be even better Gaijin does.

With that last sentence we are referring to the gameplay, or rather on what we have heard about the gameplay. Under each article on World of Warplanes we always read responses from gamers who asked us to War Thunder’s take a look. The gameplay would be deeper and the simulation of air combat would be a lot more realistic. So it was that we actually requested by the various players under Articles responded once glanced at gaijins war game. We did initially at Gamescom, where we could play the PlayStation 4 version and then also went home, just on the PC.
Tanks combined with aircraft

It was right at that Gaijin does something that is impossible according to Wargaming.net. In War Thunder are fighting with tanks namely combined with dogfights. Wargaming.net according to the scale of such battles is too far apart to have a good fight on to deliver, but Gaijin proves them wrong: it works. Moreover, the attitude of the men behind War Thunder Wargaming.net not surprised. “Planes have to go faster than tanks. During the ‘World of’ games they go as hard. The aircraft will only sixty miles an hour, and that speed is multiplied by ten and displayed in that form in the interface. Would you tanks and planes bring it together, then you will see that they just go hard … ”

Now bids fair to say that we have not seen in action. Tanks in War Thunder so much us We saw an example of a combined fight and that looked workable enough. Playing was not yet in so we can not say anything about the balance between the two vehicle types, and it stands or falls with some matching course.


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Battles, missions, campaigns

At Gamescom, but also at home on the PC, so we focused on the gameplay that takes place in the air. Already in the first menu of the game War Thunder distinguishes itself from competitor World of Warplanes. Where that last game there a streamlined structure keeping alive, there let the menus of War Thunder players more choice. Many features, such as viewing your purchased aircraft and even the user interface, are very similar. War Thunder allows players but all kinds of flying missions, while World of Warplanes only provides dogfights: short fights.
Quick battles

That option has War Thunder course. With the press of a button you start a fight with the chosen plane and in no time you’re in a dogfight. That’s for War Thunder still just the beginning. The game also includes namely specific missions where players are assigned to a particular aircraft. The nice thing about these missions is that you can play without having the planes that you are playing have to own them. Apart from the challenge of the missions themselves this game option is an ideal way to try fighting, several boxes before you actually buy one.

War Thunder

Who wants to see the mission structure still go a step further can buy two historic campaigns for about twenty euros. This gives the player a total of nineteen missions that take place within a realistic framework. The missions are based on real conflicts of the past. Here we have yet seen no precedent, but the content can be, including all aircraft of World War II in the game, certainly rather guess.
Homemade missions

On top players can still try out many missions created by players, who have been established. Using the mission editor Players can own it indicate what the mission is, in any environment, against what enemies, and so on. It helps War Thunder to a clear position other than World of Warplanes. That last game develops as the arcade title of the two, where War Thunder also has an eye for gamers who want something more depth and content search their flying game.

Arcade or realism?

That depth is of course not only in the content of the missions, but also in the gameplay. The difference between the two titles is also here in the menus evident. World of Warplanes does support various types of controllers, software but nothing changes. This is War Thunder else. The game lets players choose a some kind of control. That may be so easy, but as hard as you want.
Dynamic damage model

The “easy” variant provides gameplay similar to World of Warplanes. You are free to choose their own camera position and you do not have to worry about how a plane works. During very busy not playing Your main task is simply and hunting and shooting down other aircraft. Yet you will even see in this type of player examples of the depth in War Thunder that seems a little lacking in the World of Warplanes. Take for example the damage models. In World of Warplanes is talk of critical hits, but the damage is not further dynamic. In War Thunder damage to a device does in fact exist in the place where you can hit. Device that A series of shots on a wing would rake that wing can completely destroy and make an aircraft uncontrollable in one fell swoop.

For those who do not find enough, War Thunder on top of that the Historical Battles and Full real battles, what if the two levels above arcade battles can see. The historical battles dishes out players a more realistic way of games. The damage models are more realistic and the gravitational effects have more influence. That last means for example that a pilot can get a blackout if excessive G-forces are put on his body. Also, the plane itself there to die.

War Thunder

The real ‘hardcore’ fans fly games pounce course the latter variant, the fully realistic battles. Here you are not helped by the game. Each movement of the aircraft you do all by yourself and you will take into account the limitations of that plane. In addition, there are only flown in this game mode from the cockpit view, and not from the camera position behind the plane, who is useful in the less realistic variants.
Takeoff and landing

Another element that contributes to the sense of depth is the ability to put you. Airplane on the ground In World of Warplanes there is no question of taking off or landing, but that’s in War Thunder different. Again, you have the option to jump directly into a fight but there are also missions where you can take off and land itself, and secretly we actually find this one of the best things to do in a flying game. Of course it’s all about flying and fighting itself, but in one way or another remains successful on the ground put a flying machine still enormously fun to do.

In the graphic elaboration of the environment and the aircraft, apart from the damage model then, do War and Thunder World of Warplanes little for each other. Like World of Warplanes serves War Thunder players are recreated with accurate equipment and beautiful environments. The only notable difference is that it maps War Thunder may be higher than that of World of Warplanes, but greater for dogfights course that plays no major role. What is important is that areas of War Thunder for a part, of course, also be suitable for fighting tank.

Cross-platform free-to-play

All this is of course all down within the framework of the free-to-play game War Thunder. Who even take the trouble to War Thunder-topic to read on GoT see the emergence of this market model also some snags entails. Thus Gaijin during the beta test period War Thunder considerable tinkering with the balance in various fields, such as how fast and how much experience you earn experience points you should gather before you unlock a new aircraft. In addition, the developer requirements mainly boosted, so it therefore takes more time to unlock new devices. To prevent this, you can of course close a Premium Subscription, which is logically exactly where Gaijin on hopes.

War Thunder

As long as it is not so that people who pay for their game items or features get free playing gamers can never reach, is in our opinion not a problem. Every advantage has its disadvantage and need to cough up for your new game, not sixty euros but you will be confronted with the tactics of the developer to make the game in a different way. As long as there is no question of a pay-to-win model, but a model which can be used to having to sacrifice less time used money we see no harm in it.
PC gamers by gamers PS4

If you take the step to give War Thunder money, then of course it’s great that there are many players online. That seems to War Thunder anyway or sit properly, but Gaijin takes to be safe than sorry. The game development studio makes its cross-platform, meaning that gamers will come as four players with a PlayStation version of the game. Visit a PC later on the same servers That obviously raises questions about the balance. The authors themselves admit that War Thunder it’s best to play with a joystick or controller. The question is whether a confrontation between a PC gamer with a keyboard and mouse and a console gamer with a controller it is completely honest.

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Preliminary conclusion

It is not difficult to see that War Thunder clearly the more complete and deeper game is in competition with World of Warplanes. The latter will surely enchant a specific audience that is just looking for a somewhat simpler arcade-like game fly. But are you looking for something more than just that simple gameplay, you’ll quickly at War Thunder off. The game offers a lot more content and variation in the content, to a full campaign to it. Once in the dogfights are the differences between the two titles are not even always so great, but the context in which a dogfight is fought is also important, and that part looks at War Thunder a lot stronger than in World of Warplanes.
Title War Thunder
Platform PC, PS4
Developer Gaijin Entertainment
Publisher Gaijin Entertainment
Release Date PC: already available as open beta
PS4: November 29, 2013

War Thunder War Thunder War Thunder War Thunder War Thunder War Thunder War Thunder

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