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We believe that the way people see the world, corresponds to some objective truth. But this is not the case. Let’s do a thought experiment and leave to communicate with some aliens to see how much we are confused on this issue.

So, we got in touch with an extraterrestrial civilization, someone is celebrating, some huddled in the corner, but in general all agree that we need to discuss something with a cup of tea. It is possible that this conversation will be a little unnatural. What do people talk to those with whom they may have nothing in common? Even if we assume that we share the universe for two with extraterrestrials, it is possible that because of the nature of their senses, they live in a different world.
What is the perception of the universe aliens may differ from ours?

Let’s start with the feeling that we use most often to interact with the world. We knew that aliens exist, because they could see the sun, moon, stars and even planets in other solar systems. (Note, in one galaxy of 200 billion stars, and it is only the stars, and only one galaxy). We can see it all practically naked eye, because this is the eye picks up certain wavelengths of light. All we had to do hundreds of years ago, is to raise your head and look up (with the help of telescopes) to evaluate the potential of other worlds. The same can not work against the aliens.

Features of them may be minor. They appeared on another planet and can see the world in the infrared or ultraviolet spectrum. Since we have a lot of telescopes scanning the skies in different electromagnetic spectrum (including invisible to our eyes), it will be enough of one visual overlay maps stars on their visual map of the stars to find the general location.

But what if they do not see anything that is even remotely within our visible spectrum? Let’s imagine that they evolved on a planet that receives no light from the nearest star, and from the openings leading to the core of the planet. Light and vision may not be a major component of their senses. Perhaps for some reason, they only see the high-energy light that radiate quasars are located in the centers of galaxies. They do not even think that the outside world is their life, until we burst in upon a visit. Or, they can only see the light of the rapidly changing and navigation in space they rely on pulsars. There is also the possibility that they perceive only a very weak microwaves, so never guess that there is life in the universe (the universe itself, and that there is a huge bubble), as they will only see a uniform smear of the cosmic microwave background. Ever wonder how we can communicate with the public like this as a start to explain who we are and where we came from?

If we made contact, and they got to Earth, the problems with the light can be even greater. If they only see the X-rays, as we look for them? As the bags of bones with a strange invisible flesh on them? In addition, prolonged exposure to other people’s “Lantern” will kill us. What if they only see polarized light? Some animals visible thus is thought that they are guided by the natural polarization by the light which passes through the sky throughout the day. But suddenly this kind will only see polarized light and nothing more? Because the light is polarized vertical and horizontal surfaces, the aliens will see the multi-colored sky, blinding wall of light from the windows, the hood of cars, lakes, puddles, but not a single person. Is that the glare from the sun glasses. Put yourself in the place of such a stranger, and take a look around, how terribly, “invisible” substance enters the contact.

Issues that relate to sound almost endless. Once the aliens visit the Earth, we may have to communicate with them through the device, giving a voice to the ultra-low frequency or by dog ​​whistles. We can shout it from the speaker. We can only speak in a whisper, not to blow their eardrums. Even if they can listen at the same frequency and the same volume as we are, and we can refer to them voice their hearing may cover a small range of frequencies. We will need a monotonous drone that (in their view) did not fire plug. Their hearing range may also limit our choice of ambassadors. Perhaps they will be comfortable to communicate only with the high voice of women or men quiet bass.

And the most serious problems may start to smell and taste. Do people know the terrible sense of smell and taste. One of the reasons why we have to label the food, is that we can not define it, without trying and not smelling. Not to mention the fact that we consume food, not knowing whether it bacteria or viruses.
What’s the problem?

A serious problem may occur if the aliens will take germs worse than us. People feel unwell without bacteria in the stomach and skin. Bacteria, on the other hand, well do without us, as long as they have a rich culture medium. If you find that the person with whom you are talking, in fact, is a framework for the lives of thousands of small creatures to whom – colonies or home – you’ll be treated? It is possible that aliens will treat us like a walking dwellings for more rich and diverse flora of the world. They can destroy us, leaving the bacteria alive. From their point of view, it would not be murder – about as we CRUZ old house.

All this can happen. How can we contact with aliens? And can a creature with such a worldview incomprehensible to us to teach us anything ?
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