what are four important requirements and blessings




what are four important requirements and blessings

According to you, what 4 things would be a blessing for your country and for the world? Share your thoughts…

Education , Education, Education n 4th is Educatorreat Spiritual leaders
Corruption free
healthy positive fresh environment atmosphere to live
open minded strong people who can save n help each other
ure organic food🎆clean and green India 🎇honest,efficient and sincere employees right from Panchayat to national level🎉compulsory yoga for school,college students and all employees,ministers,corporate sectors,C.E.O.etc.

) World Class Indian Football Team
2)Military Training for students
3)Every home having small booklets of All the great personalities of the country.
4)India’s indigenous and colourful textile market

1) cheaper medical facilities
2) introducing spiritual practices in school
3) ending of caste,community system or moving towards one world one family
4) better education system with more focus on conceptual things

1) Grooming “National Character” where each Indian is expected to follow HUMANITY as a way of life , 2) Quality education based on education of mind for which listening to your pravachan as frequently as possible. 3) Cleanliness at home and on the street to have good health as our wealth 4) Contended life which is ‘need’ based & not “greed’ based, by attending your satsang.

1)Everyone learning to understand the universal worth & equality of every! life💛
2)Everyone learning to understand that their essential nature of being is love and through that realisation change both their thinking & acting to one in accord with it💛
3)Everyone learning to understand that only thoughts and feelings that contain and reflect love, should be perceived as containing! something real and that only trusting such thoughts and feelings, will lead to more inner & outer freedom, joy & peace💛
4)Everyone learning that we are all connected both invisibly as visibly & that what we think and do has an effect on the whole, seen or not seen💛
Believe in the Love without beginning or end created as One to forever extend🔆💛🔆

Appeasement to none, development of all irrespective of caste or creed 2 Common civil code in India 3 Common School system up to class 10 level across the country 4 Focus on value education

Following vedic traditions, bringing all hindus under one roof, make ppl around the world to shun superiority /inferiority complex and adopt ancient indian way of life to uplift humanity, lets consider all son of same god.’
.Education oriented towards Humanitarian Culture,which must produce people’s like Japanese…. personalities…
2. Law and order like Saudi Arab,where least communal violence Observed..as compared to other countries..
3. unanimous national laws for all religions/casts, which must be in National interest only, and there must be 100% faith on Nation than relegions….
4. 100% Litrusy, 100% social equality’s,Oneness of all relegions, National Integration,100% National Infrastructure developments…

. No Barriers of Cast or religion, only Love love love.
2. People care for each other selflessly and built up a divine society.
3. Education becomes the right of every child and is readily available to each and everyone
4. Everyone cares for the mother earth and the environment and stop usage of those things which harms environment .

Population control
2. Save nature and utilise resources in perfect way
3. Modernisation of things which also including good traditional things
4. Love for everything including animals nature family friends society.

think when people of faith in the Christian and Muslim population to increase conversion and the ideas of violence is changing the world, 60% will change completely .
. People respecting everybody else’s religion. 2. Nationalistic people 3. Care of nature in everyday’s activities 4. People taking time for themselves and being with self.
No corruption.

(2) Universal primary education.

(3) Acceptance of different cultures, lifestyles and food habits.

(4) No communal violence and riots.

. A stable government and a very good leader who would lead the country towards progress.
2. Social security reaching even the poor and the downtrodden.
3. Moral Value based education and life for everyone.
4. Implementation of Law and order in the Country…by one and all.

2 no reservation
3indirect taxes more than direct taxes,,so that each individual who can afford a thing,, pay for it to govt
4 proper use of taxes for the growth of country……

1. Value based education that teaches character and love for the fellow beings.
2. Yoga and meditation. Even if 10% of the world starts meditating, all wars will end with those vibes.
3. Caring about what we consume. Organic and satvik food for all. Less of Rajasik food. Getting rid of GMO foods.
4. More of celebrations. More and more people should be aware that life is a celebration, not a fight or struggle.

1) An Intelligent daring and benovelent Leader
2) Good intelligent and honorable Subjects
3) Good Ideology and values for promoting peace and righteousness among people for universal brotherhood.
4) Meeting demands of all the living beings in a constructive way providing least harm to the nature….. i.e living a righteous life of dharma

1)Development with respect to poor peoples who dont’have food to eat.
2)Security with the help of strong Intellegence bureau !
3)Busy schdule of the youth in their work.It will help them to realise their duty among their family and nation.
4)EDUCATION-which improves the mentality of the young generation !

1. For the citizen health facilities should be like canada
2. Infrastructure like America
3. Security, safety and social equilibrium
4. Old Reservation system need to be reviewed again and such facilities should be for realy needy.

.Lots of lakes, 2.lots of fruitful trees in all the empty space in our country around the lakes, 3.Dr. Bawaskar Techology (aka Ayurveda for the vegetation and planet) to grow those trees poison free & quickly while enriching our environment and 4. a lot of cottages around the lakes and trees for all of us to enjoy and become number 1 tourist destination on the wonderful planet!

1. A culture of fearlessness to standby the truth, courage to appreciate the goodness more openly and widely

2. A culture and practice of fighting the nuisance not with sword but with words and non-violent means

3. A culture of respecting the individuality and its freedom. Ant is as important as an elephant

4. A culture of preventing the spread of over-competitiveness. A healthy competition is good to have good quality but a thought of monopolizing all of it is dangerous’

1. End of superstition
2.Greenery everywhere
3.Quick decisions or results for crimes
4.Love for each other in every heart.

Many people have given their valuable thoughts… I am adding basic curses that India is facing now…Don’t make available bad things to the people, if they available people will take…

1. Alcohol/Smoking/Jarda/Panparag/Gutkha – Ban which degrades a Human Being physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. If people take alcohol their mind doesn’t work they behave as animals…then many innocent people addict to that, only few intelligent people will be in control

2. Only one education system and one syllabus should be everywhere…Education should become as a righteous act… Most important thing is include a Separate subject like Bharat which says Great Indians, great saints, Great inventions by our ancients, our scriptures, Vedas, Agriculture and these things should say what is the meaning n purpose of life…what are Greatest things to follow in life

3. Remove/ cancel the license n put the people in jail who are mixing foods with chemicals in oils, milk, fruits. Ban company’s which r not maintaining Health standards cool drinks, milk packets, Horlicks…etc, in Metro’s all the kids are drinking Urea milk/mixed, chemical applied fruits and in few hotels people r cooking with Animals extract oil…

4. Need to Remove all Reservations where useless people are going to the Government n intelligence is going out of the country…

5. Terminate/Life time Ban on a Person who will do corruption weather he is a Politician/ Government officer/ Police…I am feeling ashamed for an act by our Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu- He bribed Crores of rupees , publicly caught in Audio and video tapes…one year back still he is ruling the state…where is the Constitution? Where is the court? Where is the Prime minister?

6. Should not purchase Our Vote with Note…The Party which offers money should be banned… Politicians are giving money and for recovering that they are killing the Constitution

7. Ban all Blue film sites/ channels…permit to read and view our ancient classical kamasutra

8. If All rivers are connected, water should be available throughout the country…can meet the Demand and foods shouldn’t be faulty…

9. Corporate schools should keep 50% free quota and fees should be under control…

10. Master agriculture institutes and yoga centers should be there every where…Target should be on all state Governments to increase the forests n agriculture, if they didn’t meet the target we should not give any help from the central government…

Thanks for reading so much…


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