what are good positive things about Sony Xperia Ion

Answer #1

pros about Sony Xperia Ion latest gadget i think are
Very well built
Excellent call quality
720p screen is very good
Despite the big screen that can be very pocket
Elegant and understated design elements
Bright House lighting quality
Good battery
Outside the box ICS Android

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Answer #2

what are the negative side impact of this Sony Xperia Ion latest gadget ??

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Answer #3

The not so good things about that Sony Xperia Ion is

Fighting dual-core quad-core processor
Provides us with the esoteric point price tag
Not a punch of color AMOLED display

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Answer #4


Noticeable defects Sony Xperia ion character, fan, phone not provide the features and pretty good battery sumyeongreul reliable performance to its excellent call clarity and beauty. Price tag, however, the situation is considered wrong start time. HTC X, Samsung Galaxy S III and Xperia ion detoxification consumer interests that can be used in the same price bracket together can be compared not

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Answer #5

Sony Xperia Ion the funstions performance about which like to know
Sony Xperia ion cell phone tend to be very embarrassing. Fled, the prices tend to be around Rs 12 moved to the side of the tag with the phone, no problems at all do not like to move a small pear-shaped. 37000.

Building and design
rubberized Xperia S. Xperia S’s most complete in terms of the design and the materials used, as well as the Xperia ion and our elderly brothers and sisters rather at the bottom of the screen, like the unique commitment that Philip is completely transparent strips. However, the new flagship, a little early the existing curve smartphone than the shape of the aluminum rear panel and brushed.

The center of the 4.55-inch display, large screen mobile phone category. Compared to Xperia S does not change the size of the primary display. Xperia ion, quite a great feeling. We told you the most comfortable range of tasks, can be used with one hand, but you can specify the. Xperia S Xperia ion curve is very flat rear panel, but perhaps a slightly larger pocket and into the hands of the biggest reasons I feel.

Below 4 touch-sensing keys – As I said, all of us together, in front of the Xperia ion has a traditional appearance. Unfortunately, the very small – you can not touch the private key on the screen, a small line of light in space, but once you familiarize yourself with this matter should not be a problem. Anyway, we Xperia S, but recommended the same scratch-resistant glass screen saver.

Power key, volume rocker and camera key – Xperia ion of the right key. Button on the left side of the display port connector, clear and safe hidden microUSB and HDMI ports. Ion upside connected to one cable, open the cover can remain open safety Xperia S with a twist, you do not need to remain under our attention to the number of columns in turn.

Metal brush on the back of the Xperia ion, merge two different finishes, t. Solid crimson red in the form of a lump on the top and bottom of the brush over the medium term. Access to a small display area is open at the top so that the SIM card and memory card slots, you can A full-size SIM card phone is a good thing, it’s Sony Micro SIM Adapter Case can provide.

Features and Specifications
This and the Xperia S between different types of elements contains almost no difference. Xperia S Xperia ion features a 4.55-inch display, a 4.3-inch display. Resolution is 1280 X 720 pixels, the display type is still the major LED backlit-LCD – will remain the same. Rich HTC one does not fall significantly behind on the screen very well, but basically, from the point of view of bright crispness, Super AMOLED lovers Galaxy S III and Super IPS LCD2 than hawthorn fruit and color vividness to a generous dose of X.

HTC Home a typical office environment X. slightly better than indoor use by 20 percent over the same brightness level, but the Samsung Galaxy SIII you need to look as reflective enough to set the brightness slider. Surprisingly still auto-brightness function, the addition of the Sony Xperia ion and Xperia S is not missing. Bravia engine, users can watch the video, and you can enjoy a slideshow. However, this technology is more enthusiasts were affected.

Store for the built-in memory, 13.2GB user can access to the cut. Ion Xperia S GB memory card slot, Xperia S, less than 32, they can not remember how,

Box, Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Xperia ion. Sony’s latest Xperia NXT range smartphone, as well as some older version of ICS.

Samsung Galaxy S III mobile phone price is much more complex and curious Sony, which mwonigwa Xperia S is much more powerful X HTC preferences when people like you and you think, power package, such as retail RS around in the market place. 9,000 or less. 1.5GHz dual-core processor, Adreno 220 RAM and 1GB of graphics standards process, we can run. Galaxy S III and compared to the specifications of the Xperia ion, X graphics with Tegra 3 processor, Mali 400 GPU significantly shape the conduction quad0core.

In reality, the performance figures are completely defines the power package. , Perhaps because of better optimization and Xperia S Xperia ion than get more hardware Timescape skin of the OS bench mark test graph explained. Even the actual use ion phone, pretty nippy. All possible background of the phone load, open exactly 7 application, we give you a little hint did not. All obstacles Xperia ion, the performance of the previous events, we can cherish. Then, some dual-core processor smartphone. Supply Your mobile phone, if you find most of the dual-core processor, the Android ecosystem is at the top of the list right now is very close to.

Xperia S. Standard daily load Xperia S Xperia ion battery life than a little bit more work to do enough takes. Noon Then one day the price of the next day, you will wake up in the morning. 1900 Mapan cell bigger problem, Xperia S, and 1750 Mapan battery.

Game of inches and 12MP camera married – said the people of the world football’s a perfect example. You bright rooms and an outdoor concert, good lighting conditions, this can be done in a very good day, we are used to. Edge of the noise will be very well spoil the colors of the scene without vividness, depth and crispness can not be gotten enough. Also about the benefits of video, and video stabilization 1080p. Moment of light noise, but, really, to go down slightly because of the still shots. Plenty of disappointing results, you decent low-light shots, you do not really fit, because if you want to expand. This film will get a considerable amount of noise, and if you are panning, the focus is very slow.

The bottom line
Built to handle the appearance, skills, especially the battery life of the mobile phone perspective eseoeul, Xperia ion is very good. We really any big flaws you can not find a phone. RS 29k most definitely worth considering Sony’s price tag of Rs 28k real mistake would have been around the phone is pointed. However, relative comparisons can put the specifications of the highest deposits is likely to win the battle at the box price of RS 36,999. Galaxy S III 1 X, and the initial spec sheet of the benefits side is always with him, regardless of how well you can easily default when it is advantageous, you can not build that does not typically must Run the risk of sliding into a desperate phone very competent price for the mistakes of their own into oblivion re-jig, you must

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