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# Fiction | What came before the Big Bang? March 2, 2013

Hard to imagine a time of 13.7 billion years to the present day, when the whole universe was a singularity. According to the Big Bang theory, one of the main contenders for the role of explaining the origins of the universe and all the matter in the cosmos – and the cosmos itself – everything was compressed into a point smaller than a subatomic particle. But if it is still possible to take, think about it: what was before the big bang happened?

This question of modern cosmology goes back to the fourth century AD. 1600 years ago the theologian St. Augustine tried to understand the nature of God before the creation of the universe. And you know what he came? The time was part of God’s creation, and there was simply no “before”.

One of the top physicists of the 20th century, Albert Einstein came to virtually the same conclusion in the development of his theory of relativity. Enough to pay attention to the influence of the mass at the time. The giant planet’s mass distorts time, causing it to run slower for a person on the surface, rather than for the astronaut in orbit. The difference is too small to be obvious, but in fact the person who was at the great stone which is aging more slowly than he who is in the field. But to be younger than a second, you need a billion years. Singularity before the Big Bang had a whole mass of the universe, that actually puts time into a dead end.

Based on that logic, the title of the article can be called a mistake, well, or at least ignorant. According to the theory of relativity, the time came to light at the very moment when the singularity began to expand, and has moved beyond the compressed infinity.

All of them? Issue has been resolved? It would not be the case. This question is one of the most challenging and exciting. Decades after Einstein’s death the development of quantum physics and the theory of many new resurrected bustle of nature of the universe before the Big Bang. Let’s see.
Branes, loops, and other ideas

“And God spat left and slammed the door,

We were behind him – and there is no door. ”

A. Nepomnyashchii

Here’s food for thought: What if our universe is a descendant of the other, the elder of the universe? Some astrophysicists believe that shed light on the history of the cosmic microwave background radiation will, left over from the big bang: the cosmic microwave background.

For the first time, astronomers have recorded background radiation in 1965, and it created some problems in the theory of the Big Bang – the problems that forced scientists to briefly (up to 1981) and withdraw zamorochitsya inflationary theory. According to this theory, in the first moments of its existence, the universe began to expand very rapidly. Also, the theory explains the temperature and density of the CMB fluctuations and suggests that these fluctuations should be the same.

But as it turned out, no. Recent studies have indicated that the universe is really one-sided, and in some areas of the fluctuations is greater than in others. Some cosmologists believe that this observation confirms that our universe was “mother.”

In the theory of chaotic inflation, this idea gets scope: infinite progress inflationary bubbles generates plenty of universes, and each of them generates more inflationary bubbles in numerous multiverse.

However, there are models that attempt to explain the formation of the singularity before the big bang. If you think about black holes as a giant garbage bins, they are prime candidates initial compression, so our expanding universe may well be a white hole – the outlet of the black hole, and every black hole in our universe may contain a separate universe.

Other scientists believe that the basis for the formation of a singularity is a cycle called “great leap forward”, which resulted in an expanding universe eventually collapses in on itself, creating another singularity, which, again, creates another big explosion. This process will be for ever, and all the singularities and the collapse of all will not be anything other than a transition to a different phase of the universe.

The latter explanation, which we will look at uses the idea of ​​a cyclic universe, kindly generated by string theory. She suggests that the new matter and energy flows appear every trillion years, when the two membranes or branes that lie outside of our measurements, face each other.

What came before the Big Bang? The question remains open. Maybe nothing. Maybe another universe or some version of our own. Maybe ocean universes, each with its own set of laws and constants that dictate the nature of physical reality.

Let’s solve another question: What would happen if a black hole appears in the vicinity of our solar system?

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