What Clothes Do You Need To Pack to Visit Turkey






When you are planning a trip to Turkey remember to pack these essentials to make your journey comfortable. Follow this simple guidelines.


A pair of shorts


This is the number one item that should not miss from your wardrobe, shorts are the national uniform for tourists visiting regions with warm climate, shorts come in handy in Turkey since the weather here is mostly warm, but make sure you check the weather online before you plan your visit as the area also experiences winter.


Cotton T shirts


As the weather here is mostly hot and you will need a gear that has absorbent qualities thus cotton is the best choice. A hat or a cap, a pair of sunglasses. This is necessary as the sun here is extremely hot during summer time, a hat would also help to avoid sun burns on your face. A pair of sunglasses are handy when visiting the beaches to protect your eyes.


A pair of long sleeved shirts


This is mostly for those who want to visit the more formal places such as the mosques, women especially should avoid wearing revealing clothes to such places. Avoid clothes that will reveal your top of upper arms or thighs. When visiting mosques avoid wearing tank tops (sleeveless tops) or shorts for both men and women.


A pair of sandals or slip-ons


These come in handy for those of us who plan to visit the mosques, as no one is allowed to enter the mosques in their shoes, it also helps those of us who have sweaty feet in hot climatic conditions.




This will help when visiting mosques as you have to take off your shoes as you enter.


A pair of sturdy boots


These are for those of us who like outdoor activities such as hiking, the boots would also help during the winter weather when the pavements or sidewalks are icy and slippery.


Bikini or Beach wear


Pack bikinis as the beaches here are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and other water sport activities. Outright nudity is prohibited in Turkey, remember this when visiting Turkey


Shawl or Headscarf


Women especially should carry a headscarf if they plan to visit the mosques and other official places such as the castles.


A dress


This would come in handy when going out to dinner in a respectable restaurant, one should avoid visiting such places in shorts and t shirts as the Turks appreciate formal wear to such restaurants.


Flip flops


Bring your own pair of flip flops if you plan to use the pools in the hotels or the hamam which is the local name for the Turkish bath, if you don’t mind using the used flip flops or sandals provided by the hotel managements.


A warm coat


Pack a warm coat for the cold weather which is mostly experienced around January and February. The weather here is unpredictable and can vary from one city to another or suddenly change during the day or evening.


Bring cold weather clothes such as a warm coat, a warm cardigan, a pair of gloves and a scarf just in case the weather changes suddenly. As for the weather always check the Turkish Metro-logical Service 5 Day Weather Forecast. Get your turkish online visa today and visit Turkey today.



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