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What flowers to give

Sometimes flowers eloquent gift say about our true relationship to him to whom we offer up their. You can feel if we were going bouquet with love or just bought the first available. In the language of flowers can be a declaration of love and respect, and can show their indifference. How to choose a bouquet and what mistakes should be avoided?

Flowers for birthday

A birthday gift made from three flowers and indefinitely. However, it is quite possible to bring and a flower or branch shrubs. However, in this case, you have to take care that the design was worthy. And do not forget to relate the color and type of plants to people, you are going to teach.


For a gift mom are best pink flowers – they symbolize affection and trust. It could be roses, lilies and tulips, and bouquets of teams with different herbs. You can also send a daisy – a symbol of the family. And also a good gift would be a lotus – a sign of wisdom, which is also a wish of health, longevity and happiness.

If you are building with the addition of baby’s breath bouquet, asparagus fern and the like, it is worth remembering that the total number of plants (and it is by tradition must be odd) believe in all of the cutting. Exception – 3 flowers on one large sheet of exotic plants.

The value of the bouquet depends on your personal financial situation. Packing for flowers is better to choose light pastel tones. Do not buy ready-made bouquets – it is a clear expression of indifference. Especially since, as a rule, in such compositions are not very good plants that within hours lose their form.

Dad or husband

Who said that men do not give flowers? Give! And they are happy to accept them. Dad or spouse can give orange, red or burgundy gladiolas – so you show that you are dear to his “strong arm”, its reliability and its maintenance. And with these colors you wish to father or husband luck.

In addition, a good gift for dad will bouquet burgundy or purple asters – these flowers symbolize your love and respect for his opinion, or if you wish, child obedience to its decisions.

If gladioli and asters failed to get, buy chrysanthemum – the flower “promises” love in spite of difficulties and controversies.

Quantity – from 3 to 7 pieces. Men are generally not accepted to present large bouquets.


For girlfriends choose any white flowers. This color symbolizes true friendship. Generally, these flowers are usually presented with very young girls or brides on the wedding, but it is in the case of white girlfriend is appropriate, regardless of age or marital status of the ladies.

Be careful with the number of plants. If your friend’s financial situation is worse than yours, avoid huge bouquet, or you put her in an awkward position, or she’ll think you’re in front of her showing off her wealth.


To present a bouquet lover – not a good idea. It is his prerogative – to give you flowers. But you can easily buy (or grow) it in a pot plant. If you have this much time on the computer, then give him a cactus – this “hedgehog” not only absorbs harmful radiation, but the man pulls out the negative energy. And it symbolizes the commitment and rich inner world.

However, if your man does not have a computer, next to which you can put a cactus, then such a gift is better to refrain, as if this plant is not “engaged in business”, that easily provoke a quarrel between the donor and the recipient.

In addition, you can give your loved money tree (Krasulya) – so you want for material well-being. Importantly, do not forget to take a money lover. Flowers in the pot does not give, and “sell.”

Colleague or boss-lady

For the lady of your team is perfect bouquet of irises. On the one hand, it shows that you value the friendship and good will of the woman, and on the other – will demonstrate that you bow to her wisdom.

And if you want to “suck up” to the boss, then presented her with a bouquet of sunflowers. This gift – a symbol of the sun, the material well-being and, again, worship, but just in front of her social status. The preferred number of colors and the employee, and boss – 7 or 9.

Male co-workers or boss

The man with whom you are related to work, give anthurium – this flower symbolizes originality, innovative solutions, courage. In our time, sold as anthurium as a houseplant in a pot or in the form of “cutting.”

In the second case, three flowers lay on a piece of palm trees (it is a symbol of victory). Rigor and originality of the bouquet will show your good taste and respect. In addition, you can buy red gerbera – a sign of vitality and optimism. Quantity – 5-7 pieces.

Flowers for anniversaries

When choosing flowers for an anniversary “working” all the same rules apply as when buying flowers for her birthday. The only difference is in the number of plants and fluffy packaging. It is an anniversary, you can give a man (including, and her lover), and 11 and 15 flowers, and add as decoration strict bow-tie or other stylish accessory. A bouquet built for ladies, generally better placed in a decorative basket – so you have time to wish her all the best and longevity.

Flowers for wedding

The wedding is traditionally presented with the addition of white flowers with lots of greenery. It symbolizes not only young and beautiful bride, but also the beginning of a new life, and hope that the future bride and groom will be bright and cloudless.

For example, white lilies – a sign of purity and lack of bad intentions. Bouquet of flowers you wish the newlyweds a long family happiness without quarrels and mutual grievances.

Additionally, you can choose the cream roses, they say that you present your bouquet perfect pair. The internet as a wedding gifts and chamomile – again as a symbol of a strong and loving family. A white tulips will talk about what you want a pair of great love, nezamutnennogo happiness and harmony.

Wedding bouquets usually are large and elegant packaging with ribbons and various silver accessories. Avoid giving carnations. Even in the white color is not a wedding flower.

By the way, if you decide to congratulate her friend on your engagement, you should choose white peonies – they want her gay wedding. In addition, the flowers – even a symbol happy family life.

Flowers on March 8

On the women’s spring festival is best to choose the flowers bright, cheerful colors. Do not believe superstitions and refuse yellows. The conventional wisdom that it is a harbinger of separation, long is not justified.

In fact, the yellow – a sign of the sun, light, goodness, optimism and joy of life. An excellent choice would be yellow tulips – they symbolize harmony, happiness and a great attraction.

In addition, relevant to the March 8 and the so-called “Dutch” bouquets – a motley color variety. They – as a wish merry and full of bright impressions of life. And not necessarily give a huge armfuls of flowers.

Is enough to make a small bunch, as long as it was original. Avoid the standard sets of 3 or 5 gvozdichek and roses, but still in the cellophane. When you receive a gift in the offering, it appears that the giver bought bouquets “wholesale” and now distributes all of their friends to the ladies.

It is because the March 8 – Spring Festival, especially welcome primroses. So, mimosa mean sensitivity, crocuses – fresh perception, snowdrops – tenderness and hope for a prosperous future, daffodils – the wish of eternal beauty. These plants are best not to give in bouquets and basket. It easily becomes a full gift, especially if you combine beautiful flowers postcard with self-written greeting.

Despite the formality of the festival, the choice of colors is better to approach the soul or even replace them with something more extravagant.

What else should I know about colors and their offering to

– A woman who had just given birth to a child, presented with a large bouquet of pink flowers.

– Notes to the man: the first date is not accepted to come with a huge bouquet – it requires a lady puts her in an awkward position and shows her that you expect from her “fast delivery of positions.” Simply put, according to the “flower etiquette” it looks like the expectation of sex in the same evening.

– Maroon and red roses do not give the heads – it is indecent.

– If you give a bouquet in which more than 15 colors, it does not matter, it is even or odd number.

– Black symbolizes wilting and sadness, so they can give only if the one for whom they are intended, he insists on it.

– Quite a young teenager not accepted to give maroon roses – is the height of indecency, as these flowers symbolize sexual desire. Such a gift on the part of men and women from the looks equally ridiculous and could be interpreted by others as provocative and unnatural hint.

– According to the rules of etiquette, a man coming to the birthday party of a friend, gives flowers to his wife, and (or) mother. In addition, family gatherings or just for tea lover in the house, who lives with his mother, brought two bouquets.

– Foreign elderly ladies and ill people do not give white flowers – it brings sad thoughts.

– If you give a rose without packaging, you should cut the thorns, so that the recipient does not hurt.

– For potted plants need to take “a lot of money.” Otherwise, they bring on the disease on the person you are giving them, or are sick themselves.

– Do not give potted ivy and other creepers – is to family strife.

In addition, choosing the flowers, guided and on your own perception of who you are going to give them. If you think that your friend is like, for example, the tiger lily or an orchid, buy her a bunch of these beauties, and explain why you chose this flower. This will be a great compliment.

Do not forget about the personal preferences of the bouquet and the recipient of his health, that is, the presence of allergy to certain floral scents. By the way, is not a priori unfamiliar people give flowers with a pronounced flavor – is bad taste.

In general, the flowers is present not only on holidays. These gentle creatures – a great way to say “thank you” to show your sincere location or just to cheer up those who you truly expensive.


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