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Than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is different from their predecessors? The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the size of the screen. Here, truly, is the difference, which can not be overlooked. Nevertheless, news will bring more subtle improvements, such as the camera. The three new features in iPhone camera 6 we are reminded colleagues from Business Insider, accompanying this demonstration video.

The camera automatically focuses on moving objects

Many users of Apple’s smartphone to take pictures using a key is pressed. However, hunters best result Tapan screen, causing the camera to catch objects. Technique Apple makes our lives easier. Quietly enjoy automatic mode the camera in the new iPhone.

Time-lapse mode

In Instagram already full of such videos. This stems from their popular application Hyperlapse. In the near future accelerated rollers will be more, and it does not need a third-party application.

Video stabilization

Shoot video while running, walking or even shaking from the cold hands. The picture should get a smooth, thanks to an improved image stabilization system. Rumor has it that the operator of this video was riding his bike near his main character. Nokia has already been exposed to such advertising , but I think, Apple is not threatened. It remains to test the new camera on our roads.

Ernest Vasilevsky

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dimk97, fourteen past eight p.m. 09/16/2014 #
(sent from application AppleInsider.ru)
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Ernest Vasilevsky, 09/16/2014 20:25 #
Well, this, too, of course =)
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Padipad, 09/16/2014 21:06 #
(sent from application AppleInsider.ru)
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Vitaly CHernousov, 16/09/2014 20:30 #
Time-laps is not a privilege iPhone 6/6 Plus!
I’m on the 5s (iOS 8 GM) available shooting accelerated rollers!
For me, so this point is not about the topic slightly!
(Sent from application AppleInsider.ru)
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IwanS, 16.9.2014 twenty-three past nine p.m. #
It works even on 5c.
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Lepus, 9/17/2014 00:52 #
And even at 3 gauss.
Just kidding.

5 is working fine with the application prokam2
(sent from application AppleInsider.ru)
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ESM, 09/16/2014 thirty-seven past eight p.m. #
(Sent from application AppleInsider.ru)
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UGianni, four past nine p.m. 16/09/2014 #
But I’ve been wondering who will buy all the iPhone 6 or 6 + can forget about the application ann outsider?
With their rate of application updates, we see him until June 2015!)))
(Sent from application AppleInsider.ru)
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Cito1988, 16/09/2014 23:04 #
Come what slander)))
(sent from application AppleInsider.ru)
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KueL, 16/9/2014 11:42 p.m. #
Just in case apple shoot video with stabilization in the desert)
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idea_generator, one fourteen 9.17.2014 #
Focus on moving objects – it’s not about the photo, but about the video, if you know what the term contionuous autofocusing.
Focus in photo mode remains unchanged, except for the focus on the faces at different distances from the camera.
Probably very hard without portal editors …
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idea_generator, 9.17.2014 one sixteen #
Ah yes, an elephant and did not notice about the «focus pixels» forgotten.
There’s certainly not as a DSLR, as painted in the presentation, but the beginnings of phase focusing (as in bezzerkalkah) are available, which is good.
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Gentleman95, 09/17/2014 twelve twenty-seven #
I understand they are the iPhone 4 is not able to improve the camera with 8 IHP
(sent from application AppleInsider.ru)
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alimexe, 09/17/2014 15:02 #
What do you mean?
The camera does not differ in megapixels!
And at the rate matrix and optics!
(Sent from application AppleInsider.ru)
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n1kolasik, 17/9/2014 12:31 #
Khrenova you understand ….
(Sent from application AppleInsider.ru)
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