What happened to Paul Durov?




What happened to Paul Durov?

April 5, 2013 on the main street of St. Petersburg there was an accident, which is supposed to be radically changed the fate of the most popular social network in Russia. In stories about the founder of ” VKontakte “Pavel Durov every day there are more questions than answers. And his mysterious and secretive nature only enhances the public interest in this fascinating saga.

For starters try to restore the intricate chronology of events. In the above date at the intersection of Nevsky Prospekt and the Griboyedov Canal Embankment white “Mercedes” refused to comply traffic police officer, who asked the driver to stop the vehicle. Instead, the machine not only did not stop, but drove over to the police by dragging it on the hood of a few meters. It was later established that the car belongs to the vice president, “VKontakte” Ilya Perekop. However, the traffic service on a photo in the driver identified himself Paul Durov, and for some reason this happened just a week after the incident.

As you know, Pavel Durov never goes behind the wheel and prefer to use public transport, which is contrary to the testimony of the traffic police. Moreover, according to colleagues Durov, the day he was not at all in the city. After a few days in office, “VKontakte” and home to Paul Durov and investigators were raided. In fact the incident was a criminal case in which Durov was held as a witness. April 19 the founder of the social network were invited for questioning, which he for some reason did not show up.

But then things began to develop even more interesting. Shortly after the accident suddenly changed ownership structure “VKontakte”: last week it was buying a consortium of investors led by United Capital Partners Fund Ilya Shcherbovich 48% of social network, owned by entrepreneurs Vyacheslav Mirilashvili and Lev Leviev. The remaining 52% are controlled by Pavel Durov with the leader of the Russian Forbes list Alisher Usmanov.

Of course, a strange coincidence in time a mysterious accident on Nevsky Prospekt and the redistribution of shares of “VKontakte” could not fail to arouse suspicion about the relationship of these two events. Some sources claim that this is due to some conflict that could arise from Durov with the Administration of the President. This version says that the shares Mirilashvili and got Leviev Foundation, whose leader sits on the boards of directors of state corporations close to the Kremlin “Rosneft” and “Transneft”. All this has given bloggers a reason to speculate about the hostile takeover, and even the capture of the Russian social network by government agencies.

Last weekend in the “Parfenov” on TV “Rain” has agreed to make the owner of the newly almost half of the shares “VKontakte” Ilya Scherbovich who dispelled rumors about the political motivation of the transaction and stated that the purchase is due only to his interest in this promising and rapidly developing company.

In the same transfer were told about the sensational news: that Pavel Durov with several top managers “VKontakte” left in the city Buffalo (NY, USA), where a huge rented servers to start work on a new social network. Parfenov also told that in the Russian Patent Office has received an application for registration of the trade mark “Telegraph” (with the accent on the first syllable): this is supposed to be called a new social network.

On Monday Durov in his characteristic sharply refuted voiced “Rain” information, and said that in the U.S. it has not been a year and in the near future is not going to go there. At the same time, he reiterated the statement that it is implementing a project in Buffalo, but it is connected with the creation of a new social network is not, as some cloud hosting.

“The founding of a new social network in 2013, will leave Parfenov,” – he said sarcastically at the end of his open letter.

It is noteworthy that the statement circulated Durov friendly site Siliconrus.ru. Previously, all the official communiqué of the founder of “VKontakte” published on its own page on its own as a social network.

After April 19 Durov did not appear for questioning by the investigator, he was re-directed agenda, demanding that he, along with Perekopsk yet visited the police station on April 22. Repeat requirement has not been met, and now, in accordance with the procedural laws, the investigators have the right to bring them in for questioning by force.

April 22, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, citing a senior assistant in St. Petersburg GSM RF IC’s spokesman Sergei Kapitonov, said that the investigation is not known about the location of the founder of “VKontakte” and his right hand Ilya Perekop. At the moment, no one can say exactly where is Pavel Durov. However, if you are even slightly familiar with this person, you probably are aware that the information about the movements of the head of the social network never really publicized because of its non-public entities. Durov fundamentally does not talk to reporters, and periodically publishes its statements and comments, only when it deems it necessary.

Meanwhile, at the end of last week, sources in the manual “VKontakte” reported the publication of RBC Daily, which is currently Durov is located in Switzerland. Presumably, at the time of interrogation on April 19, he was just there and so could not attend. However, as stated by the representatives of the Investigative Committee, if the head of the social network will continue to ignore the demands of the investigation, it can be transferred to the status of a suspect and on the federal and possibly international wanted list.

However, the most surprising thing is that he Durov, who recently became too talkative in social networks, decidedly not commented on the situation with their speculative problems with the law. However, comments from the Durov – it seems to be only a matter of time. If we do not read them on his page, “VKontakte”, then maybe a few weeks to review them as part of the criminal case. It looks like the dock, the Russian internet mogul can not be avoided, in addition to a political refugee, he does not pull.
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