What if we did not have the moon?




We are accustomed to the moon as the friendly neighbor who is always there. Since it is convenient, but if he moved, our main concern is not that why he was leaving, and then who will take his place.

Please note that the Moon is part of our own planet. This happened when the Earth was a baby of molten lava age of 30 million years. Gigantic body hit the ground, causing part of her gown flew into space. Uninvited Guest merged with hot mantle and formed the moon. Billion years ago the moon ceased to be geologically active. But this does not mean that our moon nothing at all for us does not. About enough to imagine what would happen if the moon will run away from us to experience.

The most obvious consequence of the absence of the moon will be tidal changes. If the moon did not affect our oceans, the tides would be three times smaller, the Sun takes part tidal changes, but do not have the same impact as the moon. It also affects the height of the ocean: the gravitational pull of the moon causes a “bulge” water bubble around the middle of the Earth. In other words, the poles of water is less than at the equator. If the moon did not have the bulge of water would be sold to the poles.

Also Moon slows the Earth’s rotation. In fact, it happens every day, totally invisible to us properly. Microseconds per year. If there was no moon, it’s slowing down the rotation of our day and terminates in six hours. With all its consequences: rising winds and storms, as well as the obvious impact on the development of life on the planet. If day and night lasted for several hours, who knows what would have evolved plants and animals.

Still have a question about our axis. Moon stabilizes us, allowing you to save the elegant slope of 23 degrees, which provides a comfortable soft seasons and living conditions. With almost zero slope axis, we hardly saw a few minutes of sun – as Uranus, with its 97-degree tilt – and ’42 sunlight gave way to darkness 42 years. In addition, for all the tiny moon, without it it would be a hell of night dark.


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