What is chemtrails and whether they should be afraid of?




Route clouds, which raises the plane flying in the sky, fascinates both children and adults. Jet engine became so common that you can see the chemtrails in the sky a couple of times a day. Although many believe that white stripes decorate a bright blue sky, others are experiencing in this regard. Concerns range from the idea that these bands exacerbate global warming, to complex theories about what the government secretly poison people on earth with harmful substances.

Before we get to the possible harmful effects, let’s discuss the appearance of these bands from the scientific point of view. Jet engines emit very hot air. Since water vapor is a byproduct of exhaust gas, it is also very moist air. Nevertheless, high in the atmosphere, where planes fly, the air is usually very cold. Furthermore, the atmosphere has a low pressure.

When the jet engine spewing hot and humid air in the atmosphere, which is cool and has a low pressure, resulting in condensation. Water vapor coming from the engine quickly condenses into water droplets, and then – in ice. Ice crystals – this is the cloud that formed behind the engine. That’s why the band called “kontrassami”, short for “condensation trails”. To explain this phenomenon, scientists like to show your breath on cold days. You may have seen that clouds of steam coming out of your mouth on a winter day, dissipate quickly on dry days. The same is true for kontrass. When the atmosphere is moist, kontrassy delayed when dry – quickly disappear.

At this explanation can be considered complete. But writing foreign pilot Patrick Smith kontrassy contain not only ice crystals and water vapor, but also other engine exhaust byproducts. These include carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfates and carbon black particles. Some suggest that in addition to creating a cloud of lines, these byproducts have a negative effect on the environment. Conspiracy theorists kontrassy called “chemtrails”, suspecting that the government, under the guise of scientific phenomenon, secretly releases substances into the atmosphere.
Conspiracy Theory: chemtrails

Official opinion of the representatives of environmental protection is that kontrassy even the longest, it’s just condensation marks which do not pose a threat. Yet conspiracy theorists suspect that kontrassy (or condensation trails in Russian) became thicker and last longer than in the past. Sometimes create entire lattice planes of clouds in the sky. And those who believe in it, put forward several theories about what is the government can spray.

Among the most radical theories have and that, according to which the government deliberately sprays harmful substances to test the effects – and even “weed out” the elderly and sick. Many reject this theory due to the fact that such experiments are no real advantages. They say that “chemtrails” are so high in the atmosphere that unpredictable wind can disperse them anywhere, making this experiment useless and unreliable. Others believe that the government is spraying barium salt spray on the ground to improve the radar mapping of a protective order.

Still others believe that the government is experimenting with the weather again for defense. This is not so much fiction as it seems. Back in the 50s of the last century the British could successfully “sow” clouds with salt, dry ice and silver iodide to induce rain. In the end, the manipulation of the weather looks possible and effective means of defense.

Another popular theory is that the chemtrails – it’s well-intentioned attempts by the government to combat global warming and depletion of the ozone layer by spraying particles to reflect solar radiation. However, if this is true, it’s ridiculous, because environmentalists accuse kontrassy pollution in the sky. They say that the jets were so many that these clouds, which can be seen from space, a negative impact on the environment and contribute to global warming.

Thus, regardless of whether you support one of the conspiracy theories or skeptical attitude towards him, condensation trails definitely do not deserve the wrath of the public.
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